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Upserve Review Staff

In a Nutshell

Upserve’s impressive range of services and applications come packed to the brim with more than 100 incredibly useful features, such as menus that can be customized in an instant and real-time updating of tables, seating, and customer profiles. Combine this with Upserve’s amazing analytical capabilities, and you have a POS system capable of handling all the workload of a busy restaurant—and more—with ease.


  • Swift, simple, and adapts to any type of hospitality business
  • Highly detailed reports and analytics available


  • No Ecommerce capabilities
  • Compatible with Apple products only

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What's on Offer

  • Upserve HQ (Analytics)
  • Breadcrumb POS by Upserve
  • Upserve Payments
  • Upserve Live (Mobile App)
  • A highly intuitive interface that is easy to navigate and simple to use
  • An “Offline” mode which captures credit card details even when the internet is down
  • Highly competitive payment processing fees and charges
  • 24/7/365 customer support through a variety of channels
  • Hardware rentals and equipment purchases
  • Streamlined partnering with third party applications such as QuickBooks
  • Deeply detailed reporting features
  • No setup or installation fees
Upserve POS review

More Reasons to Choose Upserve POS

As many hospitality businesses are seasonal, Upserve offers a seasonal operation feature with its Breadcrumb POS system. Instead of being charged in full while your business is inactive, you only need to pay a minimum monthly service fee.

Being a cloud-based POS, managers are also able to check important shift data, sales, and employee performance from anywhere, as long as they have an internet connection and an iPad or iPhone.

Who Uses Upserve

Created by former hospitality professionals, Breadcrumb POS by Upserve has been exclusively designed with its end users in mind: restaurant managers and servers that need a fast-working, simple system. Their point of sale service is extremely capable of handling the unique workload of hospitality businesses.

Ease of Use

Breadcrumb’s point of sale system integrates into existing and new hospitality businesses with ease. All you needed to get started is to open an account via the website and to ensure there is a stable WiFi connection throughout your entire premises.

Setup generally takes a couple of days until hardware arrives and everything is installed correctly, however Upserve can offer same-day setup under certain circumstances. Additionally, this company does not charge for setup and installation, something which is welcomed by many business owners.

Regular, complimentary software updates ensure that Breadcrumb’s service runs at optimum speed and efficiency at all times. And the combination with Upserve’s incredible analytics and reporting makes this a very well-rounded POS.

Though there is a great deal of information available via the website, no specific details regarding the application process have been provided. Customers interested in Breadcrumb’s point of sale service are first advised to begin with a 14-day free trial, which may begin after a client opens an account and enters some basic information. The website is secure, and you can breathe easy knowing that your details are kept safe via encryption.

What’s Unique About Breadcrumb POS?

One of the most unique features of this POS is the Offline Mode, which is an incredible lifesaver for customers and their businesses. If, for whatever reason, there’s a power outage or the internet connection gets shut down, the point of sale enables servers and staff to continue to collect encrypted credit card details and store them securely on its system. Once connections have been restored, the system will automatically process the outstanding payments. This is a crucial feature as one of the downsides of using a cloud-based POS is that if the internet or power is cut, the entire system usually becomes inoperable. 

This service also offers a very competitive payment processing plan. Card swipe costs are calculated using Interchange Plus pricing, with a minimal 0.10 per transaction fee. However, there is no further information on their website regarding per transaction costs for EMV (chip) dips, checks, or debit cards.

Additionally, as Breadcrumb is currently owned by Upserve, their customers are able to access Upserve’s highly detailed analytics, reporting, and inventory features.

Pricing (Software and Hardware)

Price starts at
$99 per month/location
$249 per month/location
Call for quote
Recommended for
Single location restaurants, small staff
Multi-location, multiple terminals, avg. ticket order over $30
Large multiple location groups (50-500 locations)

Upserve offers more pricing options than most for both software and hardware, including the ability to purchase hardware outright, monthly financing, and Prix Fixe which is a service offering that eliminates the need for high upfront capital expenditures for hardware or software.

Upserve added Breadcrumb POS into its Restaurant Management Platform—a single solution to help restaurateurs run their most critical operations in the restaurant. The entire Platform includes Breadcrumb POS, Upserve HQ (analytics and reporting), Upserve Live (mobile app), and fair rates for Upserve Payments (payment processing).

The Upserve Platform comes in 2 editions, Core and Pro, which determine how much you pay. Both editions include the first Breadcrumb POS terminal for free. Additional terminals run $50/month each for the POS license. Core is $99/month/location while Pro is $249/month/location. 

While Core and Pro editions are mainly for the awesome Upserve HQ features, there are slight differences for Breadcrumb POS. The major differences being unlimited integrations, and EMV and contactless payments with the Pro edition, which also includes the 1st EMV reader valued around $250.

Upserve offers 2 types of billing plans for Breadcrumb POS:

1. Monthly Contract. The standard is a 3-year contract paid each month. You can, however, get a discount for paying the annual contract sum in advance. And if you'd rather not be tied into a contract for a long duration, they do offer month-to-month contracts, but at a premium. Hardware can be purchased through their store site.

2. Monthly Contract with Hardware Included. This pricing is determined based on your needs and includes the hardware for your device amortized across your contract duration. This package is great if you're looking to reduce upfront hardware costs.

