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The Best POS Systems of 2024

Top10.com Staff
The POS Systems Your Restaurant Needs
The POS Systems Your Restaurant Needs. The importance of choosing the right point of sale system (POS) for your restaurant or cafe can’t be underestimated. Having the right system with features tailored to your specific needs can ensure that all of your transactions run smoothly and that you avoid the most common pain-points that give restaurants the biggest headaches.

We’ve put together a list of the top 5 POS systems on the market today, with a clear break-down of the most advanced features.

1. TouchBistro: The Restaurateur’s Best Friend

TouchBistro is the #1 grossing food and drink POS in the app store in 33 countries. This definitely doesn’t come as a surprise. With over 200 iOS-based features that suit all types of restaurants, including quick service, food truck, bars and pizza joints, coffee shops, stadiums and food chains, TouchBistro is a small business’ best friend. The new ingredients tracking/reporting feature is especially effective in enabling you to successfully control costs.

The seamless paperless customer experience, with orders sent directly from table to kitchen, detailed inventory and menu-planning features, customizable hardware packages that fit your business’ specific needs and regular new feature rollouts, it’s clear that the folks at TouchBistro really understand the needs of their clients - designed by restaurant people, for restaurant people.

TouchBistro TouchBistro Get a Demo

2. Square: Less is more, Simplicity for Small Restaurants

Square is an industry leader with a simple-to-use interface that can help small to midsize restaurants reach new levels of efficiency and customer outreach. With Square simplicity is key, proving that sometimes less really is more. Square’s system is a simple plug-in card swipe that can be inserted into the headphone jack of mobile devices without any additional hardware needed. The mobile jack can sync with a Square register and all systems are automatically updated simultaneously, making it perfect for small cafes, food carts and caterers.

Users can also take advantage of a long list of features that can help improve their inventory tracking, sales and manpower expenses, and manage customer outreach, and that’s just the beginning...

3.LightSpeed: Top Analytics for Restaurants

Lightspeed is a cloud-based solution that is best suited for restaurants and cafes. Their strong point is undoubtedly analytics. On the forefront of technology, LightSpeed offers an intuitive interface and advanced analytic functions that enable you to easily manage a wide inventory, process transactions and dig deep into data to better understand employee performance and customer behavior.

The ability to better understand your customers based on their habits means the LightSpeed will give your restaurant or cafe a competitive edge over others in same industry.

Lightspeed Lightspeed Get a Demo

4. Upserve: Most customizable applications for iOS

Upserve offers an impressive range of services and iOS applications that few competitors can rival. With over 100 applications and features, such as menus that can be customized in an instant and real-time updating of tables, seating, and customer profiles, Upserve gives you the maximum ability to customize the system to fit your needs and style. Especially popular with bars and full-service restaurants, Upserve’s intuitive features and data-rich reports will upgrade your business and give you the most control.

Upserve Upserve Get a Demo

5. Toast: The All-In-One

Toast is an all-in-one android-based product which specifically caters to all types and sizes of restaurants. And when we say all-in-one, we’re serious. Toast offers an impressive array of features, including online ordering, loyalty rewards programs, automated pricing, menu customization, floor-plan management, gift-card generation, inventory management, and payment processing.

To top it off, unlike its top competitors, running on Android OS makes Toast cheaper and more versatile. To make sure you and your team understand how to maximize all of its features, a Toast expert will even show up at your restaurant and conduct staff training. Competitively priced and remarkably intuitive, this all-in-one package doesn’t leave much to be desired.

Toast Toast Get a Demo

Key Takeaway: Your POS system can really be the difference between loving your restaurant and dealing with a constant headache. From managing inventory and monitoring employee performance to understanding all of your data to ensure the best customer experience, the right POS system can transform your restaurants or cafe and dramatically increase your profits.

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