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Diabetic-Friendly Meal Delivery Recipes

Shani Jay
Ingredients for a diabetic diet
Following a diabetic diet doesn’t mean you have to cut down on all the foods you love. Your nutritional needs are almost identical to everyone else, so don’t worry about trying to cram any special foods into your diet. However, there are a couple of things you do need to pay attention to.

As a diabetic, it’s vital to keep your blood sugar level in its target range, and you can do this by selecting the right combination of foods. Carbohydrates in particular need to be monitored, as these types of food are broken down quickly into glucose in the blood faster than anything else, causing a spike in your blood sugar.

Here are some diabetic-friendly food options whether you’re trying to prevent or control the disease:

  • Fatty fish

  • Canned tuna

  • Skinless turkey and chicken

  • Beans and legumes

  • Non-starchy veggies

  • Whole grain & whole wheat carbs

  • Plain, nonfat Greek yogurt

  • Raw, unsalted nuts

  • Eggs

  • Tofu

The best diet food delivery programs can help you stick to your diabetic diet, without compromising on taste. With plenty of new recipes added each week, you’ll never get bored.

Here are recipes that are perfect for anyone on a diabetic diet plan.

1. Chicken and Rice Pilaf with Green Beans & Carrots

Recipe from Freshly

What it’s made of:

Brown rice

Wild rice

Red rice

Chicken breast

Green beans





Bell peppers

Chicken stock



Sea salt

Rice flour


This dish uses a combination of 3 healthy rice grains, with a herby grilled chicken breast, served on a bed of crispy seasoned vegetables.

It’s less than 500 calories in total, high in protein, and gluten-free. Chicken is one of the leanest meats you can eat, so it’s a great option when trying to reduce the amount of fat in your diet, while keeping your protein levels up.

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2. Ginger Citrus Energizer Smoothie Recipe

Recipe from Green Blender

What you’ll get in your Green Blender box:

1 yellow squash - chopped

4 oz. pineapple

1 oz. kumquats

1/2 inch ginger - peeled, chopped

1 tbsp. pea protein

1 cup water

1 cup ice

This light smoothie will brighten up your morning in more ways than one. It’s filled with vitamin C from the pineapple and kumquats, which will work wonders for your skin, while the raw ginger has anti-inflammatory super powers.

The squash will thicken the smoothie helping you feel fuller without unnecessary calories, and the pea protein will give you a shot of energy - so you can ditch the morning coffee!

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Your Diabetic Diet, Made Easier

Healthy, low fat meals don’t need to be boring or lacking in flavor—and they aren’t hard to make either. With the right meal kit, you can enjoy gourmet, diabetic-friendly dinnertime. Try one of these best meal delivery services today and see for yourself.

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