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The Top Grammar Check Apps for Writing Like a Pro

Sarah Pritzker
Best Grammar Checkers

Whether you’re writing a proposal for a business venture, handing in a thesis report for your college degree, sending a personal greeting via email, authoring a book, or have any other reason to put pen to paper, you always want to put your best foot forward. Documents bogged down by grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, or convoluted content aren’t going to make a good impression. That’s why most people turn to grammar checkers before they send out what they’ve written.

There are loads of apps that will run a quick online grammar check in minutes. Some apps simply offer the ability to check your spelling and grammar online. Other grammar apps offer a broader range of features and tools to dramatically enrich and enhance your writing. From sentence rephrasing to tone grading, both paid and free online grammar checkers really pull out all the stops these days.

Wondering which grammar checker app is the best for you? If you’re a student in the throes of academia, you may want a grammar app that provides you with a particular set of features. An entrepreneur or SMB will need an entirely different set of tools. If you’d rather not do all the legwork yourself, here’s our rundown of the best free and paid grammar checker apps out there today. 

Breaking Down our Top10 Choices: Which is Best For Your Needs:

  • Grammarly - Best for AI assistance
  • WhiteSmoke - Best for advanced features
  • ProWriting Aid - Best for learning tutorials
  • Linguix - Best for browser extension
  • Scribendi - Best for personalized results
  • Ginger Software - Best for self-improvement

The Best Grammar Checkers - An In-Depth Look

  • 1
    • Starts at $11.66 per month
    • Chrome
    • Tone detector

    If you’ve ever wanted to be sure your text was well-written, you’ve probably already heard of Grammarly. It’s one of the best grammar checkers out there because it delivers much more than your average grammar app. Grammarly digs deeper to perfect your tone, advise you on word alternatives, and help you choose the optimal phrase for any written text.

    What’s more, Grammarly works wherever you do. Whether you’re writing messages in Gmail, Yahoo!, Outlook, or Facebook Messenger, using Slack, Jira, or Salesforce, or sending out a branded message on social media, Grammarly will automatically suggest corrections for typos, grammar errors, and spelling mistakes.

    • Tone detector
    • Tons of integrations
    • Plagiarism checker
    • More expensive than competitors
    • No offline mode for editing
  • 2


    • Starts at $5 per month ($59.95 per year)
    • Works with Chrome, IE, Opera, Safari, Firefox
    • Advanced learning algorithm (AI, NLP)

    WhiteSmoke underwent a recent facelift, making its grammar check software better than ever. It’s one of the top language improvement tools on the market today, useful for English grammar, spelling, punctuation, and even style errors. It uses innovative NLP (natural language processing), artificial intelligence, and other algorithmic technologies to analyze your text for the most accurate and intuitive corrections available.

    WhiteSmoke integrates with browser-based texts, OEM versions, and other editing tools. Because it’s such a detailed tool, WhiteSmoke is suitable for professional writers, students, academics, executives, and anyone else who wants to be certain their written content is top-notch.

    • Advanced NLP technology
    • Grammar, spelling, and style checker in one
    • Translates more than 55 languages
    • Not available for Mac (coming soon)
    • Need to purchase individual licenses
  • 3
    ProWriting Aid

    ProWriting Aid

    • $79 per year
    • Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Safari
    • Contextual thesaurus, reverse dictionary

    If you’re looking for a writing tool that goes beyond the basics of grammar and spelling touchups, ProWritingAid is an excellent choice. With features like interactive quizzes, articles, and videos, ProWritingAid provides a fresh look at a tedious process. And with over 25 reports that tackle common errors, users report an overall improvement in their writing after using this fast word editing tool.

    ProWritingAid suggests style improvements to make your writing more succinct and direct. It goes beyond basic grammatical and punctuation errors to fix copy that has repetitive speech, unclear writing, passive sentences, structural issues, and more.

    • Summary reports of key issues
    • Fast editing
    • Free version with many integrations
    • No mobile app
    • A somewhat costly tool
  • 4
    • $8 per month
    • Chrome, Edge, Firefox
    • Create and insert snippets

    Linguix is a cool, modern grammar checker that comes with all the bells and whistles. In addition to unlimited grammar checks with a premium account, Linguix offers thousands of context and sentence structure checks, vocabulary enhancement suggestions, and the ability to fix 9 million typos. Linguix aims to improve your writing with its personalized language learning technology.

    Linguix comes with convenient features like templates, synonym suggestions, and a free browser extension for Chrome. One of the best features Linguix offers is the snippets creator. It lets you create snippets out of text you frequently type. You can save snippets and paste them so you don’t waste time typing the same phrase over and over.

    • Snippets creator, templates
    • Performance stats
    • 9 million typo fixes
    • Only available in English
    • No plagiarism checker
  • 5
    • Starts at $30 on average
    • N/A
    • Human editors, all types of editing, fast turnaround

    Scribendi is not your typical grammar app. It provides personalized, human editing for various types of content like business proposals, resumes, personal documents, and manuscripts. Scribendi even offers proofreading and editing services for ESL (English as a second language) content. Known as one of the best grammar checkers around, Scribendi is 256-bit SSL secure, completely confidential, and has lots of accreditations backing up its credibility and quality of service.

    What sets Scribendi apart is that it isn’t a bot. A real person reviews your documents to make sure they’re grammatically correct, sound right, and flow within the overall tone of the piece. That’s the kind of detail work you just won’t get from a machine. Another great feature is that you can do the entire grammar check online.

