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Keap Review - Marketing Tool For Small Business Staff

In a Nutshell

Keap is an entity unto itself: this “8 legged octopus” is an amazing and one of its kind tool for small business that blends together some tools usually found in CRMs, marketing systems, and even project management. If your business needs to keep on top of its to-do list all while wowing customers, then Keap’s suite of products, including Grow, Pro, and Infusionsoft, is definitely worth considering.


  • CRM and project management
  • One link appointment scheduling
  • Zapier integration with project tools


  • Limited geographies for mobile apps
  • Not project management specific

Keap Keap Visit Site

Keap at a Glance

Best for: Businesses that want to have all tools in one cloud service.

Key use: Messaging and client management.

Price: From $56/month (Grow) to $140/month (Infusionsoft). Prices valid for the first 3 months.

Storage: 500 contracts and 1 user 

Free trial: 14 days

Features and Functionality

CRM (And Client Tasks)

One of the core components of Keap is its customer relationship management (CRM) module. This functions like most CRMs. However, Keap has added a strong focus on customer activity tracking. By clicking on the “activity” button users are able to see a complete list of actions undertaken on behalf of an account. Instead of using spreadsheets, users can aggregate all account data within the client view of Keap.

Information that the activity screen presents includes:

  • All client communication—both inbound and outbound

  • All invoices pertaining to that account

  • Automated messages dispatched

  • All shared files

  • Meeting history

  • Tags

  • Follow-up tasks

Automatic Responses

Keap can help make your team amazingly efficient. The automatic message scheduling tool can send out automatic responses to all incoming leads passed into the CRM. Automatically acknowledging customers’ expressions of interest can give businesses that adopt Keap the upper hand on impressing them and getting the relationship—and project—off to a good start.

Easy Scheduling

Need to set up a kickoff or status call with your client to discuss how your project is progressing? With Keap, there’s no need to use an external provider such as Calendly to make finding a mutually convenient time as easy as sending a booking link to your client. Keap allows you to send out a link to your client that syncs up with your calendar. Your client can select the time that’s most convenient to them and before you know it the appointment is set!

Collaboration Tools

Gmail and Outlook Integration

Keap aims to make it easier for colleagues to communicate with one another—and to stop managing the business out of their inboxes. For that reason, Keap integrates with both Google and Outlook—allowing users to import their emails into the CRM. When clients are interacting with multiple points of contact at the company, users are able to view correspondence from other team members. This makes it much easier to keep the project on track.

Shared Files

Users are able to share files with the client directly through Keap. These are also visible to other team members. Rather than having each account manager send documents directly to the client, project-critical files can be shared with, and visible to, the entire account management team.

Plans and Pricing

Keap is available on 3 plans: Grow, Pro, and Infusionsoft. Grow is intended for smaller businesses and includes the CRM functionality, email marketing tools, appointment booking, and quotes, invoices and payments.

Those that are in the process of scaling their business should look at Pro which adds marketing and sales automation, recurring payments, a landing page builder, and smart form and reports. The top tier product is Infusionsoft which includes lead scoring and company records—to help sales personnel hone in on the highest potential leads. The tool also includes advanced reporting and Ecommerce functionalities.

All plans are fixed at a discounted price for the first three months and are for one user with up to 500 contacts. Users also receive one-on-one expert coaching for a one-time payment fee. On the upper tiers the coaching consists of 3 and 5 sessions respectively.

Keap Grow
Keap Pro


$65/month during first 3 months

$105/month during first 3 months

$140/month during first 3 months


Keap Mobile is Keap’s official application for Android. It is available through the Google Play Store but it is currently available for US, Canada and Australia based customers only. The smartphone application includes all the core Keap functionalities including: CRM, appointment settings and—for US customers only—a Keap Business Line. This includes a virtual phone number which users can receive and place calls over. It also includes caller ID, SMS templates, and voicemail greetings.

