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BrandCrowd Logo Design Review 2023 Staff

In a Nutshell

BrandCrowd is not your typical logo design service. This new age design company is turning the entire concept of professional logo designing on its head by offering a crowdsourced marketplace that services both logo designers and logo seekers in the same place.Partnering creative professionals with ambitious businesses, BrandCrowd creates a competitive arena that lets you sell your logos or find the design of your dreams, both for a fair price.


  • Huge variety of design options
  • Flexible and reasonable pricing structure


  • No live chat
  • So many choices, it can get overwhelming

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For those seeking logos, you’ll have your pick of the litter of beautiful and impressive designs, enjoy a free logo maker, and pay some of the most competitive rates anywhere.

Best For

  • Startups looking for inexpensive, beautiful logos
  • Businesses that want competitive rates for great logos
  • People who just want a tool to make a quick mockup of a logo design

Pricing - Value for Money

BrandCrowd is one of the best value options in the logo design world for several reasons. For one thing, there is a vast range of pricing on BrandCrowd. You can find logos for as little as $30 and others for $500 and more. So, no matter what you’re looking to pay, you can get a professional logo design to fit your company’s budget.

What’s more, the BrandCrowd platform is set up in a marketplace-style. That means all the logo designers display their works out in the open in a clear, visually attractive format and in plain view for everyone to see. 

Not only does this make it easy for potential buyers to view, browse, and compare different logo designs, but it also ensures that logo designers know what the competition is offering. When designers see other offers being made, it drives down prices. 

Imagine 2 watermelon sellers in an open marketplace. Each one calls out a price. Upon hearing the competitor, the vendor lowers their price, and the competition continues until the last seller is left standing. You walk away with a juicy watermelon for a fraction of the original price being asked. It’s the same exact thing with logo designs. 

When logo designers compete for your business, you reap the benefit of that healthy competition. That’s great for businesses seeking inexpensive but professional logo designs.

BrandCrowd also offers another unique feature. If you’ve found a logo design that you love, with a price tag that you don’t, you can make a bid that you think is acceptable on the logo. Your bid won’t always be accepted, but assuming it’s a reasonable offer, you may be able to strike a deal.


Even a cursory look at the logo design marketplace will convince you of the professionalism of these designers. If you want additional information on a specific designer, you can simply click on their name and you’ll be brought to the designer’s profile page. 

Here you’ll find lots of useful information, such as the number of logos the designer has uploaded and how many they’ve sold. You can skim through a selection of the designer’s recent works to get a better feel for the selection of logos you can get from them.

BrandCrowd is selective about its designers and their work. A rigorous Quality Assurance (QA) team checks each logo individually before giving it the stamp of approval to go live on the BrandCrowd marketplace. Each logo gets graded on originality, marketability, and overall quality. 

What’s more, BrandCrowd rejects logos that are thrown together or edited with Photoshop and other mock design tools. So, you can rest assured that if a logo design has made it to the front page, it’s a solid option.

Contract Terms

BrandCrowd has no formal contracts, and you can use the site freely without any commitment. When you’re ready to buy something, you can pay using all major credit cards or the popular PayPal option. 

BrandCrowd has customer-centric terms, and a quick read through the legalese will show you that this is one company that has your back. For one thing, BrandCrowd stands behind its refund policy if you purchase a logo with a domain that is no longer in service.

Customer Service

BrandCrowd offers customers helpful and friendly support via a toll-free phone number and email support, and both of these options are prominently displayed at the top of every page for fast and easy contact. 

What’s most beneficial about BrandCrowd is customer service that’s not just about technicalities or account troubleshooting, but open for logo design advice and help on how to use the free logo design generator. This means you’re basically getting design consultation for free.

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Design Process

One thing that is absolutely phenomenal about the BrandCrowd design process is its 100% free design tool. Let’s get one thing straight. We don’t recommend you use the logo generator to create your finished product if you are looking for a professional logo design. If you want to save yourself time and money though, the logo generator is an excellent way to do this. 

You can play around with fonts, colors, layouts, and other design elements for as long as you want using the free tool. Once you’ve found the general idea of what you want, you can go to one of BrandCrowd’s professional designers and have them complete the job.

This way you aren’t wasting important revision rounds on minor details that you could’ve smoothed out for yourself. This is also an amazing tool if you are trying to pitch a design to your superiors and don’t have the funding yet to purchase the actual logo design. The mockup you generate with the logo design tool doesn’t have to be top quality to win the approval of the board, but it’ll certainly go a long way toward impressing them.

How many revisions, the turnaround time, and how many design choices you are given vary based on the logo design and the specific designer you are working with. One thing that is consistent across the BrandCrowd board, though, is speed. As a logo marketplace, BrandCrowd likes to keep things fast and streamlined, so your turnaround time is generally pretty quick no matter who you go with.


BrandCrowd is an amazing innovation in the world of logo designing. Using the lubricant of healthy competition to grease the wheels of progress, BrandCrowd has brought the previously elite niche of the design world down to an affordable level. 

With a simple marketplace format and smart logo generator, BrandCrowd has also made the otherwise complex design elements easy to understand and maneuver, so anyone can do it. Competitive pricing, strong quality products, and fair business practices make BrandCrowd a worthy choice for those seeking a logo.'s editorial staff is a professional team of editors and writers with dozens of years of experience covering consumer, financial and business products and services.

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