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In a Nutshell

Clover offers integrated point-of-sale systems for restaurants, retailers, and service companies. Its business model is similar to Apple’s, in that the customer gets a device with basic functionality and purchases additional features from an app store. Clover POS systems include accepting payments of all forms, reporting, managing orders, inventory and employees. Users can add things like payroll, gift cards, and other business management tools.


  • Choice of 4 sophisticated POS devices
  • Simple transaction fee and flat fee on each payment
  • Large selection of third-party integrations


  • Some users have complained about Android operating system
  • Each app billed separately

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Ideal For 

  • Small or medium-sized retailers with one or more physical stores
  • Restaurants (mobile, quick-service and full-service)and other hospitality businesses
  • Small and medium-sized businesses looking to grow

Why Go with Clover 

Clover is a solid choice for small and medium-sized businesses looking for a flexible and reliable POS system. Clover was one of the first companies to recognize that most SMBs don’t have the money to pay upfront for a point-of-sale subscription. Businesses make a one-off payment for the device and decide what other features they want. By buying directly from the Clover official website, businesses can purchase devices through an installment plan of 3 payments with 0% interest. Apps can be added and removed at any time and all Clover devices automatically sync with each other, making this a great solution for small and medium-sized businesses with plans to grow.

What’s on Offer 

Clover offers sophisticated POS devices with the option of purchasing extra features through its Clover App Market. 

Here are the main features of a Clover POS system:

  • Choice of 4 POS devices: Go, a miniature Bluetooth device for taking payments on the go; Flex, a sleek, mobile-sized device; Mini, a tablet-sized device; and Station, the largest device, substituting for a cash register. You can pair the Station and Mini together to provide POS facilities on both sides of the counter.

  • Clover POS devices accept all types of payments, with no need to purchase any additional equipment.

  • Includes full support for refunds, returns, sales taxes, and replacing items.

  • Includes customer engagement tools, including loyalty, promotions, gift cards and integration with social media platforms.

  • User-friendly dashboard lets user monitor sales and inventory in real-time.

  • Users are charged a transaction fee plus small flat fee every time they accept a payment from a customer.

  • Dozens of additional features available to download.

Ease of Use

Judging by customer feedback, most Clover users agree the system is easy to set up and use. Like a new phone or tablet, setting up a Clover device really only requires turning it on, installing the software, and configuring the settings to your needs. Adding a new integration is easy: simply log on to the Clover App Market, choose your preferred app, and download (some apps may have an additional subscription fee). If you do happen to run into trouble, the Clover website contains an extensive Help Center with pages on how to set up and use the system. Plus, Clover offers 24/7 U.S. based customer support that you contact via phone, email or chat.

There are no special requirements to join Clover. To join, simply purchase your preferred device and enter your shipping address. Clover offers customer service for prospective, new, and long-term users alike.

What’s Unique About Clover?

Where Clover stands out is its business model. Many POS companies offer an all-inclusive software package with equipment from third-party manufacturers (such as Clover) as an add-on. Clover is basically the opposite: it sells equipment and offers payments and business management software – both built by Clover.

Clover’s unique integrated system can grow with any business, enabling businesses to expand where and how they serve customers and accept payments from the number of Clover devices they use to the apps that they use.

While clover comes with handy, built-in software, businesses can also purchase additional features (apps) through the Clover App Market. Given the Clover App Market is one of the most important features of Clover’s service, we’d like to go into a bit more detail about what you can find there. The Clover App Market offers nearly 400 apps for free download or purchase. They fall under various categories, which we detail below.

  • Under New and Notable, we found 8 apps. Highlights include: Yelp for Business Owners, letting business view analytics and connect with people who wrote reviews; Better Delivery, which integrates with your Clover device and splits deliveries into directional batches; and DispenseMe, which helps give customers the right change in coins.
  • Under Understand Your Business, Clover offers around a dozen third-party apps that provide real-time insights and analytics into customers and business performance.
  • Under Reach Your Customers, there are apps dealing with gift cards, loyalty and rewards programs, and marketing.
  • Under Manage Your Employees, there are apps for recruiting, scheduling, and payroll.
  • Under Sell Online, there are Ecommerce integrations including an app that integrates your BigCommerce-powered website with your physical store.
  • Under Organize Inventory, there are useful apps for inventory management as well as mobile inventory management.
  • Under Fun for Customers, you’ll find things like the Fun and Games App, which prints free games and coloring sheets onto receipts to keep customers’ children happy.

Customer Support

Clover offers 24/7 U.S.-based customer support by telephone and an extensive Help Center on its website. Customers can find contact numbers for the US, Canada, UK, and a number of other countries on Clover’s website. Clover offers support for sales, installation, technical, and billing issues.

