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Digital River Review StaffApr. 10, 2019

In a Nutshell

Offering commerce, emarketing, and payment solutions that are among the best, Digital River is renowned for building, growing, and managing businesses around the world. With up to date offerings, including commerce solutions designed expressly for Windows 8, cloud-based subscription billing, and a whole lot more, Digital River offers solutions for everyone - from game publishers to branded manufacturers, to digital and media product companies.


  • Offers three distinct marketing solutions for users’ needs
  • Boasts customers such as Microsoft, Logitech, and Capcom
  • Cost is performance based, so it’s always affordable


  • Payment plans are available upon request
  • Users have complained about the customer service
  • Some aspects of the technology could use updating

Digital River Digital River Compare All


Commerce Solutions - Digital River offers commerce solutions for everyone - from small businesses, to global corporations. Whether your business is funky and independent, or if it's old-school and globalized, you'll find a solution that works for you. Smart and proven, completely scalable, and always up to the minute, solutions are available in fully managed, self-managed, and independent formats.

E-Marketing Solutions - There are three distinct marketing solutions available at Digital River. 

  1. Market Force is is a full-service marketing agency that completely frees companies from the need to manage marketing in-house
  2. marketStudio is a suite of self-service e-marketing tools for in-house use and complete marketing control
  3. and marketStream is a network of partners including retailers, affiliates, and more. 

No matter what your industry, one of these e-marketing solutions is likely to be right for you.

Payment Solutions - Digital River offers a wealth of payment solutions that successfully combine proven payment programs with world class tools and e-marketing programs. Maximizing revenue growth, reducing cart abandonment, and offering access to new markets, as well as protecting transactions from fraud are all part of the big picture.


With customers like Microsoft, Logitech, Capcom, and many other global leaders, you know Digital River offers great value that can't be measured only in dollars. Still, price does matter - whether you're growing your business on your own, or if your company has already made a name for itself in the global marketplace. That’s why Digital River offers solutions that small businesses can afford. Prices are based upon business success, ensuring affordability - no matter how many sales you make. Prices range from 0% + 99 cents to 2.9% + $1. Creating an account and uploading a shopping cart is fast and simple - individuals can begin selling products online in a mere matter of minutes in some cases.

To get a complete cost comparison and determine whether Digital River has a price point that will work for you, contact them - they work with businesses large and small to create ecommerce success.

Digital River Digital River Compare All

Safety Options

Your personal information and that of your customers is safe with Digital River. Constantly upgrading, and offering the very best in encryption, redundancy, and security, this company has been entrusted with more than $8 billion in client revenue per annum - you can bet there will be no shady deals happening in some hacker's basement when you make the decision to entrust your own reputation or that of your business to this company.

You'll be asked to consent at various stages as you place your order, and your information will be verified; this isn't to harass you - far from it - and you can rest assured that your details will not be shared with third parties. You may receive targeted marketing messages designed to help you enjoy a premium shopping experience, and you may choose to send similar messages to your own clientele. This is just one example that shows how Digital River stands out from the crowd in every way.

Customer Support & Overall Service

Digital River genuinely cares for its customers - that is evident in the sheer amount of information available on its main website. You'll find a number of options for contacting customer service, including addresses and telephone numbers for its offices (located all around the world, from Minnesota to Ireland,) to simple web forms you can fill out for quick answers to specific questions. StaffJul. 01, 2019
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