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Top 5 Best Services to Use to Get Prescriptions From Online Doctors 2024

Sarah Pritzker
The Top 5 Services to Use to Get Prescriptions From Online Doctors
Gone are the olden days when patients would have to wait for an appointment, wait in the waiting room, wait for the doctor to write out a script, wait, wait, and wait some more. Today, you can get prescriptions online within a few minutes and have your meds the same day, sometimes, within a few hours.

With the help of online doctor prescriptions and online prescription services, there's no more waiting around. 

Here’s a quick rundown of how to get a prescription online:

  1. Sign up for a reliable online doctor's service. There are several options, so choose one that fits your medical requirements and works well with your budget.
  2. Book an appointment or request a prescription. If you’ve never gotten the medication before, an online doctor may need to diagnose you before you can receive the medications. However, if it’s an existing medication, you may not even need an online doctor’s visit.
  3. Have the online doctor write out the prescription. Many will send the script directly to the pharmacy for you. Otherwise, take the prescription to your local pharmacy and get the medication you need on the spot.

And it’s as effortless as that. Now, you know how to get a prescription online. No waiting for an appointment to open up. No traveling to a doctor’s office or sitting around for your name to be called. Simple. Easy. Fast.

Prescriptions for medications can be diagnosed, written, and even sent to an online pharmacy. USA doctors are restricted somewhat in which prescriptions they can write online, but the vast majority of medicines can be prescribed by an online doctor.

Now that you know how simple it is to get a prescription written online, it's time to test out the concept. Not sure where to start? Check out some of the best online pharmacy reviews and online doctor's prescription services that will revolutionize the way you get your meds for life.

Breaking Down Our Top 10 Choices: Which Service to Get Prescriptions from Online Doctors Is Best For You?

  • CallonDoc - Best for getting medication mailed right to your door
  • TelaDoc - Best for insurance-supported services
  • Amwell - Best for high availability with no appointments required
  • SAMI-Aid - Best for free basic services like medical records storage

The Best Services to Get Prescriptions From Online Doctors:

1. CallonDoc

CallOnDoc is another free online doctor prescription service that is particularly well-suited to you if you already have the prescription you need. That's because CallOnDoc lets you refill your prescription anytime, anywhere. This online doctor's prescription service is available for any medication that you are currently taking (that does not require ongoing consultation such as seizure medications or Ambien). If you fit the bill, CallOnDoc can get you your refills within minutes.

Even if you require a new medication or prescription, CallOnDoc is a good solution. You can get same-day online doctors appointments and have your medication within a few hours. Things like antibiotics or anti-fungal medications will require a new prescription. After the medication has been prescribed, CallOnDoc will send the prescription directly to a local pharmacy or online pharmacy in the USA like Honeybeehealth.com or Wellrx.com. 

The online pharmacy reviews the prescriptions and can even mail your medications directly to your door. This is a significant perk if you are currently unable to leave the house because of immobility, illness, or perhaps because of the current Coronavirus outbreak. Bottom line, CallOnDoc is a great solution if you're looking for fast, convenient, and confidential prescriptions or medication refills.

Conditions that fall under this pricing category
Most urgent care conditions, single STD tests, men's or women's health issues, psychiatry, dermatological conditions, and general medical conditions, ALL REFILLS
Type 2 diabetes, hypertension, syphilis, mycoplasma, ureaplasma, pain relief, dental infections, phone consultation
Urethritis in men, multiple STDs combo test

*Most medications will cost just $39.99 to fill


  • Get medications mailed to you
  • Refills available without an appointment
  • Easy online process in minutes


  • Not available 24/7
  • Per prescription fee

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CallonDoc CallonDoc Visit Site

2. TelaDoc

TelaDoc is an easy way to get a prescription written online free from the frustrations, inconveniences, and invasions of privacy that usually come with a more traditional doctor’s appointment. Known for working well as an immediate care alternative, TelaDoc connects patients to a doctor, therapist, or medical expert in the field that you require at the moment. Ranked #1 in Telehealth Satisfaction with Direct to Consumer Providers, TelaDoc US board-certified and licensed practitioners can diagnose, treat, and prescribe medications all from the comfort of your own home, office, or even while on vacation. The idea is to get you the medication you need when you need it, and not make you wait for long lines or someone else’s schedule to clear up.

TelaDoc has a neat mobile app that you can use from anywhere to book an appointment, get in touch with a doctor, and request a prescription all from your phone. TelaDoc doctors will send your medication request directly to the pharmacy for your immediate pickup. From antibiotics to anti-fungal creams and beyond, TelaDoc doctors can send off just about any non-DEA restricted medication out there. You’ll be notified when your prescription is sent to the pharmacy, so you can go pick it up at your earliest convenience. And unlike most virtual doctors services, TelaDoc works with insurance providers to make plans and visits more affordable.