Pricing (Software and Hardware)

The following table displays the cost for each device and the plans that customers can choose with each device. Customers must sign up for 1 of 2 monthly processing plans: Register Lite or Register. Register Lite costs $14/month and involves charges of 2.7% plus 10c for in-person transactions and 3.5% + 10c for keyed-in transactions. Register costs $29/month and involves charges of 2.3% + 10c for in-person transactions and 3.5% + 10c for keyed-in transactions. Clover’s plans include accepting payments, refunds, reporting, inventory and employee management. The first 30 days of the software plan is free.

Customers can further customize their Clover system with third-party apps, which can be installed through the Clover App Market and range from free apps to paid apps costing anywhere from around $50 to $500.

Type of Equipment
Equipment Cost
Register or Register Lite
Register or Register Lite
Register or Register Lite
Register only
Station + Mini
Register only

Contract Terms

Clover doesn’t lock customers into contracts. With that said, it’s only worth forking out for the more expensive Clover devices if you’re planning to stick around for a while.

Clover Clover Visit Site

About Clover 

Clover Network, Inc. was founded in October 2010 and launched in April 2012 after securing $5.5 million in funding from venture capital and angel investors. It was acquired in December 2012 by First Data Corporation, the global leader in payment technology and commerce solutions. Clover manufactures 5 POS devices, which it sells directly to customers and through several licensed third-party POS service providers.

Physical Address

Clover Network, Inc,

415 N Mathilda Ave

Sunnyvale, CA 94085


Frequently Asked Questions
Is Clover POS good for restaurants?+-

Clover offers services for both table-service and counter-service restaurants. From online ordering tools to contact-free payments and 3rd party ordering and delivery, Clover offers many attractive features designed specifically for restaurant management and operations.

How much does a Clover POS system cost?+-

Clover offers two pricing plans: Register and Register Lite. Register Lite starts at $14 per month while Register costs $29 per month.

Who uses Clover POS?+-

Clover counts amongst its users retail businesses, service businesses, table-service restaurants, and counter-service restaurants.'s editorial staff is a professional team of editors and writers with dozens of years of experience covering consumer, financial and business products and services.

Clover customer reviews

Based on 73 reviews

Ease of use

Brand satisfaction

Value for money

Service quality

Top Reviews

Ease of use

Brand satisfaction

Value for money

Service quality

7 months ago

Simple enough for anyone of any age to use. Clover has a very user friendly interface. My overall experience with them was good with no complaints. I would recommend to others.

7 months ago

It's efficient and easier to use than most point-of-sale systems out in the market.

7 months ago

They are a great service and offer everything you need for a point-of-sale terminal. I wouldn't use any other service.

8 months ago

I use Clover because they do a great job of helping me manage the finances of my business, and that make me very happy.

8 months ago

I found Clover from an ad on Facebook. I checked it out and they provided me with a free POS system and I love it.

9 months ago

Clover helps me keep track of all my inventory and keeps account of the products sold. It's a great business management tool.

9 months ago

They are a great POS solution because they make it easy to keep track of my inventory and the money within my business.

9 months ago

It is easy to use, and their prices are better than most competitors. It is quick to sign up. They have great customer service with a wide variety of options for my POS system.

9 months ago

I love Clover POS software because it gave me exactly what I needed for my business, and the price was affordable.

9 months ago

Clover is a great brand and is user friendly for customers of all generations and nationalities. I experienced no problems with different cultures using the machines.

9 months ago

I think Clover is a great service because, for my business, it makes my point of sales very easy. It solves the issue of crazy expensive surcharges.

9 months ago

I definitely highly recommend this copmany, as customer service is very friendly and they get to your problem very quickly.

a year ago

Clover was the first POS system I ever used. Having used several since that time, Clover provided the most user-friendly experience.

a year ago

This is one of the easiest to learn systems that I have ever used. I have used many POS and none of them were nearly as easy to learn as Clover.

a year ago

They are amazing. Works great. If I need customer service I get help right away. The people in customer service are always there for me.

a year ago

I really like using Clover, but is does have a bit of a learning curve. I would suggest watching the tutorial videos.

a year ago

I love my Clover! I'm working on my inventory and they have a complete template for that and their customer service is friendly and 24/7.

a year ago

I liked the overall experience. It made things very easy and I would like to use it again.

a year ago

Clover makes it easy to do business on the go. I recommend it very highly, 5 stars.

a year ago

Clover is a value based brand that focus It's activities toward customer satisfaction.

73 reviews
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