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LifeLock Alternatives & Competitors: 5 Similar Companies and Services

Christopher Somerville - Top10 writer
LifeLock Alternatives: 5 Similar Companies and Services in {year}
From my professional experience in ID theft investigations, I know how crucial it is to equip yourself with the latest tech and digital protection tools to stop potential identity thieves dead in their tracks.

ID theft protection services are essential to prevent financial loss, credit score damage, and emotional distress. In 2022, the US alone reported more than 422 million separate cases of ID theft—a number higher than the country's entire population, possibly attributed to individuals experiencing multiple instances of identity theft within the year.

To me, this situation underscores the threat of cybercrime and the need for intensive protective measures.

ID theft services offer comprehensive solutions to secure your personal information. Let's explore the top options for safeguarding your online identity if you haven't found what you need through LifeLock.

Our 5 Best LifeLock Alternatives in 2024:

A Closer Look at Our 5 Best LifeLock Alternatives - Reviews:

1. Aura

An all-encompassing digital security system that protects your family's finances

Best for - Advanced ID theft, financial fraud, and device protection tools

Starting price - $12/month

Free trial - Yes

Insurance coverage - $1 million

Aura uses cutting-edge AI and machine learning algorithms to monitor online and offline data sources to proactively detect signs of ID theft or fraud. It also sends you real-time alerts and notifications, ensuring you're always informed about suspicious activities related to your personal information.

Aura takes a multifaceted approach to safeguarding personal information. This includes secure password management, dark web scanning, and social media monitoring. It also provides access to a team of dedicated identity theft specialists who can assist you in case of an identity breach, guiding you through the recovery process and helping to restore your identity.

What Makes Aura a Good Alternative to LifeLock?

Aura leverages more advanced technology to ensure faster detection and response to potential threats. And though Aura is slightly more expensive than LifeLock, I think its robust services make it well worth it—you can even it out for free before committing.


  • Secure Wi-Fi VPN
  • Positive user reviews
  • 24/7 customer support


  • Fixed plans
  • Not all features are available for Mac users

Aura Aura Get Started

2. Identity Guard

Seamless protection for your financial assets 

Best for - Defense against financial fraud and exposure on the dark web

Starting price - $8.99/month

Free trial - Yes

Insurance coverage - $1 million

Identity Guard provides monitoring and alerts for various identity threats, including financial fraud, social media privacy, and dark web exposure. It also offers a unique and user-friendly Identity Theft Recovery Assistance service.

In the unfortunate event of identity theft, their team of experts guides you through the complex process of reclaiming your identity. This hands-on assistance distinguishes Identity Guard from others by providing personalized support to victims.

What Makes Identity Guard a Good Alternative to LifeLock?

Like Aura, Identity Guard is an excellent alternative to LifeLock due to its more comprehensive identity theft protection services. It includes social media monitoring, which LifeLock doesn't. Identity Guard's family protection plan also covers children, while LifeLock charges extra for this feature.


  • $2,000 emergency cash fund
  • Easy installation process
  • Cyberbullying alerts


  • No credit monitoring on the cheapest plan
  • Limited advanced features

Identity Guard Identity Guard Get Started

3. Zander Insurance

ID theft protection for large households

Best for - Affordable plans

Starting price - $6.75/month

Free trial - No

Insurance coverage - $1 million

Zander Insurance Identity Theft Protection's Elite Cyber Bundle is a game-changer to me. Moreover, Zander's commitment to families is unparalleled: their Family plans include up to $2 million in coverage for two adults and up to 10 children.

It can also monitor your children's Social Security numbers and alert you as soon they detect signs of their personal information being sold online.

What Makes Zander Insurance a Good Alternative to LifeLock?

LifeLock's most affordable plan costs twice as much as Zander's at $18.99/month. This makes Zander Insurance a good alternative if you want similar quality ID theft services at more budget-friendly rates.


  • Affordable plans
  • Children are covered for free
  • Social Security number monitoring for minors


  • No free trial
  • Limited credit reporting

Zander Identity Theft Zander Identity Theft Get Started

4. myFICO

Active credit monitoring and alerts

Best for - Credit monitoring and alerts for credit inquiries

Starting price - $19.95/month

Free trial - No

Insurance coverage - $1 million

myFICO sets itself apart by providing precise, real-time credit monitoring services, offering access to FICO scores from all three major credit bureaus. This approach allows you to actively monitor your credit health, ensuring early detection of unauthorized credit inquiries or changes in credit scores.

It covers expenses related to identity theft, such as legal fees and lost wages. With AI-driven fraud monitoring, credit expertise, resolution support, and insurance coverage, myFICO is a standout choice for me.

What Makes myFICO a Good Alternative to LifeLock?

While both services help safeguard your personal information, myFICO stands out by providing access to your FICO credit scores from all three major credit bureaus, empowering you with valuable insights into your financial health.


  • Accurate FICO Scores
  • Credit Score Simulator
  • Educational resources about credit scores


  • Expensive
  • Not available in New York

myFICO myFICO Get Started

5. IDShield

FCRA-certified credit monitoring and protection

Best for - Round-the-clock monitoring and alerts

Starting price - $14.95/month

Free trial - 30 days

Insurance coverage - $3 million

IDShield has extensive monitoring coverage of your financial data, social media presence, medical records, and criminal records. Another fantastic benefit is its identity restoration service. If your identity is compromised, IDShield offers a team of licensed private investigators to help guide you through the recovery process.

This team not only assists with the paperwork and legal procedures but also takes on the time-consuming and emotionally taxing tasks, such as contacting creditors and clearing your name. This hands-on support distinguishes IDShield from other identity theft protection services that may expect you to handle the restoration process independently.

What Makes IDShield a Good Alternative to LifeLock?

IDShield offers a more affordable family plan than LifeLock does. It also provides 24/7 access to licensed private investigators who actively monitor your personal information, offering a proactive approach rather than a reactive one like LifeLock does.


  • High coverage rates
  • Credit monitoring
  • Positive customer service reviews


  • Potential for alert and notification overload
  • More expensive individual plan than LifeLock

IDShield IDShield Get Started

LifeLock Alternatives: Secure a Safer Future

Each of the LifeLock alternatives I mentioned above offers a decent solution for individuals or families. In particular, I'd choose Aura as the most comprehensive solution.

Otherwise, if you want to protect your whole family, I suggest Zander. Or if you want to avoid being one of the estimated 33% of Americans who had to freeze their credit cards due to ID theft, go for Identity Guard.

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Christopher Somerville - Top10 writer
Chris Somerville, Top10 writer with a BA in Technical Writing, shines as Oregon Employment Dept's Supervisor & ID Theft Manager. Skilled in staffing, admin, legal analysis, project management, and customer service, he boasts a vast skill set, including magazine production and automotive marketing.