Everyday Care
Mental Health
Price per visit
Use case
Everyday care for adults, children, and families for non-emergency conditions including flu, allergies, bronchitis, etc.
Secure and confidential counseling from a licensed therapist/psychiatrist for anxiety, depression, and other mental issues
Diagnosis and treatment of skin conditions including eczema, psoriasis, acne
7 days a week from 7AM-9PM
24/7 online and app access with customized treatment plan


  • Max wait time is 10 minutes
  • On-demand care, 24/7/365
  • Works with health insurance plans


  • No narcotics or controlled substances 
  • High one-off visit pricing

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Teladoc Teladoc Visit Site

3. Amwell

Amwell makes it easy to get a prescription written online. You can set up a free account, visit with a doctor virtually and whenever you want, and get a diagnosis in minutes. The doctor can recommend an online prescription, and you can receive it from anywhere in the United States. In some states, you aren't even required to have a video consultation with the doctor. Many times, a simple and quick phone chat will suffice. When you're finished, the virtual doctor will send your prescriptions directly to the pharmacy of your choice. You can then collect the medication at your earliest convenience.

As with all online doctor's prescriptions services, Amwell cannot prescribe controlled substances such as morphine, opium, and valium. This is due to strict regulations set by the DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) to counter the abuse of such controlled substances. Other than these controlled substances, though, most prescriptions, including antibiotics, birth control, and other non-controlled medications, can easily be obtained via an online prescription from an Amwell health professional.

Finally, like TeleDoc, Amwell accepts many health care plans to help patients cover the costs of a visit. There are more than 80 million patients who use their healthcare plans to cover their Amwell visits. So, you can get the convenience of online doctors prescriptions with the cost-efficiency of your regular healthcare provider.

Urgent Care
Therapy Visit
Initial Psychiatric Visit
Cardiology Visit
Dermatology Visit
Pediatrics Visit
Price per visit
From $69


  • Available 24/7/365
  • No appointments necessary
  • Prescriptions sent electronically to pharmacy of choice
  • Works with many insurance plans


  • Pricey specialist appointments
  • Limited messaging capabilities

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Amwell Amwell Visit Site

4. SAMI-Aid

SAMI-Aid is a service that can provide volumes of useful information that's totally free, online doctor prescriptions, USA-certified doctors, and other medical services online. The basic membership is free, and this includes tools such as physician office visit pricing search, medical records storage, and a wellspring of information resources pertaining to every possible healthcare question, condition, or treatment out there.

For a medical consultation, you'll pay $39.99 for a registered nurse consultation or $59.99 for an MD, therapist, or psychiatrist. Appointments are available 24/7, and wait time is generally under 15 minutes. All SAMI-Aid doctors are available to write online prescriptions, including antibiotics, but not DEA-controlled substances like medicinal marijuana, sleeping pills, and injectable medications. SAMI-Aid doctors can also provide up to 30-day refills for medications that you are currently taking. And what's more, SAMI-Aid virtual physicians and prescription services are available to all US citizens across the United States.

Price per visit
RN consultation
Doctor's appointment
Physician Price Search
Medical Tourism Wizard
Electronic Medical Storage
Pharmacy Database


  • Option to speak to an RN for medical advice
  • Lots of additional healthcare resources
  • Basic membership is free


  • Per-visit costs can get expensive
  • Not available outside the US

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SAMI-Aid SAMI-Aid Visit Site

How to Get a Prescription Online

Hassle-free online doctor consultation prescriptions have arrived, and they are taking the world by storm. No longer are patients sitting around in pain because the doctors have a long waitlist till the next available appointment (or worse, a long on-hold process before you've even reached the doctor's office to book an appointment!). With online everything these days, there's no reason why your healthcare can't be accommodated over the internet, as well. With convenient mobile apps, video and SMS appointments, and computer-generated doctor's appointments, there's no reason why you should ever have to wait more than a few minutes to "see" the doctor.

Of course, there are a lot of options when it comes to getting an online doctor prescription. And you want to make sure you are making a good choice. In general, look for these top features to ensure that you receive a quality experience from your telehealth professionals services:


You don’t want to wait around, and with 24/7 services available now, you shouldn’t have to. Most telehealthcare services offer 24/7 care, so don’t settle for less.


If you have an ongoing medication that you take, make sure the online doctor's prescription service offers faster and convenient refill services.


A quick search of the website will clue you in to the level of professionalism these doctors possess. Are they board-certified, degree-carrying, experienced experts in their fields? Trust nothing but the best for your health and wellness.


Most of all, look for convenience. Make sure the system is easy to use, doesn't require a lot of form filling, and has fast, simple turnaround times. A mobile app is a big perk, too. Plus, a good online doctor's service will even be able to send out your prescription to the best online pharmacy for you, meaning the one that's nearest to you or the one that works with your specific medications.

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