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IdentityForce Identity Theft Protection Review 2024

Sarah Pritzker

In a Nutshell

IdentityForce is an identity theft protection agency that has more than 40 years of experience doing just that. After 4 decades, IdentityForce has definitely earned a name for itself, building a client base of more than 1M businesses and individuals and winning numerous awards, including Editor’s Choice from Tom’s Guide, the Gold Globee Award in information technology/security, and the People’s Choice Stevie Award for favorite new product.


  • Online PC protection tools
  • 24/7 identity theft protection and support
  • Social media account monitoring


  • Have to get the higher tier plans for full coverage
  • No password management

IdentityForce at a Glance

Editorial Score

Additional Protection

Online PC protection tools including anti-phishing software and anti-keylogging tools


Credit monitoring and alerts, dark web surveillance, public records, payday loan, SSN, financial account takeover and social media

Theft Insurance

ID theft insurance of $1 million policy, dedicated restoration specialist, lost wallet replacement assistance

Customer Support

Call 877-694-3367, email memberservices@identityforce.com or contact via live chat 24/7/365

Scalable Plans

2 plans available online with family plan available by speaking to representative directly

IdentityForce IdentityForce Visit Site

A brilliant solution for:

  • People who want a full identity protection service
  • Anyone who likes the idea of industry-trusted reliability
  • Those looking for social media and credit monitoring

How does it work?

IdentityForce is so easy to use, it’s a wonder everyone isn’t. Here’s what to do:

  • Go to the website and choose a plan that works for you
  • Sign up for an account and log in to set up your preferences
  • Leave it alone, IdentityForce has you covered

Now, IdentityForce will scan millions of data points to see if your information comes up anywhere. You will receive alerts whenever an occurrence is flagged. Read more about the alerts you can receive below.

What does this service watch out for?

IdentityForce is one of the most professional identity theft protection services on the market, and that’s probably because it’s had 40 years to get things right. To begin with, this service offers all of the important monitoring services, including fraud monitoring, that sends out alerts whenever a credit report inquiry is made whether it’s from a bank, a mortgage company, an auto dealer, a government agency, or anyone else. This is one of the early warning notifications that have helped so many people prevent major damage due to identity theft.

IdentityForce also offers other basics like change of address monitoring, dark web surveillance, and public records monitoring. With a database like this one, IdentityForce is able to scan millions of criminal, court, and public records for any mention of your personal identifying information. Here’s a list of the usual suspects IdentityForce protects you against:

  • Credit monitoring
  • Credit alerts
  • Dark Web surveillance
  • Public records monitoring
  • Payday loan monitoring
  • SSN monitoring
  • Financial account takeover monitoring

IdentityForce constantly checks your credit report, monitoring for any changes such as credit inquiries, new account openings, or missed payments on loans. You’ll also be notified if anyone tries to take out a payday or other type of loan, if your Social Security number is used in a search, and if your personal data was used in the sex offender registry.

One of the less commonly seen features IdentityForce offers is social media profile monitoring. This is extremely helpful in identity theft prevention because so much of our personal lives are being displayed on social media today. The numbers are increasingly growing of incidents that have taken place because of an unfortunate pic that was posted online. Social media monitoring is an essential piece to the id theft protection puzzle, and IdentityForce offers it.

Social media monitoring is also a helpful tool if you have children with their own profiles. IdentityForce can flag inappropriate content, violent or profane messages, and even flag cyberbullying or discrimination within posts or private messages, keeping your kids safer as they socialize.

You’ll also get invaluable online PC protection tools. This runs the gamut from anti-phishing software to anti-keylogging tools to protect your keystrokes.

Finally, IdentityForce has an entire library full of useful identity theft, credit, and financial resources online to help educate the public on how to protect themselves and make better, smarter financial decisions. IdentityForce really covers the spectrum, offering ebooks, infographics, videos, and white papers on these important topics like identity protection, keeping children safe online, avoiding credit fraud, and how to handle a data breach and other technological failures. You can even take online quizzes to see how identity theft-protected you are in real life.

