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BigCommerce Review

very good
Dave Platt

In a Nutshell

BigCommerce is the only Ecommerce platform with PayPal One Touch, plus all users get access to hundreds of customizable apps and integrations. It currently offers a 15-day free trial, with no credit card required.


  • Built-in mobile store support
  • 24/7 live phone support


  • Limited free template options
  • Maximum annual sales limits

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When it comes to the actual site design of your Ecommerce storefront, BigCommerce has its own strengths and weaknesses. First off, there’s no denying that BigCommerce has an incredibly easy-to-use site building system in place.

With an intuitive interface and an appreciation for simplicity, this company fully understands that most of its clients are Ecommerce retailers - not masters of HTML and CSS coding.

Still, it’s important to recognize where this service struggles. While there are  plenty of professional templates to choose from, some of those templates are not fully responsive—meaning they may not display properly on mobile devices with smaller screens.

Don’t let that scare you, though. BigCommerce does support HTML and CSS coding. The design editor gives you full control over the visual customization of your site. You won’t be able to customize the functionality though, as BigCommerce doesn’t allow for the editing of PHP or the code used for actual shopping cart functionality. You can layer in functions, it just takes a little knowledge or you’ll need to hire a developer.

Payment Processing

When you’re managing an Ecommerce store, it’s safe to assume that your customers are all going to have different ways of paying you. Choosing the right site builder for your business is all about determining what kind of payment options you need.

BigCommerce may have been designed with small businesses in mind, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t  give you enterprise-level support. With access to PayPal, Stripe, and, it’s no surprise that BigCommerce is considered to have one of the most well-rounded payment solutions in the Ecommerce  market.

As if that wasn’t enough, BigCommerce also happens to be the only Ecommerce platform to date that has PayPal One Touch built-in. Essentially, that lets you offer an instant checkout to the more than 100 million PayPal shoppers. Not only does this increase conversions, but it proves that BigCommerce takes efficient payment integration seriously.

SEO Tools

When it comes to digital marketing, SEO happens to be one of the most underappreciated (and complex) techniques to turn potential customers into paying ones. Understandably, most budding Ecommerce retailers would prefer to have a simplified SEO solution.

With BigCommerce you can control the permalinks for your individual product pages and site content. You also have control over title and meta elements. The themes are all designed to load quickly as well, so that site speed won’t create a ranking problem for your online store.

The native SEO features end there but there is an extensive app marketplace within BigCommerce where you may be able to find apps to help with your search optimization, including scoring your current efforts.







Call 1-866-991-0872

Online Sales/year





Abandoned cart saver





24/7 live support





*Prices last updated: January 2021

Secure Hosting

Having an impressive storefront might be exciting for your customers, but as an Ecommerce retailer, stability and security should be the thing that excites you. Once you look past all of the bells and whistles, it’s crucial to determine how safe your data is.

Fortunately, BigCommerce put just as much effort into its security as it does into its website design. When it comes to uptime, BigCommerce boasts a 99.99% average uptime (compared to the industry average of 99.5%). Historically, it has managed to deliver 100% availability during Cyber Week. With each store protected by layers of perimeter and server-specific firewalls, file integrity scanners and intrusion detection software, it’s clear that BigCommerce cares about keeping your data safe as much as you do.

Hosted stores are automatically set up under BigCommerce’s native secure socket layer (SSL). Once you set up your own domain you can integrate your own SSL certificate to keep customer data encrypted.

Customer Support Services

As any experienced Ecommerce retailer can tell you, it’s just a matter of time before you encounter a problem with or have a question about your site. There are just too many variables and moving parts for everything to go smoothly 24/7.

BigCommerce certainly delivers in that department. With a 24/7 support team that can be reached by phone, email and live saveable chat, BigCommerce makes sure that you’re covered no matter what time disaster strikes.

The site also offers access to help articles and tutorials so you can try to troubleshoot issues on your own if you’re comfortable enough to try and tackle them before calling support.

Seamless Integration and Migration Tools

The latest exciting feature in BigCommerce’s toolbox is the ability to integrate with existing Ecommerce platforms. This migration feature provides impressive benefits, and makes this platform the first of its kind to natively support Amazon selling. Merchants are no longer faced with having to pick their favorite Ecommerce platform provider. Thanks to this tool, users can simultaneously list products on their branded BigCommerce site as well as Amazon, Ebay, and Facebook storefronts. Amazon Ecommerce merchants can integrate with the BigCommerce platform, giving them the power to customize their storefront with the Ecommerce website builder, yet still maintain the benefits of having their products listed with Amazon, Pinterest, Facebook or eBay.

