The Best Dating Sites for Introverts

Yoni Cohen
Introverts crave meaning and intimacy, prefer quality over quantity, and let’s not even get started on the dreaded small talk. All these things can make dating in the modern world a challenge.

With so many dating sites and apps out there, it’s become the norm for people to go on various dates with plenty of new people. This may seem like a fun opportunity for some. Not for introverts. Not for people who often prefer their own company and who get tired when they have to open up to new people.

When you have only so much social energy to go around, the choice between a potentially draining first date or curling up with your dog on the couch while you binge through your Netflix queue can make it difficult to meet your person.

Avoid the minefield of small talk and niceties with a stranger by heading to a dating site that is suited for you. Choose a site that emphasizes compatibility and personality over the randomness of swiping.

There are plenty of dating sites out there that are perfect for introverts, especially the ones that let you get to know your potential suitors ahead of time. Being able to chat online is a perfect way to connect because it means you have time to craft the perfect response, all from the comfort of your favorite armchair.

If you ask yourself what are the best dating sites that are introvert-friendly, here is a list of 5 of them:

1. Zoosk

Introverts value loyalty and Zoosk is an an online dating option you can trust. The site makes a point of learning your likes and dislikes, and suggests matches based on these preferences.

Like a good friend, Zoosk understands you better the more you interact with the site, so it can provide the most suitable matches, making it easier to find that soulmate you long for.

With 3 million messages sent daily, singles on Zoosk are very active, and the site does a good job of nudging people into communicating, with helpful tips when you get stuck and unsure of how to reach out. This is a lifesaver for people who find it difficult to strike up a conversation.

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2. EliteSingles

Did someone mention personality tests? Yes, that’s right, EliteSingles requires you to complete an extensive personality test when you sign up—every introvert’s dream!

The questions are super in-depth, and as well as it being a really fun and meaningful thing to do, it also means that EliteSingles will know you better and you’ll have more chance of finding the most compatible matches.

Rest assured that everyone you chat with is legitimate because every profile is checked manually before being approved.

EliteSingles caters towards professionals over 30 looking for long-term commitment, which means all users are serious about looking for love.

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3. Match

Established over 20 years ago, Match is now one of the biggest dating sites out there, making it a reliable choice. Its expansive search tool means that you can spend hours filtering through all the potential matches until you find your dream partner.

Think of it as getting all the small talk out of the way so when you finally go on the date you know you’ll have interesting things to talk about.

Match also regularly hosts meetup events, creating a genuine community where you can also meet interesting people who are similar to you.

Perhaps the best feature for introverts is “Incognito Mode,” which means you can view a profile without the person knowing.

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4. OurTime

OurTime helps singles over 50 find love and companionship online. Its targeted matchmaking system that connects users with similar interests for all types of relationships is perfect for introverts because it means you are more likely to find a potential soulmate rather than making small talk with a host of strangers.

With OurTime you can communicate with other users in whatever way you feel comfortable, from private message and instant chat, to a suggestive ‘flirt,’ or a video. This means that you can stay in your comfort zone and talk to people at your own pace in a way that suits you!

If you’re shy about making the first move, OurTime’s “MatchMe” feature is exactly what you need. It will place you in someone’s daily matches so you can see if they’re interested in you before making a move.

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5. BlackPeopleMeet

BlackPeopleMeet is the dating site for black singles in North America and offers a host of interesting features suited to introverts.

The “Message Ideas” function is perfect for when you’re not quite sure how to start the conversation because it helps you make the first move. Also, the “Promote Me” tokens are ideal for introverts who find it difficult to put themselves out there and need that extra push.

BlackPeopleMeet offers communication options that range from email, instant chat, audio and video greetings, as well as ‘Flirts’, which are a good option if you’re a little shy and want to find out if someone is into you without actually starting a conversation with them.

BlackPeopleMeet is safe and secure and if you want to keep your identity private you can turn off your online status to browse ‘anonymously.’

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Get Out There

These online dating sites all have plenty of fun features that make the whole process much more bearable for introverts. Just remember that dating is supposed to be fun, and there are plenty of people out there like you who are searching for their soulmate and looking for an intimate relationship.

Yoni Cohen
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