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Walk-in Bathtub Shop Review

Sarah Badani

In a Nutshell

Walk-in Bathtub Shop is an online aggregator of walk-in bathtub service providers. Deciding what to buy when you are in the market for a walk-in bathtub can be complicated, with numerous choices and pricing options available. Walk-in Bathtub Shop simplifies the process. Just fill out a quick online form or call, and you will be contacted by relevant service providers in your area.


  • Save time researching
  • Get quotes from local service providers
  • Find any type of tub or feature


  • Users will be added to call lists
  • Very little company information available on the website
  • No customer service

Walk-in Bathtub Shop at a Glance

Editorial Score


Varies by provider

Safety Features

Varies by provider

Therapeutic Features

Varies by provider

Customization Options

Varies by provider


Varies by provider

Walk-in Bathtub Shop Walk-in Bathtub Shop Vist Site

Walk-in Bathtub Shop at a Glance

Best for

Getting multiple quotes quickly

Average price range

$1,500-$10,000 depending on features


Available from manufacturer or installer

Therapy types

All tub types available with network professionals

Main safety features

Safety features can be tailored by the user

Tub Types

As a service provider aggregator, Walk-in Bathtub Shop connects consumers with relevant walk-in bathtub companies based on information entered on the online form. All you need to do is specify what type of tub you are looking to purchase and other basic information, and you will be contacted with quotes.

Some of the walk-in tubs types you may be interested in are:

  • Soaker tubs

This basic model doesn’t have any additional features, such as air or water jets. These tubs are equipped with easy access, leak-proof doors, a sturdy seat that may or may not recline, and a low-entry step-up. Walk-in soaker tubs will also generally include basic safety features such as grab bars and anti-slip coating on the floor and seat. Most doors swing inwards to save on space.

  • Bariatric tubs

A larger version of the standard soaker tub, these are designed for individuals who need more room.

  • Wheelchair-accessible tubs

Outfitted with outward-facing doors, these walk-in tubs are designed to make bathing easier for wheelchair-bound individuals. Another feature of these tubs is a lower seat at wheelchair height.

Aside from these basic tub types, walk-in bathtubs may come in a variety of materials and may include a range of added features such as jets, fast-draining, aromatherapy, and combination shower options. There is a tub for every need and budget.


There is a wide range of prices on the market for walk-in bathtubs. The most basic models may be available for as low as $1,500, or even less, but for better quality and added features, you can estimate that the total cost of your tub will be between $5,000 and $10,000, plus an additional installation fee.

As a service provider aggregator, Walk-in Bathtub Shop doesn’t determine the prices of your tub. To get a quote from a walk-in bathtub company or installer, just fill in the simple online form.

Walk-in Tub Features

Walk-in tubs offer important safety features for individuals with limited mobility, seniors, and people living with disabilities. To accommodate the varied needs and ensure the safety of users, most tubs come equipped with the following:

  • Built-in, textured shower seat for easy transfer

  • Anti-slip flooring to prevent slipping or falls

  • Handrails and grab-bars placed conveniently for support and safety

  • Anti-scald valves make sure that the tub water doesn’t get above a certain temperature

Aside from safety features, many walk-in tub manufacturers offer a variety of added features to make bathing a comfortable, therapeutic, and even luxurious experience. Some of these features include:

  • Chromotherapy walk-in tubs project different colored lights to make the experience more calming.

  • Aromatherapy is a popular complementary therapy that harnesses the relaxation of essential oils like lavender or jasmine. Some walk-in tubs are equipped with scent diffusers for an aromatic experience.

  • Aero Therapy and hydrotherapy are walk-in tubs equipped with air or water jets that deliver therapeutic massage during bathing.

Walk-in Tub Installation

Walk-in Bathtub Shop will put you in touch with a number of seasoned tub manufacturers and installers. While most manufacturers retain technicians who provide installation, some will recommend hiring a reputable plumber for the job. This is not a do-it-yourself project. Since many walk-in tubs require electricity as well as plumbing, it is best to leave this job to the pros. Furthermore, trying to install a walk-in tub on your own may void the warranty.

Installation of your walk-in tub shouldn’t take long. Within the day, professional installers should be able to clear out your old tub and install your new one with minimal disruption. Before the installers leave, they will likely check each feature to make sure the tub is working properly and that all of the plumbing and electric work was done correctly.

Walk-in Bathtub Shop Walk-in Bathtub Shop Vist Site


Warranties on walk-in bathtubs will likely come both from the manufacturer and the installer. It is also possible that some manufacturers require you to use their in-house technicians in order for the warranty to be valid. Walk-in Bathtub Shop doesn’t offer warranties since the company is a matching service, but make sure to check the warranty details with your walk-in bathtub company or installation professional to find out what is covered and for long. Depending on the material and quality of your tub, the warranty may only be for one year or may remain valid for more than 5 years.


People seeking the easy access and comfort of a walk-in bathtub can find a local company quickly with Walk-in Bathtub Shop. This digital platform will connect you to local professionals with the best tub for your individual needs and budget. Whether you want a simple model or all the bells and whistles, Walk-in Bathtub Shop can save you time.

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