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Keto Cycle Diet Plan Review (2023)

Tailored Keto-Friendly Meal Plan Staff

In a Nutshell

Harnessing the power of the keto diet, Keto Cycle delivers a personalized meal plan that gives you everything you need to create keto-friendly meals you’ll love. Keto Cycle customizes your meal plan according to your preferences, and there are 1000s of recipes. So you won’t get bored eating the same thing again and again. Keto Cycle also offers 24/7 nutritionist support.


  • Personalized menu plan
  • All-keto based menus
  • 24/7 nutritionist support


  • No ready-made meals
  • Not as many personalization options as others

Keto Cycle Keto Cycle Visit Site

Best for:
Specialized meal plan for keto diet
Weight loss:
Facebook community
From $8.50 per month
Special offer:
75% off your menu plan

What’s Unique About Keto Cycle?

For one thing, Keto Cycle is all about the keto. The keto diet is a great option if you’re looking to lose weight because it puts your body into a fat-burning mode called ketosis. This helps get rid of a lot of stubborn body fat. The trouble is that not everyone knows how to work the keto diet properly. Keto Cycle helps you by creating a personalized menu plan that is specifically designed for the keto diet. All recipes are keto-friendly, and FYI, Keto diet benefits include lower blood pressure, better moods, more energy, and, of course, weight loss.

Something else dieters will appreciate about this program is the amount of food you can eat. Spoiler: It’s a lot. Keto Cycle recommends having breaks of 2-3 hours between meals, and since you’re eating mostly vegetables, proteins, and fats, there’s a lot you can put on your plate. 

Lastly, Keto Cycle works with professional nutritionists and dieticians. In fact, your personalized meal plan is created by nutritionists specifically for you; it’s not just computer-generated based on your responses. So you’re getting much more personalized results. 

Dieters Are Raving

“I loved the quiz! I mentioned my allergies, other preferences and most importantly, my goal weight. After the quiz, I received a fully personalized Keto meal created only for me.” Michelle, 52, New York

“I recruited my whole family for KetoCycle! It's amazing!” Barbara, 46, Massachusetts

“Keto desserts are the best! I couldn't believe a diet food could be this tasty!” Donna, 32, Texas

How it Works 

Here’s how to get your own Keto Cycle meal plan:

Step One: Take the quiz

The quiz only takes about a minute to complete. You’ll answer questions like which ingredients do you want to include in your menu plan, how active you are, and if there are any health issues to consider. Keto Cycle also asks you how much weight you want to lose, so it can tailor the meal plan.

Step Two: Choose your plan

Next, you’ll select the subscription plan you want to purchase. There are three options, but they all include the same things. It’s just a matter of how many months.

Step Three: Go shopping & cook keto-friendly meals

Once you’ve confirmed your subscription, you’ll receive your meal plan. This can take about two hours since the nutritionists are customizing it to fit your preferences. In addition to charting your weight-loss journey, your meal plan will include your BMI (body mass index), daily caloric intake, and body change estimations (i.e., where you’re likely to lose weight on your body).

When you’ve received your meal plan, you can take the grocery list and shop for the necessary items. Keto Cycle meals can vary in the amount of time required to prep. Good news! If you’re in a hurry, there are plenty of 15-minutes and under meals. If you want to print your meal plan, recipes, or grocery list, you’ll need to use the desktop app.

What You’ll Eat

Keto Cycle, as you might have guessed, offers meals specifically for the keto diet. But that’s not to say you’re limited. Keto Cycle has over 1000 recipes to choose from that range from ready-in-15 minutes, to more complex recipes that will take over an hour to prepare. The type of cuisine, cooking difficulty, and specific ingredients will vary based on your answers to the questionnaire.

Exactly what you eat will depend on your preferences, but here is a sample menu to give you an idea of what you can expect from this service:

Breakfast: Baked Eggs with Ham, Spinach and Cherry Tomatoes or Egg Muffins with Feta Cheese

Lunch: Creamy Chicken Taco Soup or Bacon Cheddar Cheese Balls

Dinner: Pepperoni Crisps with Mozzarella Cheese and Marinara Sauce or Alfredo Chicken Bake

Dessert: Vanilla Dip Covered Strawberries or Parmesan Cheese and Chorizo Crisps

So you can see there’s a lot of variety—it’s not the same old keto meals over and over again.