Recovery services - what can IdentityForce do if my identity is stolen?

IdentityForce also covers you in case something does happen with your identity. It offers several methods of assistance including:

  • ID theft insurance

Since identity theft comes with tremendous financial ramifications, IdentityForce provides its clients with ID theft insurance policies. You will be covered by a $1 million policy that covers the usual expenses like legal fees, childcare and transportation expenses, unauthorized charges, and more.

  • A dedicated restoration specialist to help take decisive action

Your restoration specialist will handle everything from paperwork to phone calls, and more. It’s quite impressive how much IdentityForce will do to ensure that you get your identity restored and your life back to normal.

  • 24/7 customer service

In addition to helpful support staff, IdentityForce has a dedicated support team that is available 24/7 in case an incident occurs.

  • Lost wallet replacement assistance

IdentityForce helps you cancel and replace cards if your wallet is lost.

How easy is it to use?

As is to be expected from a protection veteran like IdentityForce, the system is super simple to use. The basic set and forget rule applies, but that’s usual for the industry. What’s unusual about IdentityForce is that it also offers a fabulous mobile app. This allows you to access your account, receive alerts, and see your monitoring service working in real-time and wherever you go.

The mobile app also has great built-in security, using both 2-step authentication and either facial recognition or touch ID to verify your identity. This way nobody can gain unauthorized access.


IdentityForce offers a fairly simple pricing structure compared to others in the industry. You can choose from 2 plans, and a third family plan is available. You’ll have to speak to a representative directly to sign up for the family plan, though.

Price per month
Price per year
Fraud, change of address, court records, dark web, payday loans, sex offender registry, social media profile
Fraud, change of address, court records, dark web, payday loans, sex offender registry, social media profile
Bank and credit card activity, Social Security number mentions, identity threat, fraud reminders
Bank and credit card activity, Social Security number mentions, identity threat, fraud reminders
Recovery features
Identity theft insurance of $1M, fully managed restoration team, 24/7 customer service number
Identity theft insurance of $1M, fully managed restoration team, 24/7 customer service number
Credit features
3 credit bureau monitoring, 3-bureau reports, 3-bureau scores, credit score tracker, credit score simulator
Additional features
Junk mail opt-out
Junk mail opt-out

The primary difference between the plans is the inclusion of credit monitoring and awareness features. The UltraSecure+Credit plan monitors the 3 major credit reporting bureaus Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. It also gives you access to your credit report and score from all 3 bureaus.

Additionally, the UltraSecure+Credit plan has 2 extremely useful tools at your disposal. The first one is a credit score tracker, so you can see what’s going on with your score at all times, what is affecting the score, and if there are any issues you need to correct or look into.

The second tool is a credit score simulator. This tool shows you what would happen if you take certain actions and how it would affect your score. For example, if you make an additional loan payment, you’ll see in real terms how your credit score will change. This is fabulously useful if you are trying to improve your credit score or just want a better idea of what would happen if you took a certain financial action.

IdentityForce IdentityForce Visit Site

Help & Support

IdentityForce has live chat, email, and phone support options. It is one of the few identity theft protection services that offers live chat so that is a big plus. It's not 24/7, but it's better than most. Also, you can get in touch with IdentityForce via telephone, email, or the online contact form. 

Bottom Line

IdentityForce has everything going for it: a good reputation, years in the industry, and state-of-the-art technology to back up its claims. It's easily one of the most robust and professional identity theft protection services available today. With real-time alerts of fraud, loan requests, credit inquiries, data breaches, social media profiles, and public records, IdentityForce covers all your bases.

Combine that with a solid recovery assistance package, $1 million insurance policy, and live chat customer support, and IdentityForce pulls way ahead of the competition in these areas as well. IdentityForce checks all the boxes, making it easy for us to give it 2 thumbs way up.

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