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LifeLock ID Theft Review 2022

Sarah Pritzker

In a Nutshell

LifeLock combines online security with identity theft protection, making it one of the best all-around security software options out there. Together with Norton, LifeLock delivers device scanning, Social Security monitoring, and up to the minute alerts for comprehensive security across the spectrum via fast and easy to install software.


  • 3-bureau credit monitoring
  • Up to $1 million reimbursement
  • 4.5 stars from 9,000+ reviews


  • Have to pay more for Norton services
  • No family plan

LifeLock LifeLock Visit Site

A brilliant solution for:

  • Anyone who wants to keep their identity safe from lurking threats
  • People who use online services such as online banking or shopping
  • Anyone who uses a social media account regularly

How does it work?

LifeLock is a downloadable software that works quickly and efficiently from the moment you install it. After you sign up for a plan, you will be prompted to download and install the software (this is a click or 2, like any other app you’re used to installing).

Once installed, the proprietary technology scans databases to see if your personal information is being used. Depending on the plan you choose to sign up for, LifeLock also scans the Dark Web, monitors your accounts, and checks your credit report for any inconsistencies, issues, or possible problems. You will receive notification of any suspicious behavior via the contact method you've chosen. You can choose SMS, phone, or email alerts.

Then, LifeLock starts scanning your devices. Depending on which plan you get, you can install LifeLock on up to 5 devices, including laptops, home computers, and smartphones. Whatever device you have the software installed on will be protected. LifeLock scouts for personal information that you have around that leaves you vulnerable to identity theft. You’ll receive an alert from LifeLock if it finds anything questionable.

LifeLock device scans are continuous, meaning the software scans your devices all the time. Additionally, you’ll receive auto-updates of the software, so you are always protected against new and prevalent threats.

What does this service watch out for?

LifeLock offers 3 basic identity theft services (and we’ll dive deeper into each one below):

  1. Monitoring your personal accounts
  2. Sending notifications in case of suspicious activity
  3. Helping you recover in case of a breach

In terms of monitoring your credit, LifeLock is pretty exhaustive. Depending on which plan you sign up for, it includes monitoring:

  • Your credit report via all 3 of the major credit bureaus (Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion)
  • Use of your Social Security number or other personal identifying data
  • Applications for online loans (payday, etc.)
  • Unauthorized USPS address change
  • If your information ever shows up on the Dark Web
  • If your name shows up on an arrest or sex offender registry

At the most basic level, LifeLock monitors your Social Security number for any unusual activity. LifeLock will notify you if your credit changes, if a credit check is run on your name, and if a loan or other financial obligation is made on your accounts. You’ll also receive monthly credit report checks, but only if you’re signed up for the Ultimate Plus plan. Alerts are sent out if any of these flags are set off (i.e., your information triggers any of these scans), again according to your plan.

Additionally, the Norton Security package includes:

  • Ransomware
  • Antivirus protection
  • Phishing protection
  • Antispyware
  • Protection against online scams

This is a nice bonus since it’ll help keep your online activity safe as well.

Recovery services - what can Norton Lifelock do if my identity is stolen?

Of course, the most important question is what does LifeLock do in the unfortunate event that your identity is stolen. There are several steps LifeLock will take including:

  • A dedicated restoration specialist

LifeLock assigns a US-based specialist that is familiar with legal and technical procedures to your case immediately to help you take decisive action. The specialist will handle your case from beginning to end to ensure that they see it through properly.

  • 24/7 customer service

Additionally, you can reach out to a customer service rep anytime for any questions you need answered.

  • ID theft insurance

LifeLock has a Million Dollar Protection Package to cover all your expenses. This coverage varies based on the plan you get, but even the most basic coverage ensures you get up to $25,000 reimbursement for stolen funds and personal expenses. Additionally, all plans have up to $1M coverage for legal advice and other legal expenses incurred while trying to resolve your case.

  • Lost wallet replacement assistance

In the unfortunate event that you lose your wallet, LifeLock will help. It will get credit cards replaced and canceled, licenses renewed, and Social Security cards updated.

How easy is it to use?

LifeLock is arguably one of the easiest identity theft software options to use. It’s this simple:

  1. Sign up online

  2. Download software and install

  3. LifeLock scans your devices and accounts

  4. LifeLock sends you alerts via SMS, email, or phone

That's all you have to do. If you have ever downloaded an app to your phone or online, then this will be a cinch. LifeLock has PC, Mac, iOS, and Android compatible apps.


LifeLock has 3 plans to choose from for individuals. One thing we didn’t appreciate was the lack of a family plan option. You can add your kids to the plan for $5.99/month/kid though, so at least there’s that.

