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How to Implement SEO in Your Ecommerce Site

Top10.com Staff
How to Implement SEO in Your Ecommerce Site
Search engine optimization or SEO is an extremely important part of developing and establishing an Ecommerce website. A website is optimized for the search engines as a means of making it available to potential customers who are looking for a specific type of business or provider online.

A search is  conducted through the use of keywords or a key phrase that is relevant to the products or services that  are being sold. The more relevant the web pages are to the typical search terms that are used by  consumers, the more visible a website will be in the search engines.

Getting Started

The best way to implement SEO strategies into your Ecommerce website is to start with the content. Creating original, quality, relevant content is essential to the success of your website. Whatever you are selling, there should be a number of basic keywords and topics that you can provide written content about that will attract consumers to your site. Most of the major Ecommerce site builders, such as Wix, include plans that help you with basic SEO marketing.

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Tips, articles, tutorials, how-to guides, reviews of products and even product descriptions are all great examples of opportunities for establishing well-written text on your website. If you are not a writer or no one on your staff has experience in this area you can also hire out this task to freelance writers who have experience with your market or niche. Invite customers to write reviews of your products or services and include them in with product descriptions to increase keyword relevance and consumer confidence.

Structure and Development

Another important part of SEO lies in the overall structure and development of your website. Your Ecommerce site should not be confusing and should be easy to navigate. The point is to help your potential customers find the items you are selling and the checkout process should be smooth and easy as well. Accessibility and navigation will need to be addressed to ensure that customers and search engine bots can easily find everything you have to offer.

An Ecommerce website that has been created using development standards will also rank higher than a site that has been poorly designed. There are online tests available that will help to verify your HTML, CSS and other markup code to ensure that your site has been properly developed. Even the tiniest mistakes can be costly in this area.

Hidden Keywords

Some marketers will tell you that you need to "hide" or "cram" keywords throughout your website to boost your relevance. However, this technique will only cause negative results in the long run and could get your site banned. The hidden keywords that are being referred to in this article are the keywords that are legally present in the markup of each page, but are not seen by your visitors on the page.

Add keywords and descriptive text to your meta tags, include them in alt tags for your images or links and even use them in the file names that you use on your website. For example, the image that you use for each product should contain the product name and brand to add relevance in the search engines. Using an alt tag for each image will provide a written description for visually impaired visitors who are using a site reader tool, but will also add relevant keywords for the search engines.

Honest SEO

The best SEO is straight-forward, honest SEO. When you use quality content and apply relevant descriptive text to the elements found in your website, you will naturally increase the relevance and rank of your pages without having to resort to sneaky tactics or underhanded techniques. The search engines will reward you for your honesty with higher rankings, better visibility and targeted traffic. Check out our reviews of the leading Ecommerce site builders to see which of them provide the SEO tools you need for your business.

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