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NetSuite (SuiteCommerce) Review - Ecommerce Tool For Large Companies Staff

In a Nutshell

When large companies look to roll out Ecommerce functionalities, Oracle NetSuite is often the tool of choice. SuiteCommerce is interoperable with other core NetSuite tools providing merchants with a total 360 degree view of their business.


  • Advanced and basic options
  • Continuous managed upgrades
  • Suitable for B2C and B2B


  • Relatively High-Priced
  • Complicated

NetSuite at a Glance

Editorial Score

Features & Integrations

100s of features like multiple currencies, languages, and sales geographies, SKU creation and tracking, marketing and ERP tools


Encryption, role-Level Access, Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), password Policies, dedicated security team

Ease of Use

Drag and Drop Designer, responsive, templates are available and easy to customize

Pricing & Packages

No free version, monthly subscription costs for Oracle NetSuite begin at $99 per user per month

Customer Support

24/7 access for Severity 1 issues and online case submission, response times for cases of lower severity vary between the plans

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Ideal for

SuiteCommerce is a suitable tool for users that have advanced on their scaling journey and need a robust solution that will support sales through both B2C and B2B channels. The tool features continuous incremental feature releases with automatic updates and it can be deployed in multi-tenant cloud environments.

Why Go With

SuiteCommerce is a great choice for Ecommerce website operators that want a solution they can commit to for the long haul. Additionally, Netsuite has longstanding experience in supporting multi-tenant hybrid cloud environments—allowing retailers to leverage both on-premises and cloud computing resources to bring scalable Ecommerce marketplaces to a global audience. 


360 Degree Customer View

Because SuiteCommerce integrates with the rest of Netsuite’s product offering it allows retailers to get a 360 degree review of the customer and their account status. Other Netsuite products include Advanced Financials, Advanced Inventory, Advanced Manufacturing, Data Center, and Demand Planning.

Connect Everything

SuiteCommerce can connect to all the hardware and software that a business uses to sell. This includes point of sale (POS) tools, back office inventory management tools, and online integrations. SuiteCommerce integrates seamlessly with the rest of the Netsuite product suite.

Integrated Channel Management

Omnichannel delivery is one of SuiteCommerce’s key principles. The software supports sales through both B2B and B2C channels. 


Development teams working in professional environments are used to having staging environments where they can preview and perform quality assurance on their edits before having them appear live on the (production) site. SuiteCommerce makes it easy to mirror this functionality in ecommerce development. Site editors can preview how changes are going to look in the live environment and then schedule them for rollout. For site managers that need to carefully coordinate their online offering with product launches, this is an important functionality.

Coordinated Upgrades

Ecommerce site owners are sometimes wary of “version lock” — getting locked into using a specific version of a platform they have come to depend upon. With SuiteCommerce, updates to both the CMS core and the plugins that expand its functionality are automatically applied twice per year. This allows ecommerce site owners to operate more secure marketplaces that do not contain unpatched vulnerabilities. For developers that want to take things further, Netsuite offers an API that integrates with the platform allowing them to create their own customized extensions to meet proprietary ecommerce needs.

Other features include:

  • Support for multiple currencies, multiple languages, and multiple sales geographies
  • Quick SKU creation and tracking
  • Integration with ERP functionalities from within the Netsuite product library
  • SuiteCommerce Advanced for customers that require more advanced functionalities and a seamless upgrade process between the two version


Responsive Design

SuiteCommerce is built to support responsive design. This means that vendors are able to design a product catalog that will look as good on smartphones as it will on tablets.

Drag and Drop Designer

Updating product listings is simple thanks to SuiteCommerce’s drag and drop functionality. More technical users that feel comfortable getting under the hood can make more advanced changes.

Payment Processing

SuiteCommerce administrators can set up a variety of payment methods. A long list of both regional and international payment gateways is supported including AsiaPay (Australia, China), eWAY Rapid, and VeriTrans. Oracle has put together extensive documentation for administrators that need specific instructions on integrating a new gateway. 

SEO Tools

SuiteCommerce provides many tools to assist with search engine optimization. Additionally the company has put together documentation in the developers access area advising customers on how to best use the available functionalities to help boost search rankings. 

Some of Netsuite’s current SEO recommendations and tools include:

  • Using the content delivery SuiteApp to access and modify key page SEO elements including page titles, meta descriptions, and headers.
  • Using the SEO page generator to automatically generate full HTML pages to help bots index key site content
  • Generating a valid robot.txt file which gives bots and search engine crawls permission to index the site, or parts of it

Secure Hosting

As a Software as a Service (SaaS) offering, SuiteCommerce is typically hosted on Netsuite’s infrastructure. The infrastructure which Oracle provisions SuiteCommerce installs on has a historic 99.9% uptime record over the past nine years. This means that users can rest assured that their website will not suffer outages due to problems which might affect websites hosted in on-premises data centers.

Additionally, SuiteCommerce supports a multi-tenant installation model. For large clients that wish to combine cloud-hosted and local resources to deliver content and integrate with systems, SuiteCommerce is up to the job.

Customer Support Services

SuiteSupport is Oracle’s portal for customers that need assistance with using their products. Customers receive access to 1 of 2 support tiers depending on their subscription: Basic and Premium. Both provide 24/7 access for Severity 1 issues and support online case submission. Response times for cases of lower severity vary between the plans. In both instances, users are provided with access to Netsuite product experts that should be able to assist with any issue related to SuiteCommerce including configuration and troubleshooting.

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Bottom Line

For businesses that are ready to sell on a global and enterprise scale then SuiteCommerce by Oracle remains among the preferred choices. It integrates seamlessly with the rest of the Netsuite products and supports multiple currencies and multi-tenant (cloud/on premises) architectures. It’s an advanced tool that can be used to sell at scale.

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