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BeenVerified Identity Theft Protection Review 2024

Amanda Bradley

In a Nutshell

BeenVerified is a combo service that offers several identity theft and other protection services, including background reports, phone number lookups, and credit history reports. BeenVerified offers both self-monitoring and professionally monitored identity services. So, you can be sure to cover all your bases with confidence. It's also a great way to access public records quickly, easily, and affordably.


  • Self-monitored background reports
  • Huge database of information and records
  • Competitive pricing plans


  • Not a dedicated identity theft service
  • No recovery services

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A Brilliant Solution for

  • Anyone who wants to keep tabs on all of their accounts

  • People who want to check out information about others

  • You, if you want detailed reports about your public records

How Does it Work?

BeenVerified is not your typical identity theft service. Rather, it is a background check service that also happens to have excellent tools for keeping tabs on your identity. BeenVerified offers 2 types of protection: self-monitoring and professional monitoring. The professional monitoring scans the dark web for any mention of your email address or other sensitive personal data. If information is found, it sends out an alert, and you can deal with the information accordingly. This is a smart and efficient way of ensuring that your personal identifying information doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

The information that is scanned for includes sensitive data like passwords, password hints, usernames, email addresses, credit status, purchasing habits, family structure, income levels, payment histories, IPD addresses, and more. You can also get information about phone numbers, properties, and accounts associated with your name. BeenVerified lets you pin up to 10 reports (identities) each month to be fully monitored. So, the service will keep scanning the dark web, social media channels, internet channels, and other outlets for any mention of your personal identifying information. Once again, if your information is flagged, you will be notified automatically and the report updated, so you can take decisive action right away.

Alternatively, BeenVerified can be used to self-monitor your identity. This is done by accessing public records and receiving reports about your personal information such as addresses, phone numbers, and accounts associated with your name or personal details.

While not a direct identity theft feature, BeenVerified also lets you run background reports on other people. This is a useful tool if you're nervous about someone who just moved into the neighborhood, an adult who is working with your kids (like a coach or a sitter), or if you are curious about an online dating profile you're interested in.

What does BeenVerified Watch out For?

BeenVerified monitors and gives access to a huge database of information. In fact, there are billions of public data points within its network. That’s a lot of information delivered to your fingertips instantly! Some of the items that you can either get information about or have monitored for you include:

  • Education and professional history

  • Phone numbers and other contact information

  • Current, past, and related addresses

  • Criminal records

  • Traffic violations

  • Licenses

  • Court records

  • Deeds

  • Social media accounts

  • Blogs

  • Online photos

And more. For a full list of features and what is monitored, visit the website.

Recovery Services - What Can BeenVerified Do If My Identity Is Stolen?

The one downside to using BeenVerified for identity theft protection is that there are no recovery services available at this time. Since identity theft is not the sole purpose of the service, BeenVerified doesn't offer this feature. Other identity theft protection sites will provide things like lost wallet protection, damage insurance, or an account manager to help you navigate the aftermath of identity theft. BeenVerified does not have any such services.

How Easy Is It to Use?

The real beauty of BeenVerified lies in how easy it is to use. Public records can technically be accessed by anyone...technically. Finding, searching, and getting your hands on these records in practice is a lot harder, and most people give up before they’ve even scratched the surface.

BeenVerified’s strength lies in its simplicity. You will receive detailed reports, including all the important information that you are looking for about yourself like your social media accounts associated with your name, billing addresses, phone numbers, and more. The records are condensed into an easy-to-read report. There’s no headache, no searching, no scouring through millions of links, records, and databases to find what you’re looking for. It’s all right there.

BeenVerified also has a convenient feature that saves past reports that you've run. This way, you can quickly access and review any important information you've seen previously. Plus, BeenVerified will update you if new information is added to your account. This is a really important tool that ensures that your identity is and stays secure.

BeenVerified also has a convenient mobile app. The app is available for iOS and Android devices and is one of the easiest background check services we’ve seen to date. The app works with iPhones, iPads, Android phones and tablets, and other devices like Apple Watches, and more.


Pricing structure is very straightforward with BeenVerified. It has 2 pricing plans; a 1-month membership or a 3-month membership. If you sign up for a 3-month plan, you get unlimited access to reports and records for less than $20 a month. That's a really good deal, and if you know that you are going to run multiple reports, this is your best option. If you only need a single report (which is less likely if you're using this for identity theft protection), then the 1-month membership is a better financial option. Here's a look at both plans:

1-Month Membership

3-Month Membership

$26.89 per month

$17.48 per month ($52.44 total)

Both types of membership include fast search functionality, 4 ways to search, and unlimited:

  • Background reports

  • Contact information

  • Phone lookups

  • Email lookups

  • Address lookups

  • Criminal records

Something worth mentioning about this pricing structure is the inclusive nature of the plans. This means you get unlimited searches and lookups for as many people and all the billions of public records within the database, but that's not all. It also means you won't have to pay to include more people in your searches. Most of the time, identity theft protection services require you to pay individually for each identity you want monitored. And if you want to monitor more than one person, you'll have to upgrade to the family plan to cover multiple identities. BeenVerified allows you to search unlimited identities and fully monitor up to 10 identities for the same price. This is a major savings when you take all things into consideration.

BeenVerified BeenVerified Visit Site

Help & Support

BeenVerified is there for you most of the day. Phone support starts at 6am and goes until 11:30pm ET. So, there’s almost always someone there to help. You can also get live customer support Monday to Friday 8am to 10pm ET, and Sunday and Saturday 10am to 8pm ET. Email support is available via an online contact form on the website.

Bottom Line

BeenVerified offers a valuable form of identity theft protection: awareness. With tools that will allow you to monitor your own public records, BeenVerified provides you with a tool to always stay on top of and be aware of what is going on with your identity. You'll be able to see immediately if someone is attempting to take over your account, create a new account with your name or personal details, or manipulate your identity in some other way. Then you can quickly take action to correct this transgression before serious consequences occur.

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