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This Is Tinder’s New Video Chat Feature, Face-to-Face

Top10.com Staff
The Tinder app on a smartphone
Tinder is becoming one of the most popular digital platforms for “making meaningful new connections around the world”. That’s the view of Tinder CEO Jim Lanzone, who recently announced the launch of a new video chat function that could revolutionize the way people date through Tinder.

Over 65 billion worldwide matches have been made thus far via the Tinder app. The dating app has unveiled its “video roadmap”, with an ambition to enable users to “express themselves” using the medium of video within their Tinder profiles.

With more than half of Tinder’s active user base now Gen Z individuals, video is an essential requirement to help young adults tell their “authentic stories” in 2021 and beyond.

Tinder’s Tinder’s new Face-to-Face feature is a major addition to its app, enabling users to start video chats with other matches.

The beauty of Face to Face is that users don't need to divulge their phone numbers to be able to chat. This makes it a safe and convenient function to meet potential love interests for the first time over the phone.

The Face to Face feature was first launched for Tinder users in the UK in 2020.

Now, US states like Virginia, Illinois, Georgia, and Colorado as well as Brazil, France, and Australia are starting to trial the functionality this summer.

Why should you be confident about using Tinder’s Face to Face feature?

First and foremost, Face to Face differs considerably from conventional video chat features you may have used elsewhere on apps like WhatsApp, for example.

The main difference being the “opt-in” function in Tinder’s Face to Face. Both users in a match are required to opt-in to enable a video call to take place.

Look for the video icon in the top right-hand corner of the app. Tap this once and accept the prompt to opt-in to a video call with a match to get started.

Just because you’ve opted in doesn’t mean you can’t opt out later. Plus, you can opt out at any point.

This is handy in case you encounter any catfishes or strange individuals that you don’t click with.

What else should you know about Tinder’s Face to Face video calls?

Let’s not beat around the bush - if you were wondering what can take place during these Face to Face video calls, don’t get too excited.

Both users in a Tinder match must abide by the rules to keep all Face to Face calls at a PG level i.e. no sexual content or nudity, as well as no illegal activities, racism, or violence.

When a Face to Face video call begins, your Tinder app will display the call in a split-screen mode.

According to Bernadette Morgan, Tinder’s senior product manager for its trust and safety team, the split-screen format was agreed to enable users to know “exactly what you look like on the other person’s phone”.

It’s hoped that this will help you feel “a little bit more comfortable” when you’re chatting to a new match for the first time.

Once you’ve hung up at the end of a Face to Face call on Tinder, your app will prompt you to state whether you would consider having another video call with your match again.

At this point, you will have the option to report a user if they were inappropriate during your call. Tinder’s head of trust and safety product, Rory Kozoll, insists the company has “no intention” of recording Face to Face calls, putting the power in the hands of individual users to report issues themselves.

It’s all part of giving Tinder members greater control over their destiny within the app. Earlier this summer, Tinder also gave users the ability to filter out other users and block them from messaging you.

The Block Contacts feature makes it possible to move existing contacts to a new list that ensures you won’t see them and they won’t see you again.

Tinder CEO Jim Lanzone described the current climate for online dating as “less of a transactional environment now”.

Instead, people prefer to “get to know people better virtually before they agree to meet offline”. Tinder has also launched another real-time feature called “Hot Takes”.

With Gen Z seeking out different ways to hook up with people, Hot Takes is designed to provide a new fast-paced social experience.

Hot Takes makes it possible for users to chat with other people and make a snap decision on whether to match with them afterward.

You’ll see the timer count down to zero. If it reaches zero, you won’t match and you will be paired with another user next.

Hot Takes will be available to users from 6 pm until midnight daily, with users able to let their personalities and flirty wit do the talking before seeing each other.

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