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Nobly POS Review 2020 StaffDec. 20, 2018

In a Nutshell

Nobly provides an all-round POS service for small businesses. Its software package is full of features to suit different types of businesses—from bars and restaurants to hairdressers and small retailers to large multi-location businesses. It offers 3 types of hardware as well as a handy integration with 4 different types of card readers.


  • Take payments, view sales reports, manage stock all from 1 app
  • Integrates with major 3rd party card readers


  • Back-end can be difficult to set up
  • No basic plan with free monthly subscription
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What’s on Offer

  • Daily sales and taxes reports: sortable by product, category, and location.

  • Table service: includes tableside ordering and the ability to send orders directly to the kitchen for cooks to prepare instantly.

  • Ingredient tracking: gives in-depth account of inventory levels to ensure you’re never left without an ingredient.

  • Offline mode: enables payments when out of internet range. All data sync up with the Nobly back-office once you return to online mode.

  • Loyalty schemes: to reward repeat visitors and set up personalized loyalty schemes.

  • Inventory management: includes sales reports to find out more about your stock. Enables a quick view of what stock is running low.

  • Works with major payment operators: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Barclays, WorldPay, Apple Pay, and more.

  • Easy integration: with QuickBooks and Xero accounting software.

Ease of Use

To create an account with Nobly, just click on “Get a Quote” on the home page, fill out your name, phone number, and business type, and state how quickly you need the system set up. Nobly staff will get in touch and let you know what they need from you to get set up. Online reviewers have reported being set up within as little as 2 business days. Nobly also offers a free 15-day software trial through its website.

What’s Unique About Nobly?

Nobly stands out for its multiple hardware options and third-party integrations, which allow it to offer enough features to suit most types of small businesses. For example, cafes and baristas benefit from Nobly’s quick transactions, loyalty and rewards functions, and table service. Following a busy morning of serving coffee, businesses can check up on sales and inventory reports in preparation for the next day. With 3 different types of printers, there’s one to suit large cafes with plenty of counter space, as well as mobile coffee stands that don’t have room or heavy equipment.

Food trucks and pop-ups have their own special requirements, and for them, Nobly offers:

  • The same daily reports offered to all users

  • Integration with mobile credit card readers

  • Offline mode, which enables transactions without internet access and updates the data the next time the device goes online

  • Compact hardware for moving from place to place

Barber shops, beauty salons, and nail bars often employ staff on a commission basis. Nobly offers them the following:

  • Daily reports and integrated payments

  • Loyalty and rewards schemes

  • Individual logins for each member of staff, plus a staff tracking feature to see which activities can be attributed to each staff member

  • Commission tracking feature so everybody is paid what they earned

With a per-register price for subscriptions, Nobly is set up for use by businesses as small as a coffee stand with 1 register to businesses as big as retail outlets or cafes with multiple branches and hundreds of registers. For multi-store businesses, Nobly offers its Enterprise package, including:

  • An intuitive iOS Point-of-Sale register

  • Back-office dashboard for all connected devices

  • Mobile app branded with company logo

  • Extra customer loyalty features

  • Additional cloud-based security features, including data storage and backups

  • Nobly POS API, enabling you to add or remove features and integrations and to tailor to the POS to your business’s needs

Customer Support

Nobly’s website provides a free knowledge base with answers to most frequently asked questions. If you can’t find the answer to your question there, or you just want to enquire about a subscription, its customer service team is available 24/7 by phone or email. Several online reviewers have noted that Nobly staff were quick to fix problems that arose with hardware.

Pricing (Software and Hardware)

Nobly offers a month-by-month package of $39 + VAT / month (per register) and there is a reduced option for those who commit to a full year.

Hardware starts at $390 + VAT for the Budget Bundle with receipt printer, cash drawer, and iPad stand. The price for an annual license is $468 + VAT.

Contract Terms

The month-by-month subscription gives customers the option of leaving at any time. The annual subscription locks customers into a full year of monthly payments from the day of registration.

Bottom Line

Nobly is designed for use by small businesses, and it is equipped to keep serving those businesses as they expand to multiple locations. It offers a standard subscription packed full of features for small businesses in the hospitality and retail industries. Its Enterprise package enables larger businesses to manage payments and inventory from 1 device.

The main attraction here is choice: with a range of 4 third-party card reader integrations, 3 types of registers, and 3 types of printers, as well as a number of additional accessories and add-ons, there is enough choice here for each Nobly customer to design a package to suit their business.

Nobly Nobly Visit Site

About Nobly

Nobly was founded in London in 2013, and has additional offices in New York City and Montevideo, Uruguay. It serves more than 30 countries and 15 currencies, including US dollars, Canadian dollars, British pounds, euros, Swiss francs, and Swedish kronas. It was founded with the aim of serving small businesses, and it has remained true to these principles with most of its customers comprised mostly of small enterprises such as bars, cafes, and food trucks.

Physical Address

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