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Squarespace Marketing Tools Review

Top10.com Staff

In a Nutshell

Squarespace is a popular website builder that also covers hosting and now marketing tools to boot. You can get attractive blog, e-commerce, or online websites for your business with a range of marketing features like social media account integration and automatic email marketing. Squarespace also provides businesses with powerful analytics tools, handy design editors, and access to a stock photo library for free for well service offerings.


  • Strong analytics tools
  • Easy and beautiful email marketing
  • Convenient blogging tool


  • No autosave on pages or posts
  • Can’t really use multiple languages

SquareSpace at a Glance

Editorial Score

Ease of Use

User-friendly interface, drag-and-drop features and intuitive design options

Analytics & Reporting

Built-in analytics tools that offer insights into website traffic, audience behavior, and other key metrics


4 price plans starting at $16/month


IntegrationS with a range of third-party tools and services

Customer Support

Detailed guides, 24/7 customer service, and community forums

SquareSpace SquareSpace Visit Site

Squarespace Marketing Tools at a Glance

Best for: SMBs, photographers, bloggers, artists, restaurants, musicians, students

Key uses: Website design, analytics, blogging, CMS

Price: Starting from $12/month

Free trial: 14-day free trial


You can cross off a lot of your SEO tasks when you use Squarespace. That's because the service has tools that do most of those tedious jobs for you automatically. Things like generating a sitemap, HTML markup, and mobile-friendly pages are all taken care of by Squarespace. You can also enable SSL for your site (and for free, too). You also have the possibility of including alt tags in your images, create redirects, and add other SEO elements that aren't automatically generated.

Email Marketing

Squarespace makes its offering particularly user-friendly for e-commerce sites by including the ability to add products from your website or catalog directly into the email template. So, if you want to highlight a new collection or offer a discount on specific items, this is a great tool to do it with. This is great because it ensures that your content stays consistent across all your online channels.

You can capture email addresses using the form builder. Then, Squarespace will automatically create mailing lists to send out your newsletter or other content directly from within the platform. This kind of automation makes email marketing a lot more manageable, especially for smaller businesses that don't have the time or the resources to dedicate to email marketing.

Social Media Marketing

Social media integration is run on auto-pilot with Squarespace. You just link your social media accounts to your Squarespace account, and the service will do the rest, creating relevant buttons and links accordingly. You can also set up content pushes, so Squarespace publishes the relevant content onto your various social media profiles when you want it to.

Website Design

Website design is very simple with Squarespace. It offers roughly 100 professionally-designed templates. Granted, this isn't as impressive a spread as a dedicated website builder like Wix. But for a marketing tools solution that also offers web design, Squarespace is no slouch. The templates are easily edited; you can play around with various aspects like fonts, images, and title tags. There are some nice color palettes you can use to create attractive color schemes, too. And Squarespace gives users full access to Unsplash stock photos. You have your pick of the litter for stock images. (You can also pay for even more professional images from Getty via the Squarespace platform, but we would check out Unsplash first.)

Squarespace has some cool image editing tools, too. You can resize, crop, and set a focal point for your pages. This last feature is really important in our ever-responsive era where page layouts get changed accordingly to fit the screen size they’re being viewed on. Focal point ensures your most important content doesn’t get edited out thanks to responsive designing.

And if your website is data-driven, then Squarespace has a neat feature for you. It’s a chart generator that lets you input data and create a bar, line, or pie chart containing your information.


Squarespace allows businesses to create blog pages linked to their websites. What's nice about this service is that it doesn't limit you to one blog. Rather, you can create as many blog sites as you want, a helpful feature if you have multiple venues or niches that your product offering can branch out into. This is also convenient if you'd like to offer your customers more varied content in different venues (having a dedicated site for your reviews and testimonials, video tutorials, and informative blog posts, for example).

These ultra-fast loading blog pages can handle summary blocks, images, videos, and other relevant content blocks.


Squarespace does analytics very well. Some marketing tool services provide analytics, but it’s obvious that it’s as an after-thought. This is not the case with Squarespace analytics. You can see they put in a lot of thought and effort into this tool, giving it the consideration it deserves. In fact, Squarespace has a dedicated analytics app, so you can specifically check up on important data points from wherever you are.

Squarespace analytics tool lets you track things like page views, clicks, and even sales. You can easily monitor visitor numbers, track trends over time, and look up conversion numbers. Another impressive analytics feature is the notifications you can sign up for. These will let you know when your site experiences an uncharacteristic spike or drop in traffic. So, you can handle the issue or beef up on products or sales team before problems occur.

Squarespace lets you capture data from all sorts of locations, including email accounts, Zapier, Google Sheets, Mailchimp, and more.


Squarespace has a dedicated scheduling app called Acuity Scheduling. This feature allows you to set up and display an interactive calendar on your site. Clients can book appointments based on available slots directly on the page. Acuity Scheduling even lets you accept payments for the appointments or reschedule with a single click. We were very impressed with how smooth and seamless this feature was to use.

The tool has some neat features, including auto-adjust time zones, event notifications when someone books an appointment, multiple location scheduling, and reminder texts to help your clients get there on time.

Content Management System

Squarespace makes content management simple with its user-friendly dashboard. It allows you to create and edit content quickly and easily use blocks that you drag-and-drop around the page. Squarespace also has an impressive array of content blocks that you can incorporate into your page layout. Add the normal stuff like text, images, and forms, but you can also include more advanced content pieces like Google maps, events calendars, and audio clips. Squarespace even lets you include a gallery into your page layout that can be viewed in multiple formats, including grid, stack, carousel, or slideshow formats. We like a dynamic and diverse CMS offering.


Squarespace is a little complicated if you aren’t sure what you want. That’s because there are basic plans and add-ons that you can pay for to include more services in your package. Here are the basic website building and hosting+marketing plans that you can pay for either monthly or annually:

Basic Commerce
Advanced Commerce
Price for monthly plan
Price for annual plan (per month) 

You can also add things like email accounts to your plan for a more comprehensive package.

SquareSpace SquareSpace Visit Site

Customer Service

Squarespace customer service is available via email or live chat. Oddly enough, Squarespace doesn’t offer phone support. But the fact that it has live chat really outshines the lack of phone support since most users today would rather live chat than talk on the phone anyway.

Bottom Line

There’s a reason Squarespace is one of the most popular website builders out there. And now that it includes marketing tools, Squarespace’s popularity is likely to skyrocket. It’s great that you can get things like SEO, social sharing, and banner ads all in the same place. And the analytics offered by Squarespace definitely puts this brand over the top.

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