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10 Smart Home Technologies That Save Me Money and Time

David Granahan
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Did you know that the average household spends over $2,000 a year on utility bills? That's a lot of money! But with smart home technologies, you can easily lower your bills.

Smart home technologies can reduce energy bills by a significant amount, so you can pocket the difference and save yourself some cash. And not only that, but these devices can also save you time by automating everyday tasks and even get you cheaper home insurance coverage.

And with some home warranties covering the repair or replacement of certain smart home devices as an add-on, it's a no-brainer to invest in these technologies.

1. Robot Vacuums: iRobot Roomba

Robot vacuums have been around for a while now, and they have become increasingly popular due to their ability to save time and make cleaning effortless. The iRobot Roomba is a smart vacuum that uses sensors to map out your home and avoid obstacles while cleaning. It's also equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity and voice control so that you can control it with your smartphone or a voice assistant like Alexa.

With the Roomba, you can schedule cleaning sessions, set boundaries, and even track its progress. Best of all, you no longer have to spend hours vacuuming floors or hiring cleaners!

2. Smart Security: Ring Doorbell

Smart security devices are a favorite among smart home devices, and the Ring Doorbell is a great example of how these devices can make your home safer and more secure. The Ring Doorbell is a video doorbell that allows you to see who's at your door and communicate with them via your smartphone.

It's equipped with motion sensors, so you can receive notifications when someone is at your door, even if they don't ring the bell, and even if you aren't home. It saves you time spent chasing down lost packages, and it's a great alternative to expensive security systems for monitoring your home.

3. Smart Thermostat: Google Nest

Smart thermostats are another popular smart home technology that can save you money on energy costs. The Google Nest is a smart thermostat that learns your schedule and adjusts the temperature accordingly. It also allows you to control the temperature remotely via your smartphone, so you can make adjustments even when you're away from home.

You can set times to turn the heating on and off, so you can wake up to a warm home and turn it off when you head out the door for work. You'll use less energy which equals lower bills, and less time is spent turning the heating on and off as it's automatic.

4. Smart Fridge: Samsung

Smart fridges are a newer addition to the smart home market, but they have quickly become a popular choice for those looking to upgrade their kitchen appliances. Samsung smart fridges are equipped with a touch screen that allows you to control the temperature, see what's inside, and even order groceries online.

It also has a built-in camera that allows you to see what's inside your fridge from your smartphone. You'll be able to save money on groceries by keeping track of what you have and what you need to buy, and it's also a useful solution for reducing food waste.

5. Robot Lawnmowers: Husqvarna

Robot lawnmowers are a prime example of how smart home technology can be used to automate tasks and save you time. The Husqvarna robot lawn mower uses GPS and sensors to map out your lawn and cut the grass for you. It's also equipped with a weather timer, so it knows when to mow and when to stay in the dock. No more getting up early for garden maintenance, or paying a professional to work on your lawn!

6. Smart Assistants - Echo Dot

Smart assistants have revolutionized the way we interact with our homes. A popular smart home assistant is the Echo Dot, powered by Amazon's Alexa. Having shipped more than 50 million units worldwide in 2020, it is estimated that unit sales to pass 130 million by 2025. The Echo Dot can be used to control smart home devices, set reminders, make calls, play music, and more.

The Echo Dot can be used to control your smart home devices with voice commands. Turning lights on/off, adjusting the thermostat, and even locking/unlocking your front doors using your voice. Big time saver, and really intuitive technology.

7. Smart Sprinkler - Wyze

Watering your lawn can be tedious, especially if you have a large yard. However, with a smart sprinkler system like Wyze, you can save time and money while still keeping your lawn looking green and healthy.

Wyze sprinkler systems are smart devices that can be controlled through a mobile app. It connects to your home Wi-Fi network and uses weather data to automatically adjust the watering schedule. This ensures that your lawn gets the right amount of water without wasting any unnecessarily, saving you money in the long term.

8. Smart TV - Sony Master Series

The Sony Master Series smart TV is a great example of how technology is improving our home entertainment experience. With features such as 4K HDR, Dolby Vision, and advanced color and contrast, the Sony Master Series provides an immersive viewing experience that was not possible before.

The smart TV also has built-in streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime, which saves you money compared to having to buy a separate streaming device like an Amazon Firestick.

9. Smart Lighting - Philips Hue

Smart lighting is an excellent way to save money and time while enhancing the look and feel of your home. The Philips Hue smart lighting system is used by almost 1 in 10 smart home users in the U.S.

With the Philips Hue system, you can control the color, brightness, and scheduling of your lights through a mobile app. You can even set your lights to turn on and off automatically based on your location. You'll save on energy bills and have more control when you are away from home.

10. All-In-One Smart Home Technology Device: Apple HomePod

The Apple HomePod is the one-size-fits-all smart home device. Lighting, security, door locks, thermostats all controlled by a single smart speaker and a virtual assistant. It uses Apple's Siri voice assistant to answer questions, set reminders, and control smart home devices. If you already use Apple devices, it's a great addition to the home and can easily be synced with other devices. It's no more expensive than traditional set of speakers, you get great sound quality, and you can save time on tasks with the HomePod's extra functionalities.

Get Protection for Smart Home Technologies

With devices like robot vacuums, smart security systems, smart thermostats, and more, we can save time and money while making our homes more secure and efficient. It is important to note that some home warranties such as Liberty Home Guard can also cover the repair or replacement of certain smart home devices. Make sure your devices are covered if you make a smart home device purchase.

David Granahan
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