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Network Solutions Review

good Staff

In a Nutshell

Network Solutions offers a fluid, all-in-one Ecommerce solution for businesses interested in bringing their inventory to the web. Its core philosophy is to provide a one-stop solution, and in that vein the service does a commendable job of combining solid storefront design options, secure order processing features, and inventory management and marketing tools into accessible and affordable plans.


  • Solid customization options
  • QuickBooks compatible with premium plan
  • SEO marketing tools


  • Supports less inventory than others
  • No live chat support

Network Solutions Network Solutions Visit Site

Ideal for

  • New businesses with small- to medium-sized inventories 
  • Emerging businesses looking to expand online

Why Go With Network Solutions 

Presentation is just one of many elements to creating an online business. Even business owners intimately familiar with their inventory might struggle to balance the many tasks in creating an online business. Marketing, store-front design, shopping-cart details, and payment integration are just a few of the elements of an online store that must coalesce without error in order for a site to be successful. Network Solutions has the benefit of being a major web domain, sitebuilding, and hosting company, so it’s already equipped to handle the many needs of an Ecommerce site. Using these strengths as it core, it weaves inventory management, marketing tools, and training and support into a service that touches on all the necessary elements of online retail.  


  • Add-A-Store feature can be integrated into pre-existing websites and blogs
  • Fully customizable storefront with logo-generator
  • Social media integration
  • Integration with Google Analytics 
  • Web-traffic reports, and search query reporting
  • SEO marketing tools
  • Mobile-friendly design templates
  • Mailing lists and coupon campaigns


Starter package


Standard package


Premium package


There’s a substantial difference in the features included in each plan, and interested customers would do well to consider their needs and projected growth before settling on one. The most notable difference is the size of the inventory:  the starter plan accommodates only 25 products, while the standard lets you list 300 products and the premium plan maxes out at 100,000. 

Other differences from plan to plan include the size of storage space and some integration features. For example, only the premium plan is fully integratable with QuickBooks and allows bulk order management. 


Network Solutions’ dynamic store design options give you control over how your site looks, functions, and presents your inventory to the customer. You can choose from more than 50 store templates that are professionally designed and feature a web-based administration tool that allows you to make changes from your laptop, phone, or tablet. The templates include a step-by-step guide that will empower you to tweak fonts, colors, layouts, and design themes until you have a store that reflects your inventory and vision. Additional features, such as logo generation tools, customizable product displays, and tailored browsing options give you even more control over how your site looks and performs.   

Payment Processing

When considering an ecommerce solution, one of the biggest concerns is the shopping cart and payment integration provided. Network Solutions certainly does not disappoint in this area, either. In fact, your new shopping cart will easily integrate with a wide variety of credit card processing companies. This includes actual merchant accounts and their payment gateways, or other providers such as PayPal. Your merchant will also help provide additional fraud protection tools.

Rest assured that your site is also considered safe by the major credit card companies. You will be in full compliance with the Visa Certified Cardholder Information Security Program. Additionally, all PCI data standards are met. This includes using secure 128-bit data encryption. This fights against hackers and other unauthorized intrusions into your site. No customer transaction data is ever stored on your site as an extra precaution.

SEO Tools

Network Solutions isn’t satisfied with merely helping you build your Ecommerce site; it wants to help customers find it as well. To that end, the technology includes SEO site code and XML sitemap tools where you can input titles, meta keywords, and descriptions with easy to use prompts to bolster your success. 

Secure Hosting

Network Solutions offers 3 different plans with a varying degree of hosting and storage space. But a constant is a dedication to ensuring the stability of your site regardless of the plan you choose. Each client receives an unlimited amount of monthly data transfer. Storage space differs from plan to plan, with starter plans offering 1GB of storage and the premium offering 5GB. Same with mailboxes and mailbox storage: plans start at 5 mailboxes per account and go up to 100 for the premium plan, with storage space for mailboxes running between 1-2GBs. 

Customer Support Services

The site offers a few different customer support options. Start by using a toll-free telephone number, which is open to Ecommerce customers 24/7. 

There is also an online training site. This uses a number of different videos to provide hands-on help and guidance. Of course, you may also send an email to ask any questions you like. Response times are fairly quick, averaging just a few hours (sometimes less during normal business hours).

Bottom Line

Network Solutions offers a pretty well-rounded slate of Ecommerce services. This is surprising at first, considering that Ecommerce is just one of many services that the company offers, and appears as something of an afterthought compared to the main services. This can be seen as a detriment or an advantage, however, since the more heavily featured services, such as website building and hosting, funnel directly into Ecommerce. The company seems to have successfully ushered its strengths into Ecommerce and surrounded them with substantial features that hit all the notes of business-owners’ needs, from storefront design to inventory management, marketing, analytics, and social media crossover, making it an attractive option for the price especially for smaller businesses.  

About the Company

Founded in 1979, Network Solutions has seen the internet evolve but hardly stood by the sidelines. By 1997 it had registered a million domains; the number grew to 5 million by 2000. Today, Network Solutions has successfully expanded into website building, hosting, Ecommerce, and online marketing services. 

Network Solutions Network Solutions Visit Site's editorial staff is a professional team of editors and writers with dozens of years of experience covering consumer, financial and business products and services.

Network Solutions customer reviews

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Ease of use

Brand satisfaction

Value for money

Service quality

Top Reviews

Ease of use

Brand satisfaction

Value for money

Service quality

a year ago

25 years of expertise. Focused on providing a quality experience. Awarded best contact center.

a year ago

I like this, it is very important and very nice. High quality and ease of use.

a year ago

Quick response, great service, good value for money, excellent service and ease of use for all customers . It is a very good and important platform .

a year ago

Their brand is very trustworthy and a convenient platform is very comprehensive.

a year ago

It took a little more technical work to get it all set up and running than I thought it would.

Their service is very comfortable to use and I'm very satified with their quality. I like that the rate is also cheap.

1 years ago

Great for our users. They provide the best quality service and good reliability of skills.

1 years ago

Offers expertise and reliable IT solutions for your website hosting and cloud hosting of emails. They have not increased their prices too much and give good customer service. They offer quick solutions for your website problems and Office 365 hosting. Nothing to dislike about the brand.

1 years ago

With a 99% uptime and 24 hour phone or email support, Network Solutions' shared plan is very reliable.

1 years ago

It is easy to use and I trust them to keep my information safe. I haven't had any issues.

1 years ago

They made the process easy and had great friendly customer service at a very reasonable fee.

1 years ago

It has always been very reliable with my emails both ingoing and outgoing. We were able to use it for a shopping cart solution. The customer service has always been good.

1 years ago

Easy to use when very busy, liked the user friendliness of it. Made work easier and more productive.

1 years ago

Network solutions has a unique line up of tools for business owners who need those tools in order to grow.

1 years ago

Because it is a reliable network and helps me to facilitate communication and sales.

1 years ago

I think it deserves this rating and that's why I gave it this rating. I like it. The quality of service was good.

1 years ago

They are a great brand all around. They help me everyday in my networking solutions and have great customer support and service. Anytime I have trouble they are quick to offer solutions that help me manage my business efficiently.

1 years ago

It is easy to use and provide good service. It also has customer satisfaction.

1 years ago

Great customer service, ease-of-use is simple and user friendly. They have a very knowledgeable staff on site.

1 years ago

It provides the necessary functions and tools needed to support my job functions in the IT and network operators industry .

54 reviews
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