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Sexually transmitted diseases have reached a new high in the United States and across the globe, according to the most recent studies published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. From syphilis to gonorrhea, chlamydia, and even HIV, STDs are all on the rise, and healthcare professionals everywhere are calling for action to be taken. The solution is STD testing.

STD test kits are becoming more popular as the need for controlling and preventing hazardous sexually transmitted diseases and infections becomes more urgent. The beauty of these kits is that they’re convenient, easy to use, and non-invasive. The best STD testing services allow you to take the sample yourself, mail it in, and receive confidential online results quickly. If you’ve ever had sex, then here are a few things you should know about STD testing.

From $99-$269
From $57.50-$499
From $24-$349
From $75-$235
From $39-$-99
From $24-$499
From $59-$599
Ph.D., LPN, MSN, DNP, certified labs
CLIA and CAP certified labs
CLIA certified, FDA-approved tests, doctors, lab technicians
Medical staff, consultants, CAP and CLIA accredited labs
CLIA certified labs, physicians
CLIA certified labs
CLIA certified labs, HIPAA compliant, FDA approved, physicians
Finger prick blood, (urine, stool sample tubes)
Swab, urine cup, finger prick
Urine or blood tests
Swabs, urine cup, blood spot card
Finger prick, genital swab, urine cup
Blood test, urine sample
Blood and urine
2-5 days
1-5 days
1-2 days
Within 7 days
Within 5 days
1-3 days
1-2 days

The Best STD Testing Services - An In-Depth Look

  • 1


    Highest levels of accuracy in STD testing
    • PriceFrom $99-$269
    • Take at HomeYes
    • Results in2-5 days

    LetsGetChecked is one of the most popular STD test kit services in America. Known for its accuracy, LetsGetChecked manufactures its own kits in an accredited facility and uses world-renowned accredited labs. Physicians review the results individually to ensure accuracy, as well.

    LetsGetChecked also makes it easy and convenient to take an STD test. You can order the kit to your house and get it the next day. Samples are taken in the privacy of your own home, and LetsGetChecked even pays for return shipping. Best of all, you’ll receive your results within 2-5 days.

    What’s more, LetsGetChecked has medical professionals on staff that you can speak with at all hours of the day or night. So, if you get positive results from your STD test kit, there’s someone available to help you deal with the news and take the necessary steps forward.

    • Several different tests and packages
    • Next day delivery and prepaid return shipping
    • Fast results
    • Can’t take all STD tests individually
    • Not available in Australia and New Zealand
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  • 2


    Convenient and comprehensive STD testing
    • PriceFrom $57.50-$499
    • Take at HomeYes
    • Results in1-5 days

    As the byline implies, myLab Box is a convenient way to get STD testing on your own terms. You can test for just about anything from general wellness and nutrition to serious STDs, fertility, and more. myLab Box has individual tests as well as packages for multiple tests, and the pricing is very competitive (sometimes half the cost of competitors).

    myLab Box gives you access to a network of physicians who can help you with your diagnosis. Or, if you'd prefer to work directly with your regular physician, myLab Box has a convenient PDF format that you can just print out and bring with you to your doctor. What's even more convenient is that myLab Box partners with medical professionals who will provide free treatment in the event that your results turn up positive.

    • Free same-day treatment via telemedicine
    • Affordable tests and packages
    • FAS/HSA cards accepted
    • Website is outdated
    • Only available in the US
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  • 3

    STD Check

    The fastest STD test results out there
    STD Check
    • PriceFrom $24-$349
    • Take at HomeNo
    • Results in1-2 days is one of the fastest ways for you to get STD test results possible. You can get tested the same day you order your test, have a sample taken in just 5 minutes, and receive the results in 1 or 2 days. That's lightning-fast for this industry. And since you don't need a doctor's request or insurance to work with, everything is completely private. The company works with over 4,500 labs across America, too. So, there's always a lab conveniently located near you. has 10-test panels that include all of the major sexually transmitted infections and diseases such as HIV type 1 and 2, herpes 1 and 2, gonorrhea, chlamydia, and syphilis. What’s more, includes hepatitis A, B, and C, something that most average STD tests exclude. Starting at just $24 for a basic single STD test, is also one of the most affordable options on the market.

