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Top10.com StaffByTop10.com StaffAug. 25, 2019

In a Nutshell

Logojoy uses artificial intelligence to generate beautiful and unique logo ideas. It aims to help entrepreneurs get off the ground by handling the crucial, yet often times frustrating and time-consuming, task of creating a logo. Its automated logo generator takes away the need for a costly designer so you end up with a professional quality design at a fraction of the cost.


  • In-house customer support team
  • Large selection of fonts, icons and graphics


  • No refunds
  • Basic plan is very limited

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Value for Money

Logojoy offers 3 pricing packages, which gives you the ability to only pay for what you need. The most simple plan costs $20 and is best for businesses who are just getting started. The package includes one logo file with a colored background. The downside of the basic plan is that the logo comes in low resolution. The middle level plan costs $65 and includes everything that a designer would send you, including a high resolution PNG file for online use, vector files for print, and versions with a transparent background. The plan also entitles you to lifetime phone support for anything you could possibly need. Most importantly, this plan gives you full ownership of your design for any commercial or non-commercial purpose.

Logojoy’s top tier plan costs $195 and includes everything in the premium package, plus 1 hour with a Logojoy designer. The designer will work directly with you to personalize and perfect your logo for your business’s needs.

Logo files
Special offer
Unlimited changes
1 hour with Logojoy designer
*Prices last updated May 2018

All packages are good for a one-time download. If you want to buy another logo, you’ll need to choose another package. Additionally, you can choose to purchase any add-ons to a package. So if you want to purchase the premium package but need an element from the enterprise package, you can do that.

Compared to other logo makers on the market, Logojoy’s pricing is on the cheaper side. Other sites charge less than Logojoy for a high resolution logo, but a lot of useful files and tools are included in Logojoy’s premium package.


Unlike other logo making sites that have real designers working on your logo, here there are no designers involved. Logojoy’s logo generator uses AI and machine learning to craft the perfect logo for your business, by constantly learning which design pieces work well together, and which layouts customers prefer. By using technology as opposed to real designers, Logojoy is able to offer its customers designs for less.

Logojoy does offer designers for customers to use after the logo-creation stage. It has a designer directory, which is a list of designers and digital agencies that the company is partnered with, that can help customers further build their brand with business cards and other marketing materials.

Contract Terms

After buying a logo, you’re entitled to a 24-hour grace period to request edits. After the 24 hours, you can request up to 3 revisions at no cost by contacting Logojoy’s customer support team.

It should also be noted that no refunds are given after a design has been paid for, as Logojoy has no way of ensuring that the customer didn’t download the logo or use it outside of the Logojoy site. This is fairly common among logo making sites.

Customer Service

Logojoy has an excellent in-house customer support team that can be reached by phone, email, or live chat. Support isn’t offered 24/7, but there is a help center which lists frequently asked questions and their answers. This useful FAQ section can be found on Logojoy’s site.

Logojoy Logojoy Visit Site

Design Process

Creating a design on Logojoy can take as little as 5 minutes, and the process is both quick and simple.

  1. To start, you put in the name of your company or whatever it is that you want the logo for.
  2. Next you will have to give Logojoy’s machine learning algorithm some data to work with. You’re asked to choose 5 of your favorite logos from a large selection of choices. This tells Logojoy what looks you like and which you don’t.
  3. You then choose colors you like, share a bit of information about your company, and choose symbols you like.
  4. After signing in, you’re able to view the different logo designs created especially for you. If you’re unsatisfied with the first designs you’re shown, you can load more instantly.
  5. After choosing a design, you can make minor edits yourself like color and symbol changes. From there you can purchase the design in order to receive the files.

The site also has a preview function so you can see how your chosen logo looks on items like business cards, posters, hats, and t-shirts.


Logojoy is a nice-looking and easy-to-use site that delivers on its promise of creating unique, and affordable logos quickly. Not only does it deliver great designs, but it has a top-notch customer support team as well to assist in any situation or answer any questions or concerns customers may have. 

The only downside with Logojoy is the strict no-refund policy, but for such a small price, it’s still worth using. The company was featured in TechCrunch and Lifehacker, as well as many other publications, and it’s clear why – Logojoy is a joy to use.

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