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EasyStoreCreator Review StaffApr. 10, 2019

In a Nutshell

Easy Store Creator lives up to its name. Here, you'll find everything you need to build an online store, plus you'll find it at an affordable rate. This company offers an outstanding customer experience; with a simple point and click interface plus outstanding customer support, it takes the bother out of ecommerce, allowing you to focus on running your business, rather than worrying about whether your online store is functioning properly.


  • Simple point and click interface
  • Convenient live chat is available
  • Initial 45-day no risk period


  • Very little information is available about it from 3rd parties

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Easy Store Creator offers much more than easy-to-use shopping carts for your website! When you visit, you'll discover that it offers email solutions, site statistics, banner design and management tools, affiliate tracking, and great customer support. All ecommerce solutions Easy Store Creator offers are completely customizable. Whether you plan on using just the shopping cart software, of if you need online store hosting backed by a global monitoring system, you'll discover designs and tools that seem to have been created with you in mind.

Additional features include a site builder complete with design tools, newsletter management, customer and order management, inventory management, and automated email notifications. Shipping and order tracking are also part of the package you'll receive for a single monthly fee, when you make the decision to let Easy Store Creator do the heavy lifting for you.


If you are concerned about making a mistake by investing in an ecommerce website that won't work right for you, you can put your worries to rest for at least the next few minutes. To begin with, every new customer at Easy Store Creator gets to enjoy an almost unprecedented 45 day no risk period, meaning, if you're not satisfied during the first month and a half of service you'll get your money back.

To sweeten the pot, Easy Store Creator offers all customers a free custom ecommerce website template at signup. Then, to add even more appeal, the company offers everyone a low monthly fee with a hefty 25% discount for annual signup. There are no setup fees or other hidden costs associated with Easy Store Creator.

Subscription Package
Base Price
Additional Costs

EasyStoreCreator EasyStoreCreator Compare All

Safety Options

Security and safety are two additional things Easy Store Creator offers - and it does not skimp in these departments, either. Transactional security and website redundancy are important aspects of the company's security offerings, and so is MaxMind fraud detection, which is available as a surprisingly inexpensive add-on.

With MaxMind's service, any risky orders are held for further review. This service is used to identify and prevent fraud in affiliate referrals, account signups and logins, ecommerce transactions, and more. The service determines the likelihood of fraudulent activity by watching for online transactions that originate from high-risk IP addresses and high-risk emails, in addition to other factors. Thousands of ecommerce businesses use this service for fraud detection; it functions on its own and adds no burden to the end user.

Customer Support & Overall Service

Like everything else about Easy Store Creator, contacting customer support is...easy. Live chat is available, as is a toll-free telephone number; emailing customer support is another option you can choose.

A comprehensive range of self service support features are available throughout the site. There is an education center with plenty of information to help you make an informed decisions and learn how to overcome common problems shopping cart beginners tend to encounter. Plus there are video tutorials and other resources available to ensure you have a positive experience as you learn to use your new shopping cart to its best advantage.

Overall, this site offers great value for the price, plus it's so easy to use that even complete novices find themselves enjoying almost instant success with very little practice. Once it's up and running, it does the work so you don't have to - what more could you ask for? StaffJul. 01, 2019
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