    • Quick turnaround
    • Human editors
    • Excellent industry reputation
    • Pricier than an automated service
    • No plagiarism checker
  • 6
    Ginger Software

    Ginger Software

    • Starts at $3.99 per month
    • Chrome, Safari
    • Correct as you type, translator, dictionary

    Ginger is all about making your writing the best it can be. The grammar app fixes your text as you type and offers built-in tools like a dictionary, thesaurus, sentence rephraser, and lots more. Ginger offers a personalized trainer to improve your writing skills, a translator to translate your text into more than 50 different languages, and a text reader to read your content back to you. 

    Ginger has a free online grammar checker option suitable for users with a small amount of text to check per week. Upgrade to the premium plan to unlock the extra features mentioned above. Ginger offers frequent promotions, making the paid app more reasonably priced. The Ginger grammar app is available for Android and iOS and has browser extensions for Chrome and Safari. 

    • Lots of built-in writing tools including multiple languages
    • Freemium version available
    • Chrome and Safari browser extensions, iOS/Android compatible
    • Doesn’t work with track changes or footnotes
    • No plagiarism checker
Compare the Top Online Grammar Checkers
ProWriting Aid
Ginger Software
ReviewsWrite ReviewWrite ReviewWrite ReviewWrite ReviewWrite ReviewWrite Review
Starts at $11.66 per month
Starts at $5 per month ($59.95 per year)
$79 per year
$8 per month
Starts at $30 on average
Starts at $3.99 per month
Free Version
Free version and free trial
1,000-word sample edit
Yes, with weekly limit
Browser Extensions
Works with Chrome, IE, Opera, Safari, Firefox
Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Safari
Chrome, Edge, Firefox
Chrome, Safari
MS Office, Google Docs, Outlook, social media
MS Word, Outlook, browsers, editing programs, etc.
Google Docs, Scrivener, Open Office, Word, etc.
Google Docs, Gmail, WordPress, Medium, etc.
Gmail, MS Office, Slack, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn
Main Features
Tone detector
Advanced learning algorithm (AI, NLP)
Contextual thesaurus, reverse dictionary
Create and insert snippets
Human editors, all types of editing, fast turnaround
Correct as you type, translator, dictionary

How to Choose the Right Grammar Checker

Choosing the right online grammar checker can be confusing. There are so many out there, and each one claims to be the best. The right grammar checker app for you depends on the type of writing you’re doing. We’ve outlined some key features to look for in a basic or premium level sentence checker. You generally want something that offers spelling and grammar checks, supports the device you’re working with (desktop, mobile, PC, Mac), corrects punctuation issues, and integrates with the writing tools you use frequently.

Additionally, you want to be sure the grammar checker supports the language you work in. The ability to write reports, while not a must, is a nice add-on.

How Can I Check My Grammar Online?

It’s not hard to run a basic grammar check online. Many tools come with a free version that allows you to quickly copy-paste or type directly into a text box for sentence checking on the spot. These apps usually check for the most common errors like spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, and misplaced punctuation. The more advanced grammar apps go further, checking whether a word or sentence makes sense in context, and whether the text flows well.

While every brand has a unique style, here’s a general guide to checking your grammar online:

  1. Visit the grammar app or site

  2. Type or paste in your content

  3. Click on the check grammar button

  4. Review the highlighted errors to see suggested revisions

  5. Tap on a revision to replace the error

  6. Continue until your document is free of errors

What Features Should I Look for in a Grammar Checker?

As with any service or software, check writing software is not one-size-fits-all. There are many varieties out there to suit all needs. Before you commit, check that your grammar app has these key features:

  • Context-based grammar checker

Grammar can be tricky. What makes sense in one context can lack meaning, appeal, or sensibility in another. Because of this, context-based grammar checking is probably the most important feature to consider. It’s what gives your content flavor and depth. Context checking makes your words and concepts not just legible, but understandable and relatable as well.

  • Plagiarism checker

Plagiarism checking applies more in certain contexts than others. If you’re a student writing a source-based paper, you’ll want to be sure you haven’t inadvertently plagiarized one of your favorite authors. If you’re adding content to your website, it would be a shame to get slammed with a lawsuit for plagiarized material. In situations like these, a plagiarism checker is vital.

  • Online access

Online access allows you to retrieve your account, including your written content and all of the grammar checker’s features, from anywhere. Most free online grammar checkers are available to use from anywhere. If you have to download software, be sure you can download it onto multiple devices, especially if you work from different places.

  • Web browser extension

A browser extension is another handy feature that simplifies the process. It allows you to stay put and use the grammar checker on the spot, instead of having to leave the app you’re working in, open another app, and start typing there. The sentence checker will review your writing as you go, no matter what web page you’re on, making it exceptionally convenient.

  • Learning program

As the expression goes, if you give a man a fish, he’ll eat for a day. If you teach a man to fish, he’ll eat for life. A sentence checker is nice. But the best grammar checkers teach you how to be a better writer. The very best grammar checker apps have built-in programs to help you master the grammar and punctuation rules you never quite got the hang of. They offer convenient tools, videos, and fun quizzes that make it doable to learn writing and grammar skills.

Besides these features, make sure the grammar app you choose has an easy user interface so you’re not dealing with anything overly technical.

What’s the Best Free Grammar Checker?

It’s hard to say which grammar checker app is the best since they address different user needs. Some of the best free grammar checkers are Grammarly, Ginger, and ProWritingAid. If a grammar check software offers a free version or trial, your best bet is to check it out for yourself to see if it suits your needs.


Even if you only write on a semi-consistent basis, you’ll want an online grammar checker in your toolbox. Beyond just fixing up unprofessional or embarrassing mistakes, the best grammar checker helps give your content more depth, coherency, and allows you to express yourself more succinctly. Check out the best grammar checker apps of 2020 and improve your writing instantly.

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