Contract Terms

In a refreshing twist, Upserve offers potential customers the unique opportunity to read through its entire Merchant Agreement via its website. This transparency is highly invigorating and demonstrates clearly that it has nothing to hide—whether in its fees and charges or contract terms and arrangements.

Upserve makes sure that all the legal aspects of its services are spelled out in great detail, including what happens if the system enters "Offline Mode" and that it reserve the right to suspend operations should it suspect fraud. Issues with hardware purchases, and returning faulty hardware are also diligently covered, ensuring that potential customers are fully aware of all vital points before engaging their service.

Since Upserve delivers everything as a Platform, it's hard to remove one solution from the mix since each Platform solution includes payments, Breadcrumb POS, and Upserve HQ. As previously stated, there are 2 options for purchasing the Breadcrumb POS—hardware excluded and hardware included.

If customers wish to cancel their monthly plan, they must look at their contract for duration length or may incur expenses for canceling the contract earlier than contract end date, so it is highly recommended that customers review these terms and conditions thoroughly before signing. These fees for early termination are pretty standard with any contract.

Upserve offers free installation, free 24/7 US-based support, and free software updates.

Bottom Line

From basic features such as easy menu customization, through to in-depth, detailed analytics, Breadcrumb does a lot of heavy lifting, taking the load off its customers.

While the past few years were somewhat turbulent under Groupon’s ownership, since teaming up with Upserve, this company’s reporting capabilities and customer service department have improved immensely. 

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About Breadcrumb POS By Upserve

Originally founded by Seth Harris in 2011, Breadcrumb POS made waves in the hospitality industry with its friendly interface and streamlined processes, and grew its customer base quickly. After a short run, in 2012 the company was acquired by Groupon. Following on from a strategic partnership formed in 2015, Upserve purchased Breadcrumb from Groupon in May 2016. Since then, Upserve has continued to improve upon Breadcrumb POS’s existing features, and payment processing services, and has further expanded its customer service offering. Together, they now serve more than 6,000 restaurants in every US state.

Physical Address

10 Dorrance Street

Providence, RI, 02903

United States

Frequently Asked Questions
How much does Upserve cost?
Upserve starts at $99 per month and increases based on the number of features, employees, and locations where it will be used.
What should I look for in a POS system?
It depends on your business to some extent. However, there are some universal features that you'll want to have whether you're running a retail, restaurant, or service venture. For example, good payment processing, customer management or scheduling tools, reporting features, and solid storage whether by cloud or offline.
Is Upserve POS good for restaurants?
Yes. Designed specifically for the hospitality industry, Upserve offers restaurant owners and managers many tools to help organize and centralize operations exclusive to their industry. These include menu customization, split-check features, online and off-line modes, and restaurant analytics.'s editorial staff is a professional team of editors and writers with dozens of years of experience covering consumer, financial and business products and services.

Upserve customer reviews

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Top Reviews

Ease of use

Brand satisfaction

Value for money

Service quality

1 months ago

Upseve is awesome on many different levels. Their point-of-sale platform is the best by far.

2 months ago

I like it because it provides a credit card scanner and the option to scan QR codes easily from your phone.

2 months ago

If your business needs to run credit cards or send invoices, Upserve can help in the quickest way possible.

2 months ago

I like using Upserve because they have all the basic options and even more upgraded services. Their program is easy to use and easy to navigate.

2 months ago

Upserve POS offers a simple design, live reporting, and customer intelligence so you can focus on your customers.

2 months ago

It is an excellent point-of-sale program that is self-explanatory. You can easily teach yourself this program.

2 months ago

This system is reliable, well organized and the features are easy to use.

2 months ago

It is easy to use and accurate. It's great at finding any mistakes. It also offers good security and monitors the use on our site. When a customer enters, it verifies the usernames and passwords. I don't have to worry about online or offline fraud from either the employees or customers attempting to use it.

3 months ago

They are a perfect example of how to run a business. They have a great product and amazing customer service. I enjoy using their solution very much.

3 months ago

This point of sale company helps me run my business more efficiently and successfully. It's very user friendly, and the customer service is extremely helpful.

3 months ago

I like the point of sale system. It is included in the package.

3 months ago

Upserve is great software and very detail-oriented. I like that it has a 24-hour customer service helpline, and if you have issues, you can call anytime, day or night.

3 months ago

Upserve was easy to use for our POS service and is very compatible with my mobile devices. It really made my business transactions easy. Also, it was very simple to set up compared to other points of sale software. They have spectacular customer service. They could use some updates as any software does.

3 months ago

It's great software that will show you everything you need to know. It is an excellent platform for any point-of-sale solution.

4 months ago

So far, it's been a great service and has covered all my specific needs with a great point-of-sale service.

4 months ago

They are an innovative company that is both reliable as well as up to date on the technology they offer.

4 months ago

It's easy to use and well-loved by all employers and employees. It expedites service with simple, easy-to-use features. Plus, it doesn't allow you to fail. Training is not fully required but is helpful. Upserve is the most recommended POS system for restaurants and retail personnel.

2 years ago

I use this POS system at work and it's super simple to use and pretty self explanatory, idk maybe I'm just used to it cause I use it a lot but I love Upserve

2 years ago

It worked well and the customers happy and was a smooth process going through every transaction

2 years ago

It was easy to use. The employees were easily able to clock in and out using it. There weren't many issues.

69 reviews