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Constant Companion Review (2024)

By Sarah PritzkerBy Sarah Pritzker -
Last Updated: Jun 26, 2023
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Monthly Monitoring Fees
Less than a dollar a day
Activation Fees

Our Verdict

Is Constant Companion Worth Signing Up For?

Constant Companion is a revolutionary approach to caregiving that utilizes the latest technology. It gives seniors and those in need of extra care the freedom, independence, and respect that they deserve. Connected to your Amazon Alexa device, Constant Companion allows caregivers to extend their services and caregiving capabilities.  

Monthly Monitoring Fees
Less than a dollar a day
Activation Fees

Constant Companion at a Glance

Editorial Score


At-home solution through Amazon Alexa


Voice-activated 2-way communication


At-home solution through Amazon Alexa


US-based monitoring center responds to vocal help requests. Calls and provides 24/7 emergency support

Online Experience

No website; Strong social media presence

Constant Companion Pros & Cons


Alexa voice-activated so no wearable gear needed
Faster and more reliable than average panic buttons
Tons of additional features built into the app


Not available for on the go usage
Only usable with Alexa device

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How Constant Companion Works

Best For:

  • Independent seniors living alone
  • Senior communities and care facilities
  • Caregivers who want to give more and more flexibility

Monitoring Services

Constant Companion offers 24/7 monitoring, like many medical alert systems. But what’s really impressive about Constant Companion is its reputation for quality care. The urgent response centers are rated A+ by Better Business Bureau, are UL-approved, and 5-Diamond rated. So you are getting top-rated care. Additionally, Constant Companion urgent response centers have an average response time of approx 8 seconds. The industry average is 30 seconds, making this an obvious advantage for Constant Companion users.

Additionally, Constant Companion has a unique daily care call feature. This service will call the senior each day at the specified time just to check in and make sure everything is alright. After the call, the care service will send a message to the designated contact to update them about the client’s health and wellbeing. This is another really impressive monitoring service that most medical alert systems don’t come close to offering. But the Constant Companion system is meant to be much more than a monitoring system, with features and services built into the software. More on that below.

Constant Companion Features

Constant Companion is particularly well-suited for caregivers and senior assisted-living facilities. It extends the amount and the quality of care that you can provide for your patients by putting technology to work for you. Constant Companion is always active, which means someone is monitoring your patients even when you’re not around. So whether you are a 24/7 caregiving service or a part-time caregiver, Constant Companion helps keep your patients safer.

What people really appreciate about this system is the level of independence it grants its users. Constant Companion is voice-activated, meaning it responds to your verbal commands. So seniors don’t have to wear a bulky, uncomfortable, or just plain unfashionable medical alert bracelet or pendant. The medical alert system is ever-active and ready to respond without the need to be worn. Basically, Constant Companion provides an unparalleled level of freedom to its users.

Additionally, the functionality extends exponentially when you toss this voice-command technology into the equation. Using voice commands, seniors can ask for things they need or discover things they want without having to move around, ask someone else, or put anyone out. Some of the attractive features the Alexa-based software includes are:

  • Play music
  • Tell jokes or riddles (helpful for keeping the mind sharp)
  • Play games
  • Listen to audiobooks, radio shows, or other forms of entertainment
  • Make and receive phone calls
  • Set reminders to take medications
  • And of course, call for help by simply calling out

What’s more, Constant Companion’s voice command software isn’t difficult to use. Most seniors find technology overwhelming and don’t utilize it because they’re too intimidated by the complexities or minutiae of it all. Constant Companion uses voice commands, so using this medical alert system is as easy as speaking to someone.

So seniors who are living alone avoid the frequent issue of boredom and loneliness by using the technology as... a constant companion! For example, if they’re bored, users can simply say “Alexa, let’s play Jeopardy!” and the Constant Companion tool will automatically load an amusing game. Constant Companion allows you to call relatives and friends by simply speaking the command. And if God forbid a fall or other accident occurs, Constant Companion will send help immediately with just a word from the user.

Installation Process

Another perk of using Constant Companion is that it requires no installation or additional equipment purchases. The system works in conjunction with your Amazon Alexa box, so installation is already taken care of.

If you don’t have an Alexa already, then you’ll have to purchase one and install it. This is not a difficult installation, no rewiring is required. Users simply need to connect it to their WiFi or internet system to activate.

From there you’ll just need to hook up the Constant Companion speakers to activate the system. What’s also cool about this system is that the speakers can be used as a room-to-room intercom system if you choose.

Constant Companion Customer Support

Constant Companion offers 24/7 monitoring service, customer care, and technical support. You can reach out to a customer service rep via phone. Or you can send them an email using the online contact form. Constant Companion customer support is also available via several social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube accounts.

Pricing & Special Offers

Unfortunately, Constant Companion doesn’t publish pricing on its website. We’d like to see some more details about pricing plans in the future. What’s nice about Constant Companion is how reasonable the rates are (once you find them out). There is no downpayment, no equipment to purchase, and just a monthly monitoring service fee. There are also no long-term contracts. You pay month to month, so you can cancel anytime you want. Constant Companion provides free two-day shipping as well.

Plan 1
Less than a dollar a day
Landline/internet required
Activation fees
Long-term commitment
Within the home
Fall detection
GPS tracking

Constant Companion Constant Companion Visit Site

Bottom Line

Constant Companion is bringing something truly unique to the table. This hands-free solution offers seniors the most flexibility, independence, and privacy while still maintaining safety and medical alert readiness. Constant Companion also adds a lot of value to its service by providing entertainment, medication reminders, and call options built into the software. Seniors will enjoy having games to play and music and audiobooks to listen to. And they’ll appreciate the ease with which the device can be used. Simple voice commands are ideal for seniors who can’t abide by complicated technologies; just speak and the medical alert system does the rest. We like that you can call family members, call out for help, and play your favorite tunes all with just a spoken command.

Constant Companion is a great solution for seniors living on their own as well as caregivers and facilities that want to provide more for their clients. The revolutionary technology coupled with low monthly monitoring fees, a 30-day risk-free trial, and month-to-month contracts make Constant Companion a clear contender for top medical alert system in 2020.

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