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Mikogo Review Staff

In a Nutshell

If you’re looking for a remote access solution that’s easy to set up and which works on both Windows and Mac, then Mikogo should be on your evaluation list. With join via browser functionality, Mikogo can be used to provide remote support from any operating system. With session recording and multi-user whiteboard this is a well-rounded remote support tool.


  • Session recording
  • Cross platform - join from browser
  • Simple user interface


  • Not the most sophisticated UI
  • Support can be hard to reach

Mikogo Mikogo Visit Site

Mikogo at a Glance

Best for: 
Users that require easy remote support 
From $14 per month (Standard) to $48 per month (Team) 
File Sharing:
Real-time Chat (Y/N): 
Yes. Group and one to one. 
Security (encryption level):
128 bit encryption. 

What Services and Features Does Mikogo Offer 

Mikogo offers the following features to deliver superior remote access to users.

Cross Platform

Mikogo can be accessed from the internet as well as from cross platform clients on PC and Mac. For those that want to remotely control a computer, all they need is a browser to connect. This means that the platform can be accessed from Linux and any other operating system. 

Dual Presenter Mode

With Mikogo, both the user and the client (the person being supported) can share their screen. Dual presenter mode makes it easier to get to the route of issues.

High Quality VoIP

With Mikogo, users can receive support by phone as well as through a live feedback session. After initiating a session, users receive a session ID and login as well as options to change the presenter and the control users. Once the voice conferencing has been initiated users can edit their audio interface changing their microphone and speaker volume. 

Meeting Scheduling

Users can schedule sessions in advance using the web portal and then send out invitations by email or calendar invitation to those receiving support. 

Up to 4 Screens Supported

Mikogo remote access supports up to four simultaneous screens. For those that need to provide support to users with multi-monitor setups, everything they see should be visible. 

File Transfer

Users can exchange files and images of up to 200MB in size. Those providing remote support can use this to send annotations or documentation to those on the receiving end. 

Profile Manager

Users can set up specific profiles for running support sessions that can be replicated upon screen share initiation. These profiles can be easily and quickly loaded directly from within the user interface / client. 

Prices, Plans and Value for Money 

Mikogo is available at 3 different tiers:

Price (monthly subscription)

The Standard and Professional plans both provide a single user license but the Professional tier allows for up to 25 participants per session. On the Team plan users get five licenses. All plans provide access to all available features.

To lock in the best value for money, users should sign up for the annual subscriptions which provide discounted pricing to encourage users to stay with the service. 

Price (annual subscription)

Ease of Use and Setup

In order to begin using the software, users need to download the connection client from the website. Once this is setup, a little connection box appears. Here you are able to configure the connection according to your preferences including choosing whether to always display the panel on top.

Mikogo Security

If you’re worried about your security while streaming your screen to another user over Mikogo then there’s no need to be. All screen sharing sessions and remote support connections are protected by 128 bit encryption and secure sockets layer (SSL). While it’s true that 128 bit is a little bit weaker, cryptographically, than 256 bit, it should still be strong enough to protect the integrity of your data. 

Mikogo Performance

Mikogo offers a fast and effective remote sharing stream that provides a full color and stable connection enabling the user remotely accessing the screen to manage the mouse, keyboard, and to receive a full color view of the screen. Practically speaking, however, the reliability of this connection depends upon the stability and speed of the internet connection available to both the client and the user remotely accessing it. 

Mikogo Customer Service

Users that need to get in touch with support are able to submit a request which the Mikego team will look into as soon as possible. 

After setting up a test account to use the software, we received an introductory email from an account manager giving us a direct point of contact at the company. The team has also assembled a highly comprehensive help desk with articles on everything from getting started to free account. 

What People Say About Mikogo

“A formidable support solution with great business essence,” Irrael, technology architect

“There is no need to install something on the remote computer. Just have the other person go to a webpage, type in a code,and you can connect to their screen.” Anonymous reviewer, Capterra

“Security standards are high to ensure the safety of your shared information.” Amanda H

Mikogo Mikogo Visit Site


What platforms are supported?

The connecting client is available for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.

What software do those receiving support need to install?

Great news! Those receiving support don’t need to install anything. 

Who is Mikogo intended for?

Mikogo can be used by MSPs and support organizations or by individual users.

Bottom Line

Mikogo is a capable remote support tool that supports both Windows and Mac for desktop clients. The user interface is somewhat minimal, but there are enough controls to manage the session including selecting who controls the keyboard and mouse.'s editorial staff is a professional team of editors and writers with dozens of years of experience covering consumer, financial and business products and services.
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