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NetSuite Review - CRM Software For Enterprise Users

Marth Kendall Custard

In a Nutshell

NetSuite CRM is a mature and enterprise-grade CRM developed by Oracle. It allows users to connect other data sources in order to deliver a seamless information flow to users. NetSuite CRM can also facilitate commission tracking, sales forecasting, and can leverage integrated Ecommerce capabilities.


  • Suitable for enterprises
  • 360-degree customer view
  • Good for managing global sales and service organizations


  • Does not categorize leads as most CRMs do
  • Programing required for customization can be complex
  • More expensive than other options

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Oracle (Netsuite) CRM at a Glance

Best For: Enterprise users

Key Use: General CRM including lead capture and marketing automation

Price: Base licensing cost ($999/month) plus user fees (additional pricing details require a consultation and are case dependent)

Free Trial: Depends on MSP, but usually 14 days


NetSuiteCRM is an enterprise grade CRM with marketing automation and sales features. It features both custom and default reporting functionalities.

Tools For Sales Teams

Salesforce Automation

Netsuite CRM allows users to boost the efficiency of their salesforce by handling automation including automated lead routing and handover. NetSuite’s sales force automation equips sales with real-time access to customer, opportunity, and order data, helping sales teams manage and convert leads. 


Netsuite also includes the full range of typical CRM functionalities including logging and saving leads, opportunities, and deals.

Sales Forecasting

NetSuite CRM allows users to obtain various types of sales forecasting in order to predict future sales volumes. These include mood ring forecasts, calculated forecasts, and multiple forecasts. 

Tools for Customer Support Teams

Customer service is integrated with all the pages in the CRM providing agents with a true 360-degree view of customer activity. Using Netsuite CRM, sales, marketing, and support resources are able to work in close alignment.

Tools For Marketing Teams

Marketing Automation

NetSuite CRM allows users to leverage marketing automation in order to better target, build, and execute marketing campaigns. The sales team can then directly see the results of lead generation activities, which can be integrated into outbound campaigns. NetSuite allows users to automate multi-channel marketing campaigns to align with sales efforts. This allows for rapid response times, maximizing the value of opportunities. IT also automates lead capture from websites, search engines, direct mail, and events. Other marketing applications include NetSuite’s ability to build and send promotional and automated email marketing campaigns, as well as the ability to support upsell marketing based on purchasing patterns. 

Customizations And Integrations

As a CRM that is mostly used by large companies and enterprise clients, virtually every aspect of Netsuite CRM can be customized. For one, users are free to create as many custom fields as they need in order to have the CRM laid out exactly according to their needs. Secondly, NetSuite SiteBuilder allows users to create application forms that mimic their agents’ precise preferred lead collection process.

Reporting And Dashboard

NetsuiteCRM’s home screen features a dashboard environment that displays a real time information feed from across the organization. Users can also customize the display to filter the activity depending upon its status in the lead funnel and visualize the pipeline. For reporting Netsuite CRM allows users to pull down either standard or customized reports tailored to their specific requirements. 

Mobile Options

NetSuite CRM has mobile applications for both iPhone and Android. The native iPhone application allows users to access the full range of CRM functions including KPI metric display, scorecards, and graphics. The Android version provides access to the integrated business suite, letting users get business snapshots with dashboard support, check KPIs, and more.

Plans And Pricing

NetSuite CRM is an enterprise grade CRM designed for deployment to large user bases. There is a basic organization licensing fee of $999 per month. After that, additional users can be added for $99/user. NetSuite pricing can differ on a case by case basis. To truly grasp the cost for your company to use NetSuite, you must schedule a consultation.

Ease Of Implementation And Use

Netsuite is designed to be deployed in organizations by experienced system administrators. At a minimum administrators will need to set up an outbound email server (SMTP) to send emails. Additionally, access permissions need to be set up in order to ensure that only authorized parties get access to controlled parts of the CRM. 

Customer Service

Netsuite support is available on 2 tiers: basic and premium. Those that subscribe to a service tier that enables premium support are entitled to 24/7 critical system access and can appoint 4 authorized support contacts in the organization for non-critical concerns. Chats with support representatives can be initiated by using the live chat support button or by contacting one of the international direct dial numbers. 

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What User Say About Oracle Netsuite

“We’ve had exponential growth without having to increase headcount, and we’ve been able to handle that with a system like NetSuite.”

The Second City (implementation team)

“NetSuite is a robust, all-in-one system that allows us to do everything we need to simplify and optimize our business.”

Natalie Riley, VP of Finance and Operations, Topo Athletic

Bottom Line

NetSuite CRM is an enterprise grade CRM that contains a powerful set of functionalities, giving users a 360-degree view of the organization and its customers. Given that it is designed for use in enterprises, it is unsurprisingly not the cheapest CRM on the market. However, for those that need a scalable tool that can be backed by support with strictly defined service-level agreements, it is a good option.

Martha Kendall Custard writes for and is a conversion-driven marketer and B2B content creator who improves brand authority while making sales. She works with SaaS and software companies as well as digital advertising agencies to write strategic blog posts that drive traffic and convert.

NetSuite customer reviews

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Ease of use

Brand satisfaction

Value for money

Service quality

Top Reviews

Ease of use

Brand satisfaction

Value for money

Service quality

a month ago

It is easy to train employees. We were able to service our patients and their needs.

a month ago

It is an awesome organization of data, most easily accessible and retrievable to the user.

2 months ago

It showed me how to work better using their software. It has easy to follow instructions that I have really enjoyed learning on. I really like that Netsuite offers different software programs to use.

2 months ago

It does exactly what it says it will, there have been no issues, no problems from day one. I have had only good results, the program functions perfect at all times.

2 months ago

The software package design they offer really makes a lot of sense, and I can say they are well above average when it comes to delivering.

2 months ago

It has great software and software upgrades. Their customer service is first rate.

2 months ago

For me Oracle Netsuite is a huge Yes ! They have great customer service. I am very happy and satisfied with all the time with everything their software does.

2 months ago

It is an enterprise resource-planning software to manage invention art and track financial aspects. They also maintain customer relationship management systems.

3 months ago

I have always used oracle in business and in my personal life, and school too. It helps me become dramatically better at my work, and helps the company to be successful and be united.

3 months ago

It is a reliable service which provides a unique product for all business operators.

3 months ago

It's a great customer service software that it's my job a lot easier to deal with and handle.

3 months ago

Oracle netsuite is very overall easy to use and has great customer service. Best value for your money.

3 months ago

Oracle NetSuite is easy to use, their software integrate easy and the cost was pretty fair for what it provides.

3 months ago

Oracle Netsuite is a great example because it helps achieve goals that I need in order to work.

3 months ago

It is amazing and appealing to me and my family in general. I love everything about the products.

a month ago

Great service and performance. I would definitely recommend it to my family and friends. The price is perfect with my annual income.

1 months ago

Excellent reporting module. I like the way it groups customers according to categories set up by the end user.

1 months ago

It is an easy package, no technical problems and not expensive. That is the key, something that fits in budget.

1 months ago

They have good breath of service and pricing. They could improve with more integration to our existing software and technology.

1 months ago

Oracle Netsuite has been a great brand all this while, but I believe they can improve their CRM logs.

36 reviews