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In a Nutshell

With its Identity Theft Protection, McAfee has put together one of the most robust identity theft protection products on the market. Featuring 3 levels of coverage and an enormous cyber monitoring program that patrols over 600,000 black market and dark web websites, McAfee Identity Theft Protection combines extensive online coverage with Social Security fraud monitoring and lost wallet support.


  • Monitors 600,000 Dark Web sites
  • Social Security tracking monitors for new SSN aliases
  • Personalized lost wallet support


  • Available in English and for US customers only
  • Valid SSN required to use some tools

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A Brilliant Solution For:

  • Anybody concerned that fraudsters could use a malicious Experian® “credit pull” to try steal their identity
  • Those that want identity theft protection to “follow them” around as they access the internet from both desktop and mobile devices
  • Those looking for a comprehensive tool. At the top service level (Premium), Identity Theft Protection monitors for local sex offenders, keeps tabs on financial assets, and notifies of changes to bank details, among other features

How Does it Work?

McAfee’s always-on Identity Theft Protection is available as a browser add-on for Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari. 

  • It is also available as an app for Android and iOS. Once users sign up for an account and install the browser add-on, they enjoy full access to all the features that Theft Protection offers.

What Does This Service Watch Out For?

Identity Theft Protection features:

  • Cyber monitoring 

which monitors over 680,000 black marketplaces on both the visible and hidden/dark web for any sign that the user’s identity has been stolen.

  • Credit monitoring

McAfee monitors the Experian® credit bureau, one of the “big three” credit reporting agencies.  The program will alert users if a “credit pull” has been detected on their Experian® credit file. Malicious credit checks can be one of the first tip-offs that a fraudster is trying to phish for other personal details in order to rob your identity. 

  • SSN Trace

SSN trace alerts users if new aliases have been associated with their Social Security Number (SSN). This occurs when agencies link an SSN to a new name or address. Always-on SSN tracing means that users can rest assured that this likely sign of identity theft will be spotted at the very first opportunity. 

  • Change of address

This service taps into the US Postal Service records and notifies the user if anybody has tried to change their registered mailing address.

  • Sex offender monitoring

This feature provides a report of all registered sex offenders living in the user’s immediate area.

  • Non-credit loan monitoring

This feature reports if payday or quick-cash loans have been taken out using the user’s personal details.

  • Financial account takeover monitoring

This reports if any of the user’s details have been used to set up a new bank account or credit card. This alert will also trigger if changes have been made to existing accounts. 

Recovery services – what can McAfee Identity Theft Protection do if my identity is stolen?

With an active Identity Theft Protection subscription, users can rest assured that they have some of the world’s best identity theft protection software on their side.

Some of the recovery services that McAfee offers include:

  • Lost wallet protection

If users lose their wallets, they needn’t fear the stress and hours of bureaucracy that usually comes with this event. McAfee provides its users with a dedicated agent that will assist with every stage of the process—from dealing with the TSA to ensuring that all credit cards have been canceled in a timely fashion. 

  • 24/7/365 agents 

McAfee’s identity recovery support center is staffed no matter the hour or day of the year. 

  • Cash reimbursement

McAfee also offers its users up to $1M. in reimbursement towards the cost of recuperating their identity. Users are also eligible to receive up to $10,000 to compensate for stolen funds (note: this protection is not valid in New York state).  

How easy is it to use?

McAfee Identity Theft Protection ranks as one of the easiest to use identity theft protection tools on the market. The device can work on virtually any desktop or mobile device that meets the installation specifications. 


McAfee Identity Theft Protection Standard is currently available in 4 tiers: Essentials, Standard, Plus, and Premium.

  • Standard is currently available for a (discounted) monthly fee of $0.99/month (first month price for one subscriber) or for a discounted annual price of $69.99. The regular pricing is $7.99/month and $89.99/year. Plans cover one subscriber who can use the account on as many devices as they own. 
  • Premium currently costs $9.99/month or $209.99/year. 

Plus includes all Standard features plus court and criminal record alerts and non-credit loan alerts. Premium includes all Plus features as well as sex offender local monitoring and financial account takeover monitoring. It also monitors 2 additional credit bureaus. 

McAfee offers a 30-day free trial to try out the product and customers that wish to cancel their plans can do so by contacting customer support within 30 days of signup or within 60 days of an automatic annual renewal.

McAfee McAfee Visit Site

Help and Support

McAfee’s 24/7 support resources can be reached by submitting an online support ticket, interacting with them on social media, via live chat, or through the telephone. Average wait times for online chats can be as short as 1 minute. In the event of an emergency, users can get straight through to their dedicated identity recovery support agent who will be immediately assigned to their case.

Bottom Line

McAfee Identity Theft Protection is a great identity theft protection provider. It offers comprehensive multi-channel reporting that straddles the financial, personal security, and social fraud domains. Particularly at the highest subscription level, users are protected against virtually any form of identity theft. Its biggest limitation is that it is only available to US customers and only English is supported. StaffJun. 18, 2019
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