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The Top 3 Identity Theft Protection Services in 2024

Amanda Bradley
In the digital age, the greatest threat is online. Here are the best protection services.

Hundreds of millions of people are working, shopping and sharing personal information online at any given moment — and every 2 seconds, someone’s identity is stolen.

Usually the victims aren’t tricked or careless, they simply enter their information in the wrong place, at the wrong time. From large-scale data breaches totally beyond your control to classic phishing attacks, identity theft is a risk you take every time you go online. But it doesn’t have to be.

Identity theft protection is the smartest and easiest way to protect yourself, your money and your credit.

Just as hackers and identity thieves have become more sophisticated, so have the most comprehensive protection plans.

With the latest identity theft protection, you have a wide array of options tailored specifically to your needs from credit monitoring and dark web surveillance to reimbursement for all funds stolen due to ID theft.

Here’s our breakdown of the top 3 identity theft protection services in 2024…

1. Identity Guard

- Full-spectrum AI

- Dark web monitoring

- A+ BBB rating

- Save 33% NOW

Identity Guard is hands down our top pick for identity theft protection in 2024. Their state-of-the-art AI monitoring uses the latest technology to scan and monitor billions of data points 24/7 to alert you whenever your name or information are used. Their dark web monitoring also makes them stand out, giving you the most in-depth protection of any service.

Identity Guard Identity Guard Visit Site

2. LifeLock

- Credit card activity alerts

- Anti-virus software

- 60-day money back guarantee

Norton’s LifeLock is a close second. With LifeLock in addition to bank account, SSN and credit card monitoring, you get award-winning Norton anti-virus software to protect your devices from being hacked. Their most comprehensive coverage also offers insurance that will reimburse up to $1M in funds stolen due to ID theft.

LifeLock LifeLock Visit Site

3. Zander Insurance

- Protective alerts

- 24/7 support

- Starts at just $6.75/mo

Zander Insurance offers affordable and basic coverage, monitoring your personal information and alerts you when changes are detected or when your information is used for any kind of purchase, dramatically reducing your risk of becoming a victim. Their coverage also reimburses you for financial losses due to ID theft.

Zander Identity Theft Zander Identity Theft Visit Site

For millions of Americans identity theft isn’t a question of if, but when. At this very moment your personal and financial details could be being leaked or hacked. Don’t wait to get protected.

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Amanda Bradley
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