    • 5-minute testing, results in 1-2 days
    • Same-day testing available
    • FDA-approved tests in certified labs
    • No at-home option available
    • No saliva test option
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  • 4
    Healthcare accessibility for everyone
    • PriceFrom $75-$235
    • Take at HomeYes
    • Results inWithin 7 days

    The beauty of Nurx is that it makes important medical assessments, procedures, and treatments affordable and accessible to everyone. You can get things like birth control, genital herpes treatment, and STI tests with or without insurance, and without the hassle of asking your doctor for a lab request.

    After you answer some basic questions about your health, a medical consultant will review your file and write out a prescription or order tests that you require. It's a lot more discreet than going through your doctor, so Nurx is a good solution for anyone who values privacy. It's also a good option if you don't have insurance because Nurx will mail you a kit regardless of your health insurance status.

    • Lots of information on the site
    • Affordable access to important testing and treatments
    • Full medical staff for accuracy and support
    • Not available in many states
    • Medications available to anyone without doctor consultation
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  • 5


    Affordable STD testing done at home
    • PriceFrom $39-$-99
    • Take at HomeYes
    • Results inWithin 5 days

    Everlywell is one of the most well-known STD testing services. A lot of people use these at-home kits because they're more affordable than most of their competitors. Additionally, EverlyWell results are extremely accurate. Everlywell also offers a free consultation for customers to discuss their results with a qualified medical professional.

    Everlywell reports are very detailed, offering valuable insights into your general health as well as sexually transmitted infections and diseases. Everlywell offers tests for food sensitivities, men and women-specific tests, and energy and weight testing, on top of the STD tests available. You’ll get an STD test shipped directly to your home for easy and private sample collection. You can mail back the sample using the pre-paid return shipping envelope included in your kit.

    • Accurate results
    • One of the most affordable STD tests
    • Detailed reports and insights
    • Available in 47 states
    • Tests included in STD bundle aren’t available individually
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  • 6

    Health Labs

    Fast, affordable lab-tested results
    Health Labs
    • PriceFrom $24-$499
    • Take at HomeNo
    • Results in1-3 days is the faster and more confidential way of getting STD testing done for Americans. With more than 4,500 CLIA-certified labs across the country, anyone can walk into a lab and be tested. All testing is done anonymously, so privacy is ensured. And since the entire ordering process is online, you can walk in on the same day and take your STD test on the spot (unless you have to fast for the test). Results are published online to your private account. Nobody else can access the results, and only you see them. puts privacy at the top of the priorities list.

    You can get your results in 1-3 days, and also offers a 110% satisfaction guarantee. You can get a range of tests done from basic hepatitis panels to in-depth HIV testing and more. offers individual tests, full panels, and packages to make testing for multiple STDs more affordable, as well.

    • Very fast results
    • 4,500+ CLIA-certified labs
    • No insurance or referral needed
    • No at-home option
    • Doesn’t accept health insurance
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  • 7

    Health Testing Centers

    Certified lab results in one day
    Health Testing Centers
    • PriceFrom $59-$599
    • Take at HomeBoth
    • Results in1-2 days

    Health Testing Centers is a professional healthcare service that is trying to right the wrongs of the healthcare system. That means improving accuracy, increasing accessibility, and boosting general health via preventative care. With certified labs across the country, Health Testing Centers services tens of thousands of people all the time.

    You can get a wide range of STD test kits delivered to your home from Health Testing Centers. Alternatively, you can go to a certified lab to have the testing done for you. This option offers faster results. More than that, Health Testing Centers goes above and beyond other STD test kit services, providing a free consultation with a physician for anyone who receives positive results. Health Testing Centers even offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

    • 100% satisfaction guarantee
    • At-home or in-lab testing options
    • Emailed results can be ready in as little as one day
    • Doesn’t accept health insurance
    • Physician order required for lab testing
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Frequently Asked Questions
Can urgent care test you for STDs?
Yes, urgent care centers can test you for STDs as well as doctor's offices and non-profit clinics.
Where can I get Same Day STD results?
Same-day STD testing is rare. Most testing centers have at least a few days' waiting time.
How much do doctors charge for STD testing?
It depends on whether or not you have insurance, what your co-pay is, and what network you're a part of.

