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FreshDesk Review - Remote Access

Top10.com Staff

In a Nutshell

Freshdesk is a customer support software powered by Freshworks. It can be used by helpdesk teams in order to remotely prioritize and organize customer support. Additionally, Freshdesk integrates with Slashtop’s Splashtop On Demand Support (SOS) service. The integration allows users to initiate an instant remote support session on demand.


  • Instant remote support integration
  • Full integration with other Freshdesk products
  • 21-day free trial


  • Remote access via paid add-on
  • Dashboards only on top tier

Freshdesk at a Glance

Best for
Users that want an integrated remote support experience
From free (Sprout) to $99/month (Forest)
File Sharing
With integration
Real-time Chat 
With integration
Security (encryption level)
AES 256 bit encryption at rest

What Services and Features Does Freshdesk Offer 

Freshdesk is a full featured cloud helpdesk software that allows companies to run fully scalable helpdesk and live support operations directly in the cloud. Although Freshdesk doesn’t contain a built in remote access functionality for viewing and controlling users’ computers, it does integrate with Splashtop Remote Control. Using the Freshdesk and Splashtop integration, users can take advantage of the Splashtop On-Demand Support (SOS) service, which supports instantaneous remote support. This powerful duo allows companies to deliver remote access in conjunction with Freshdesk’s other great cloud helpdesk features. 

These include:


Using Freshdesk, users can utilize the power of AI to improve the efficiency of their online helpdesk operations. Freshdesk provides a team inbox which is designed to encourage agents to think about collaboration. Intelligent routing can automatically direct tickets to key agents or groups of agents. The right point of contact can initiate the remote access session.

Collision Detection

About to start up a remote access with a customer while another agent is busy typing an email reply? These kind of embarrassing “crossed wires” incidents can be a thing of the past thanks to Freshdesk’s collision detection software. The collision detection functionality alerts agents if a colleague is working on a communication to the same customer that they’re in the middle of drafting a communication to. The result: less embarrassment, happier customers. 

Canned Responses

If your team is constantly reaching for the same 3 or 4 emails to let customers know that you’re about to schedule a remote access session, providing them details with how to download the Splashtop client, and finally thanking them for their time—well, thanks to Freshdesk that could all be taken care of in a few clicks. Freshdesk’s canned response functionality lets users come up with common strings of text and commit them to worry. Save time and boredom in drafting the same stock emails over and over again. 

Activity Log

If your support team is spreading management of a key account over a few support resources, then you’ll want to know about every touchpoint all the way. Did your customer success guy walk your client through that remote access session showing him how to output reports? With Freshdesk’s activity log every client engagement is logged in the system. Never be left wondering who did what again with Freshdesk’s virtual breadcrumb trail. 

Prices, Plans and Value for Money 

In order to take advantage of the Freshdesk / Splashtop integration, users need to first have a Freshdesk subscription in place. The company first offers a free tier called Sprout, which provides all the tools that companies typically need to get started with providing remote support. This includes an email and social ticketing system as well as a knowledge base builder and ticket trend report.  While that might be enough for companies to populate some help desk resources instructing users how to get themselves ready for remote access sessions, many prefer to take advantage of one of the company’s paid plans. Freshdesk offers 4 tiers with unique features including business hour support, SLA management, dynamic ticket forms, and HIPAA compliance. 


Ease of Use and Setup

Freshdesk is generally considered one of the easier tech support systems to get set up. For administrators, the good news is that it’s a totally cloud hosted utility. Configuring the remote access integration with Splashtop requires purchasing subscriptions to both platforms and then configuring the authentication through the backend. Then, agents will have everything they need to invite users to live remote access walk-throughs at their fingertips.

Freshdesk Security

Freshdesk may be hosted entirely in the cloud, but that doesn’t mean that the app compromises on security. Freshdesk encrypts all data at rest using AES 256 bit encryption. Additionally, the tool supports integrating custom SSL certificates so that users can rest assured that the encrypted connection with the website is really issued by a trustworthy issuer—your company! Agent login can be restricted by a login IP whitelist or through SSO. There are more than enough tools to make sure that the online support experience is also a secure one.

Freshdesk Performance

Freshdesk provides a fast and performant support experience while, for remote access, the Splashtop integration runs with minimal latency overhead. Users’ home internet connections however can be a bottleneck. Before initiating a remote access session users should be instructed to make sure that they’re accessing the session from a stable and speedy internet connection.  

Freshdesk Customer Service

As a company specializing in support, Freshdesk doesn’t skimp when it comes to providing its own users with resources and ways to get in touch. Firstly, there’s the online support center which is packed full of self help resources and a helpful community forum. Here, users can find troubleshooting and setup guides for many common remote access setup situations. There’s even a video library where Freshdesk walks through textual tutorials in screencast format. Finally, users can get in touch with the team through a ticketing support system. 

What People Say About Freshdesk

“We adopted Freshdesk because it is a highly adaptable solution with a lot of metrics that allows us to track and follow up on our customers and agents efficiently.”

Back Office Manager, Bridgestone

“We began looking for a new tool in autumn and were keen to get one in place and optimised ahead of the Christmas peak period. Freshdesk ensured that the implementation process was as smooth as possible, and the team were up and running within 48 hours.”

Vaughan Potter, Head of Customer Services, Hamleys

“We recommend Freshdesk because it’s great and their agents are determined to make it fit their customer’s needs.”

Matthijs Lok, Marketing Manager Online, Pearson


How Do I Set Up A Remote Access Session?

Users can set up a remote access session through Freshdesk by integrating the helpdesk tool with Splashtop.

Should I opt for a paid or free tier?

By signing up to the paid tier, users can avail of more features and functionalities. 

Can I create email templates to instruct users how to set up a remote access session?

Yes, using the canned templates functionality users can configure template-based messages for sending to users with instructions on how to receive remote access from your team. 

Bottom Line

For companies that want to provide a consistent and professional remote access experience, the Freshdesk and Splashtop integration experience is a great way to go. Freshdesk is a great cloud-based helpdesk tool that provides lots of features needed to make sure that users experience a consistent and noteworthy support experience.

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