Data Privacy

Keap sets out its data protection credentials on a dedicated page addressing in depth all these topics. The company has put extensive effort into being compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) data protection directive, which grants rights to all European Union based customers. Kean publicly lists its appointed Data Protection Officer (DPO) and stores all user data in an encrypted and secure manner on its servers.

Customer Service and Support

Ask the Community

Keap has a well populated community support forum where users can help one another out with support queries.

Live Chat

Keap’s live chat is online Monday to Friday, 6am-7pm PT


Toll free phone support is available for customers in US/Canada, UK, and Australia. Hours vary according to the phone line.

Keap Keap Visit Site

How Keap Compares


24/7 support

Dedicated account manager

On agency tier

Drag and Drop


Gmail, Office 365, Xero, Zapier, Woo

Zoom, Slack, Zendesk

Unlimited boards

Time tracking


Pricing per user; no limit

0-200 on regular tiers, 200+ on enterprise tier

Per user. Unlimited on enterprise tier.

Bottom Line

Keap is a unique tool that straddles and breaks through the traditional lines between CRMs, project management tools, and marketing automation systems. If your business is looking for an excellent all-in-one product that contains plenty of features for collaboration and keeping customer projects on track, then this is a great choice.'s editorial staff is a professional team of editors and writers with dozens of years of experience covering consumer, financial and business products and services.

Keap customer reviews

Based on 41 reviews

Ease of use

Brand satisfaction

Value for money

Service quality

Top Reviews

Ease of use

Brand satisfaction

Value for money

Service quality

1 years ago

It has met or exceeded all my expectations. Client data is easily accessible and metrics easily obtainable.

1 years ago

The product Keap looks good and appealing. It is easy to use and a good value for the money.

1 years ago

Keap is an expensive system to use, however their customer service offers good training with their software. It is one on one, at your own pace and is amazing. Would definitely recommend them.

1 years ago

It is an easy-to-help and reliable platform that provides multiple services and many products. They are the best.

1 years ago

Because of the uniqueness and quality of it, which is very necessary in achieving our companies goals and objectives. Keap is very good because of all it's benefits.

1 years ago

It's easy to use and it saves me time which is super important since I am the sole operator of my business.

1 years ago

I think Keap CRM really connects with the buyers who are really looking for a good software for their company.

1 years ago

Keap really has the best application where you really get it all under one roof. From landing pages, web form, CRM, and even e-commerce are all here.

1 years ago

Keap is a good platform and did exactly what I needed. I would definitely recommend it.

1 years ago

All-in-one contact and lead manager. Integrates perfectly with your Workspace apps. Keap handles the details so you can spend your time growing your business.

1 years ago

Keap really does automate your business which allows a business owner more time for what they should be doing and less time bogged down with paperwork.

1 years ago

This brands very trustworthy. It's provides better service. The overall customer satisfaction is very high.

1 years ago

Keap has good customer reviews which are encouraging to our employees and encourage their productivitiy. Google Keap helps add ideas with ones voice as well as add images to notes. You can also share and collaborate on notes and ideas and check tasks off of your to do lists. Google Keap can also synchronize all of your devices which is great.

1 years ago

Keap has proven it's worth by providing great services and their consistency appeals to me, which is why I will be using it again.

1 years ago

Good, it's easy to use, and great, no ads, and no lag, doesn't mess with my Wi-Fi or internet. They do what I want quickly and with care. Keap is a great site and I would recommend it.

1 years ago

I love Keap. It is easy to use and understand and there are many features so I don't need multiple software platforms.

1 years ago

Because I like that a lot and I need it for my job and my family because it is very good .

1 years ago

Supports you and helps you make your business an important business and provides many opportunities for that.

1 years ago

Helps keeps all passwords saved in one place and everything from being stolen or hijacked. Password and other personal information saved from getting in the wrong hands.

1 years ago

It is because of our CRM software with our Microsoft platform that we use Keap to augment our CRM system.

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