What is an STD Test, and Who Needs It?

An STD test is one of several types of tests done to determine whether or not you have an infection or a sexually transmitted disease. Different STDs require different forms of testing. Some require a blood test, others a saliva swab, urine sample, or a genital swab.

It is recommended that anybody who is sexually active, particularly if you have multiple partners, get tested for sexually transmitted diseases. Getting yourself tested is one of the most important things that you can do to maintain your health and help prevent the dissemination of serious, and sometimes deadly, diseases.

That’s the general advice from healthcare professionals across the world. There are specific guidelines about STD testing for particular STDs, though. Here are some important rules you should take into consideration if you are sexually active:

For chlamydia and gonorrhea, get tested annually if:

  • You’re a female who is 25 years or younger

  • If you are 25+ and have multiple sexual partners

  • You’re a male having sexual intercourse with men

  • You currently have HIV

  • You have been forced into sexual activity without consent

It is recommended that everyone from the age of 13 to 64 be tested for HIV at least once. Hepatitis C should be tested for anyone born between the years 1945-1965 since these are high-risk carriers.

Additionally, anyone who has multiple sexual partners, uses intravenous drugs, is pregnant, or is planning to become pregnant, bisexual, or gay men who are sexually active, or have been forced to perform sexual activities should have an STD test performed.

Where Can You Test for an STD?

STDs are spreading at a rapid pace. Fortunately, STD testing is available in several forms today, including:

    • Doctor’s offices

    • Clinics

    • At home

A clinic is one of the fastest ways to get results. You visit one of the STD testing clinics, give in your sample, and wait for your results. Many people are not comfortable with this or don’t have a center near them.

Alternatively, you can ask your doctor for an STD test. This is more convenient because it’s your regular doctor. But most people feel even more uncomfortable talking to their regular doctor about STDs than a generic lab technician. So, this can put many people off.

The most convenient and comfortable option is at-home STD testing. You take the sample in the comfort of your own home, mail in the sample, and receive the results online. So, it's a lot more private. No one, not even your roommates, need to know about it.

What STD Test Kit Should You Get?

Which STD test kit is the right one for you depends on the type of sexually transmitted infection you are testing for. Some kits are available for individual diseases. If you're interested in testing for multiple infections, you should look for an STD test kit service that offers packages. This will be more convenient and affordable.

Make sure the STD test kit you order actually covers the disease(s) you are looking for. Also, look for a kit that has an online customer portal. This will let you access your test results online through a private channel. Only you have the password for it, so only you can see the results. This is a faster and more confidential way of getting your results.

How Long Do STD Tests Take?

Taking an STD test is fast and painless. If you’re taking one at home, it’s a matter of seconds. Either take the swab, blood, or urine sample, and you’re done. If you’re taking it in an office or clinic, you’ll need to factor in the drive and wait time until you’re seen and dealt with by one of the technicians. Depending on how busy the center is, this can be quite a while.

Getting the results also varies depending on where you take the STD test. In-office tests have to be processed, and the doctor will probably call you with the results or call you when the results are in and have you come down to the office to discuss them. Clinics will generally send you the results in the mail. Meanwhile, online results are much faster. You can receive your results within 2-5 days, depending on the STD test kit service you're using.

How Much Does STD Testing Cost?

STD testing costs vary based on a few factors, including your location, what type of testing you’re doing, where you’re doing the tests, and of course, whether or not your health care insurance covers it. Individual tests can run you approximately $99, while you can get packages that test for multiple STDs for roughly $119-$275 depending on how many tests the package includes. Basically, if you’re planning on having more than one STD test done, it is worthwhile to order a multi-pack because it’ll be significantly cheaper than testing each one individually.

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