Standard Package

Advantage Package

Ultimate Plus Package

Price per month, first year




Price per month, after first year (For Norton)




Additionally, you can get LifeLock with Norton for each of the above packages. You’ll add benefits like:

  • Secure up to 5 devices including Macs, PCs, and Androids
  • Fight online threats like viruses, spyware, malware, phishing scams, etc.
  • Protect online transactions

The price to add Norton to your plan is as shown above. You’ll get the same introductory rate for the first year, and then you’ll add $5/month to your plan’s pricing for the Norton benefits.

Help & Support

LifeLock member services are available 24/7. You can get in touch with them via a toll-free live support number.

LifeLock also has a huge information center that is chock full of useful and detailed information about identity theft, online safety, and other things you really need to know. There are blog articles that teach you about credit, finances, fraud, data breaches, and internet security. It’s got everything, so you should definitely check it out.

Bottom Line

LifeLock brings a lot to the table, including a partnership with a solid brand in the security sector. The Ultimate Plus plan offers the most comprehensive coverage, and that includes things like 5-device coverage, $1M reimbursement insurance, and dark web scanning. The other plans are good if you just want the basic protection, but honestly, when it comes to identity theft, is there really any price too high to ensure your protection? LifeLock has a good reputation and offers a solid product that’s easy to use and easy to recommend.

Frequently Asked Questions
How easy is LifeLock to use?
LifeLock is arguably one of the easiest identity theft software options to use. It’s this simple: 1. Sign up online. 2. Download software and install. 3. LifeLock scans your devices and accounts. 4. LifeLock sends you alerts via SMS, email, or phone. That's all you have to do. If you have ever downloaded an app to your phone or online, then this will be a cinch. LifeLock has PC, Mac, iOS, and Android compatible apps.
Can LifeLock be trusted?
LifeLock is a trustworthy and well-established brand in the market of Id Theft protection. They employ advanced encryption technology to protect your information and privacy online. Even more so, every consumer has access to LifeLock’s privacy statement where their transparency on data collection is laid out for your awareness.
Who owns LifeLock?
LifeLock is owned by computer security company Symantec, an enterprise division of Broadcom Inc.
Which LifeLock plan is best?
There are different LifeLock plans out there that may be suitable to different people, for different reasons. For example, if you are looking to stick to a budget it may be worthwhile to stick to the standard package for $8.99/month. Though pricier, the Ultimate Plus Package provides more extensive coverage, marking all the boxes when it comes to deep web monitoring, credit bureau checks, identity monitoring and more.
Sarah Pritzker writes for and is a content writer with years of experience and a keen interest in the vast world of online consumer products. She enjoys helping readers make sense of the options on the market in a variety of fields.

LifeLock customer reviews

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Top Reviews

Ease of use

Brand satisfaction

Value for money

Service quality

2 months ago

It's the best because it helps keep your identity secure and it will send alerts when somebody has attempted to steal your identity.

2 months ago

Lifelock is an expensive but excellent monitoring service for my credit. It detects possible fraud rapidly and notifies me immediately.

3 months ago

I have a real sense of security when using this service and I know that they are the best way to make sure that my information and identity are protected.

3 months ago

It's one of the best with top of the line privacy and security that no other identity theft site has .

3 months ago

I like that LifeLock gives me a lot of updates and is a decent value for the price. I've had it awhile with no issues.

3 months ago

Lifelock is great to alerting me when there is any suspicious activity on my credit cards. Low cost, fully protected coverage.

a year ago

I have a great peace of mind using Lifelock to keep my identity safe online. With the insane amount of breaches we hear about, It's important to me to use a reliable company. Lifelock is easy for me to use and monitor my identity.

a year ago

So far everything has been handled professionally and adequately. There have not been any issues with their services. The service is not expensive and does a through job with identity and financial information.

a year ago

Lifelock is the preferred product for identity protection. Although fairly expensive, lifelock provides the best protection in the industry.

a year ago

I like the layout of my inforamtion on Lifelock. They are very accurate on my scores. I've never had any problems with it.

a year ago

Because they are good at credit monitoring and good at service and they call you with issues.

a year ago

It is easy to use and set up and it is easy to personalize. It has been great across the board.

a year ago

This service is fantastic. They are 100% great in what they do. Anytime you apply for something they are calling and texting almost within the first 15 minutes of when you do anything. They are really good and they do what they say they will do. I feel safe with them.

a year ago

Approximately two years ago I came across this company working with companies that provide the same services. LifeLock was actually a promotion when working for this company as a step up. I found that LifeLock is worth having due to my own personal experiences and they are a very trustworthy company. They stand behind their word.

a year ago

Lifelock gives me peace of mind knowing that I am protected from identity theft. It is an overall great value.

a year ago

Lifelock is everything it advertises itself to be. It was recommended to me by multiple people and they were absolutely correct.

a year ago

Great service. A little pricey, but does a great job for protecting your identity.

a year ago

They keep my personal information safe and secure and always alert me if there is a potential threat.

a year ago

Very easy to use, have never had an issue with them. Fast to respond and price is good.

a year ago

Good quality company that I can trust to help me if I have a problem with identity theft.

110 reviews