Mobile App

The Keto Cycle app is available for iOS and Android devices. While you can’t do everything on the app, Keto Cycle’s mobile app is pretty useful. You can access your meal plan, search through recipes, find answers, and get instructions.


Keto Cycle has three subscription options, and the longer you sign up for, the less you’ll pay per month. Here’s pricing:

3-month Plan
6-month Plan
12-month Plan
$17 per month
$11.83 per month
$8.50 per month

All plans come with a personalized keto meal plan, 1000s of recipes, a printable grocery list, and a guide to keto dieting. You’ll also get dietician support, a major benefit. 

Keto Cycle Keto Cycle Visit Site

Help & Support

Keto Cycle doesn’t have much in the way of general support. You can enter a support ticket on any of the pages of the website. And there is a helpful help center with some informative answers. But there’s no live chat or phone support. Keto Cycle also has a great Facebook community that offers success stories, tips, and advice to help you out on your journey. 

Here’s the Skinny

Keto Cycle is a good option if you want to try out the keto diet but are feeling overwhelmed by all the rules and options. The service creates a solid meal plan that you can follow each day, and it’s personalized to fit your preferences. All Keto Cycle recipes are keto-friendly, making it an ideal choice for this type of diet.'s editorial staff is a professional team of editors and writers with dozens of years of experience covering consumer, financial and business products and services.

*The information on this site is based on research, but should not be treated as medical advice. Before beginning any new diet plan, we recommend consulting with a physician or other professional healthcare provider. Results may vary based on various health factors, individual weight loss plans and adherence to the meal plan.

Keto Cycle customer reviews

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Ease of use

Brand satisfaction

Value for money

Service quality

Top Reviews

Ease of use

Brand satisfaction

Value for money

Service quality

9 months ago

I love KetoCycle, it's very easy to use. It offers great fresh food and all of that, and it's great for my diet. I will continue to use. It's a great price and I will continue to buy.

9 months ago

I like it very much because they are very reliable, responsive and they deliver on time. I always purchase my food from them, I highly recommended them.

9 months ago

KetoCycle is a very cheap and healthy way to get food delivered. I always order from them as its great for a rainy day.

10 months ago

I would recommend, it's a very good service which comprises a lot of great food options. They have quick and easy delivery as well.

10 months ago

KetoCycle is very good meal delivery service. They have really great food and I love it very much.

10 months ago

You can use lose weight very fast- in as little as a week if the protocol is followed correctly. I find using KetoCylce basically helps me stay away from carbs and sugars.

10 months ago

KetoCycle gave me healthy and yummy meals. I love the food and the customer service, I would definitely use it again.

10 months ago

I love the many different options for healthy meals they offer. They are really awesome and I recommend them to my friends.

10 months ago

Great tasting food and on time delivery when you need it. I like that you can also do pick up on your order. They have everything you need and want in a meal.

a year ago

I am on a Keto diet and this delivery helps me when I can't think of a good Keto meal to cook.

a year ago

KetoCycle makes ordering food very simple for everyone; they make it easy to explore how to get the best deals to save money.

a year ago

It's a great service because a Keto food diet is hard to prepare when it comes to other delivery services. KetoCycle makes it easy.

a year ago

It helps me stay on track and count my calories. I love using it as it helps me and my whole family stay on the correct path of eating healthy foods.

a year ago

I like the of the variety and the quality of the food that they offer. They make it very simple to order their meals and the way that their products are packaged is up to my high standards. I really just like their products and the cost of their products is reasonable. They offer great customer service.

a year ago

It helps make life easier to have meals delivered. They also help provide healthy low carb food options that helps a lot with weight loss which is what I needed. It is a good plan to use and I will keep using KetoCycle.

a year ago

They are always the best with the speed of their delivery. Their customer service is outstanding.

a year ago

It's a really great company, I have enjoyed the meals a lot and it's really simple to order.

a year ago

KetoCycle is a great meal delivery service to use because they are trying to help people maintain their healthy diet.

9 months ago

Could pass as the original Atkins Diet. Dr. Atkins was way ahead of the other keto diets available now.

9 months ago

KetoCycle is trustworthy and makes food delivery a perfect experience. I think overall KetoCycle is just fine.

40 reviews
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