Another major benefit of this new tool is the reduction in the risk of shopping cart abandonment. Thanks to synchronized inventory tracking, the correct stock levels are displayed across all storefronts. By controlling stock levels from a single location, you stop customers from discovering part-way through their order that the product has already been sold on another site. Integrated inventory tracking across your BigCommerce, Amazon, Ebay, and Facebook storefronts means you can control and display the same inventory, and manage it all from a single, cloud-based interface.

BigCommerce BigCommerce Visit Site

BigCommerce's Buy Button Feature

From marketing your products on Instagram to enhancing your blog site with more commerce options, BigCommerce’s new buy button feature makes online shopping a breeze for everyone—from business owners straight down to their customers. 

Buy buttons offer both consumers and sellers a lot more than a simple link ever could. For example, while a link will bring a customer to a specified product or landing page, your BigCommerce buy button can be used to:

  • Easily embed a direct path to your checkout page
  • Reach customers on a variety of platforms
  • Provide a new, more engaging format for the NOW generation of shoppers
  • Customize your sales funnel
  • Google Analytics-linked


BigCommerce helps owners who want to expand their store by offering hundreds of single-click integrations with first-class software. Seamlessly use pre-built integrations by connecting platforms such as Listrak, Bronto, NetSuite and many others that are designed specifically for growing businesses.

BigCommerce Enterprise was launched in 2015 for high-volume retailers, and features advanced security, real-time analytics and much more. Business owners can easily evaluate customer purchasing behaviors, learn to optimize inventory and merchandising and evaluate marketing campaign performances in real time - all necessary tools for scaling a business.


BigCommerce is a reputable and feature-rich Ecommerce platform that has grown to become one of the largest providers in the industry. Its rates are competitive and it provides everything a startup or growing online business needs to attract and retain customers.

Frequently Asked Questions
Is BigCommerce safe?+-

BigCommerce hosts all of its ecommerce stores on a native secure socket layer (SSL). Its uptimes exceed the average and it enacts exceptional security safeguards such as server-specific firewalls and intrusion-detection software.

Is BigCommerce easy to use?+-

BigCommerce is known for its simplicity and boasts an easy-to-use interface geared towards those not proficient in HTML and CSS coding. The design editor is intuitive and relatively simple to use even for those without experience.

How much does BigCommerce cost?+-

BigCommerce's standard plan costs $29.95 per month, and prices go up from there depending on your needs. It offers a Plus plan that costs $79.95 per month, as well as a more advanced Pro plan for $299.95 per month.

David Platt writes for He developed an extensive working knowledge of background check and data management services in his time providing support for military access credentials with respected biometric security service provider SureID. He has further developed his internet security skills in completing a Bachelors of Science degree at Portland State University.

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Ease of use

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a year ago

I love BigCommmerce. I just starting using this a few weeks ago. This application is very easy to use and maneuver around. So far I am on the free trial period which is also amazing because it gives you the chance to know whether or not that's the application that you want to use. I would recommend this to anyone that is ready, to move to BigCommerce.

a year ago

Excellent service and a great value,and a leader for their innovative ecommerce platform.

a year ago

I'm a huge fan of BigCommerce. They are overall top 5 in my opinion. They really help me build a great user friendly platform.

a year ago

I like how it allows you to easily manage eCommerce and has great support. I also like how it has a great site design.

a year ago

BigCommerce was almost an exact match for what my company required including the pricing structure. There isn't much we do not like about it.

a year ago

Great experience for a e-commerce platform, using BigCommerce is the only way to go.

a year ago

BigCommerce was easy to use and I was able to complete my project quickly without any issues. I was able to follow their built in tutorials to complete the store set up.

a year ago

Running a wordpress site and dropshipping is super easy and integrates perfectly as a plugin automating several jobs that would take hours without.

1 years ago

Because it easy to use. I like the value for my money. This is why have given this overall 5 star rating.

1 years ago

BigCommerce is a good company, would recommend to friend or family, gets work done, is very fast, and satisfied my needs.

1 years ago

BigCommerce, I rated it high because of the good quality they provided to the customer.

1 years ago

I love using them because they have the best eCommerce store for the best prices and the best service ever offered.

1 years ago

BigCommerce is a quality service, easy to use and satisfactory for customers.

1 years ago

It is easy to use and will provide an excellent monetary service to the company.

1 years ago

Because they offer a good value per the money for your services and platforms...

1 years ago

They are one of the best in the league they have great service and strive to be the best.

1 years ago

I like it very much because it is very much reliable and trustworthy, easy to use.

1 years ago

A lot of options for consumers including drop shipping where they pack and ship to the consumer for you. Different selling platforms for entrepreneurs. Easy to operate. Great 24hr customer service. You get a lot of quality for your money. Just an great overall service.

1 years ago

It has been easy to use, profitable for my business and overall a positive experience.

1 years ago

It is an easy program to use and easy to understand. The rates they offer are very good too.

80 reviews
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