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In a Nutshell

InfoFlo CRM is an alternative to cloud-hosted CRMs like Salesforce and Pipedrive, offering many advantages over its competitors. It offers hybrid on-premises ($99) and cloud ($30/month) deployment architectures. Does this tool have the power that small businesses need to manage their outbound marketing and sales? We took a look.


  • Both cloud and on premises deployment
  • Custom field creation
  • Integration with Outlook


  • One of the lesser known players in CRM
  • Need own infrastructure for on-prem install

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InfoFlo CRM at a Glance

Best for 
Businesses that want to host an on-premises CRM 
Key use
On-premises CRM or hybrid cloud/on-prem deployment
$99-$199 lifetime deployment option
Free trail
30 days


InfoFlo CRM contains a number of tools needed for sales teams to manage all aspects of client relations. There is contact management, custom field mapping, and relationship management. Contact management provides a complete solution for tracking all contact information. Custom fields allow users to optimize the CRM to fit their unique needs as a business by adding the fields that they require to make the tool fit their unique needs.

Tools for Sales Teams

Leads and Opportunities

InfoFlo CRM segregates between different entities related to the sales funnel. This includes leads and opportunities. By spacing out the entities in this manner teams are better able to assume account management responsibility based on their job responsibilities. 

Document Editor

Users are able to easily append documentation to each record in the CRM. For instance, this allows various team members to be able to call up historic correspondence attached to a record. For instance, a sales member could post an invoice and their colleague would be able to see it when they opened the customer page.

CSV Import 

There is a comma separated value (CSV) import functionality for users that wish to import large sets of data from other CRMs. Once the CSV file is uploaded the information can be automatically matched to existing CRM fields.

Custom Field Creation

No 2 businesses are the exact same. And so InfoFlo CRM allows each user to add the unique custom fields that they require in order to best map out their internal process and workflows. Additionally automation rules can be configured so that leads are automatically passed between different departments and salespeople depending on the detected lead score among other variables. 

Mobile Apps

InfoFlo Mobile also exists for iPhone and Android and provides the same functionalities that can be accessed through the online interface. Sales resources in the field can quickly sync up their data to the cloud.  

Tools for Customer Support Teams

InfoFlo does not contain the native customer support functionalities to provide support. However it can be used for that purpose by teams that wish to log client contact through the CRM for this purpose. Additionally several integrations, such as the PBX integration, can make it easier for teams to offer customer support via the CRM. Besides the PBX integration, the call recording add-on, for $79/user, allows administrators to link all incoming and outgoing calls to the appropriate contact.

Tools for Marketing Teams

Some of InfoFlo CRM’s add-ons can be used to support marketing activities. This includes the ability to manually add notes to annotate campaign activities. Additionally the email marketing add-on can also be added for $79/user. With this add-on in place users are able to create the professional campaigns and send to unlimited numbers of contacts for a flat fee.

Customization and Integrations 

The InfoFlo CRM integrates with a number of add-ons. These range in price from $79 to $99 per user. The list of possible integrations includes:

  • Invoicing
  • Project management
  • QuickBooks desktop sync
  • Email marketing
  • Outlook sync
  • QuickBooks Online sync
  • Call recording
  • Document auto naming

These integrations, once licensed, expand upon the functionality of the CRM. 

Reporting and Dashboards

InfoFlo CRM contains a dashboard view on its homepage which provides headline information about the number of leads at various stages in the sales funnel. Those that wish to access more detailed reporting can sign on for the advanced reporting add-on which is available for $79/user.

Mobile Options

InfoFlo CRM has apps available for both iOS and Android. These provide the full range of functionalities that the CRM does. 

Plans and Pricing

InfoFlo CRM can be purchased for on premises deployment for a 1-time fee of $99. This allows users to install the software on their own server and update it. However they need to have their own infrastructure in place in order to implement this option. The cloud hosted fee for InfoFlo Cloud is $30/user/month for the Starter subscription and $35/user/month for the Advanced one. 

Additionally add-ons can be purchased for $79 to $99.

On premises
$30-35 per user per month

Ease of Implementation and Use

Setting up InfoFlo is very straightforward. Users simply need to download and extract the script onto their own server in order to set up the on-premises edition. After connecting the storage database the system is ready to use. For the cloud version users simply need to maintain an active subscription.

Customer Service

The company provides support via its toll free number and can also respond to queries raised over tickets. 

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What Users Say About InfoFlo CRM

“Excellent. A cost effective and simple solution to my problem. I would recommend to others who are looking for a basic CRM that does the job and doesn't cost an arm and a leg in terms of dollars, but also time and pain to set up.”

-Martin C., Founder

“The idea behind the program is great! Love how it integrates with outlook. We also like how to link groups and individuals to businesses; as well as being able to save documents to the businesses profile. The general layout of the program is good and easy to use.”

-Dustin S., Benefits Advisor

“InfoFlo is user friendly with not so complicated features. I like how I'm able to integrate my GMail account into InfoFlow. I can click on a contact and all emails, notes and tasks associated with the contact are shown.”

-Rich S., Real Estate Agent

Bottom Line

InfoFlo CRM is a viable CRM tool for those that would prefer to run the software on their own computer. There are a variety of add on options to enhance its basic functionality.'s editorial staff is a professional team of editors, writers and experts with dozens of years of experience covering consumer, financial and business products and services.

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Ease of use

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Service quality

Ease of use

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