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Senior Dating Advice: 10 Essential Tips for Successful Relationships in Your Senior Years.

Morgan Mandriota
Senior couple sitting on a bench together
No matter how old you are or what type of relationship you’re looking for, it’s never too late to start dating again. When you’re ready to put yourself out there, it will help to be prepared by learning some valuable tips and tricks on how to best navigate the senior dating pool.

Here are our top ten essential dating tips for seniors.

1.  Figure out what you want out of dating

Do you want to find a partnership? Are you looking for a friend to spend time with? Or maybe you’re seeking a romantic partner.

Before you go ahead and put yourself out there, it helps to know what you’re actually hoping to achieve by dating. Going with the flow works, too, of course, but having a goal might help you achieve it sooner rather than later.

Take some time to reflect on what type of relationship you’re looking for and what kind of person you’re hoping to meet before jumping headfirst into the wild world of dating.

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2. Be honest about your intentions

Once you figure out what you want, be open and honest about your intentions with the folks who you meet.

For example, if you’re not looking for a romantic relationship and the person you’re interested in is seeking serious companionship after a divorce or the loss of their partner, this likely won’t work out for either of you.

After all, you don’t want to waste your time or anyone else’s if your wants, needs, and priorities don’t align with one another. Then you can both be free to meet other people who will be better fits.

3.  Try dating apps for seniors

There’s a dating app for every group of people nowadays. Good news! This means that there are also apps specifically tailored to seniors. 

Test out some of the top online dating services for seniors. If you don’t want to specifically go on a senior dating app, most (if not all) other dating apps let you adjust your age range so you can meet people within your desired age group no matter which app you use or how old you are.

If you ever need tips on how to set up your profile, which pictures to share, and how to navigate the app, don’t worry. You can rely on the Help or FAQ sections of the app, consult a more tech-savvy loved one, or watch YouTube videos for guidance.

4. Have an open mind

This seems contradictory to the first tip on our list (figure out what you’re looking for). But it’s possible to know what you want while keeping an open mind. (Hear us out.)

You probably already know your “type” or the general kind of person to whom you’re usually attracted to. But especially if you use dating apps, you have the opportunity to meet so many different types of people.

Test the waters! You might just be surprised by the people you end up meeting and liking.

5. Be patient

No matter your age, finding someone who’s worth sharing your time with can be a challenge. You might meet many people along your dating journey, and some dates might be horrible. But the challenge is a worthwhile one when it all pays off in the end.

Take your time, and have patience. Sometimes you have to kiss a bunch of frogs until you meet the right person.

6. Figure out your non-negotiables

Do you need them to meet your family? When is an appropriate time for them to introduce you to their kids? Are you looking for a partner to share hobbies with or someone who can introduce you to new experiences?

Decide what you will and won’t accept in a potential partner. If they drink or want a nonmonogamous relationship and you don’t, consider that a deal breaker. If they must be open to meeting your kids and grandkids, that’s also worth noting.

There’s no need to settle. You can and will find who and what you’re looking for. It’s just a matter of time!

7. Meet dates virtually first

Concerned about your health or don’t want to waste your time meeting someone in person if you’re unsure you’ll like them? Platforms like Skype and FaceTime are a great and safe way to connect with people before in-person dates.

You can have a virtual coffee date, cook the same dinner then eat it together, or hop on a quick 10-minute call to see if you even like the sound of their voice. If the online date goes well, then you can go from there. If not, well, you didn’t even have to leave your home to find out!

8. Embrace dating in person

When you feel ready, don’t be afraid to take things from the online world to real life. Some date ideas depending on your intention, interests, and abilities include:

  • Coffee date
  • Lunch or dinner date
  • Stroll along the water
  • Grab happy hour drinks
  • Mini golf
  • Play pool
  • Go to a concert

Watch live music at a local bar

Whatever you do, tailor the date to both of your likings so you’ll have the highest chance of having a good time.

9. Ask your loved ones for help

You may be single, but you don’t have to enter the dating world alone! Lean on your family members, friends, or other trusty people in your life to help you navigate the dating pool. They may have tips for setting up your online dating profile, showing you how to use the apps, and may give you general dating advice if it’s been a while for you.

10. Enjoy yourself

Dating can be stressful or enjoyable. It totally depends on how you approach it. If you go into dates with a negative mindset, you won’t have a good time or find what you’re looking for (with ease, at least).

Try to take the pressure off yourself and your date by prioritizing fun as your goal. That way, no matter what comes of each conversation or date, at least you’ll enjoy yourself.

Good luck on your dating journey! We hope that using these tips will help you navigate the waters a bit more smoothly. 

Morgan Mandriota
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