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In a Nutshell

Freshsales brings the power of artificial intelligence to CRM, with its automated lead scoring system and intelligent workflow management utilities. The CRM’s “visual pipeline” feature also makes it very obvious where each lead is in the sales funnel at all times. This is a great solution for teams that are eager to leverage some tech prowess in more effectively managing their pipeline.


  • Easily visualize lead status
  • Huge integration library


  • Task management and calendar functionalities could be richer

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Freshsales CRM at a Glance

Best for: Small to medium businesses

Key use: Pipeline visualization

Price: From $12/month

Free trial: 21 days


Freshsales CRM is a sales and marketing CRM that focuses on clean visuals and which makes it easy to see which stage your leads are at in the funnel. There is an entire range of integrations available including, most usefully, a click-and-dial integration with the Freshcaller VOIP service, which makes it possible for users to initiate and record calls from directly within the CRM.

Tools for Sales Teams

360 Degree Customer View

Freshsales makes it easy for sales teams to easily visualize the full breadth of information that their company holds on the leads in their system. 

This includes all social profiles that can be matched to customer email addresses, all previous contact touchpoints, including emails sent to the user through the CRM,  and calls logged within it.

Advanced Lead Scoring

As any sales team knows, flagging the leads with the best chance of converting into customers is a key task. 

Freshworks makes that process easier for sales teams by allowing users to assign complex rules which assign higher rankings to the leads with the most potential. 

Both positive and negative qualifying criteria can be set to ensure that leads are automatically assigned the most realistic value. Users can configure the system so that strong signs of high lead intent—such as repeat campaign email opens—correlate with a higher number.

Multiple Pipeline Management

Freshsales has complete support for multiple pipeline management and also makes it easy to visualize pipelines by dividing leads into columns based on their pipeline stage. A horizontal bar also brings pipeline visualization into the individual lead view.

Tools for Customer Support Teams

Freshworks doesn’t directly include any customer support features, but several of its third party integrations are designed to give the support team access to information from without the CRM (and vice-versa).

The most significant of these is Freshdesk (another Freshworks tool), which allows users to manage support tickets from within the CRM once they have an active license for the former. 

Functionalities that this 2-way integration adds include:

  • Auto-populating a “recent ticket” history for every lead Importing a “customer bio,” from the CRM history, to every ticket in Freshdesk
  • Stability. Freshsales and Freshdesk are both Freshworks product. Companies migrating to other tools therefore do not have to worry about having to find replacements for multiple security protocols and data standards.

Tools for Marketing Teams

Tools for the marketing team include:

  • Integration with web forms to automatically import captured data from landing pages into the CRM.

  • Email list management for curating and creating bulk contact lists.

  • Email tracking and calculation of common campaign metrics, including average open and bounce rates.

  • Email scheduling and notifications to optimize delivery to customers in different time zones.

  • An integration with Freshsales for Web which allows CRM users to see insights on user website engagement and even create campaigns based on previous resources accessed.

Customizations and Integrations

Freshsales is relatively customizable out of the box. Users are able to:

  • Add custom fields.

  • Set certain fields as required or assign them as “read only” values to prevent non-admin users from changing them.

  • Edit the name of default fields.

  • Create field groups and sub-groups and assign access policies based on membership levels.

  • Allow certain fields to populate in the quick view tab.

Freshworks maintains an active Marketplace where users can easily find, and add, integrations to any of the company’s products, including Freshsales, Freshdesk, and Freshservice. 

Freshsales integrations include:

  • Asana for project management

  • Mailchimp for email marketing

  • Freshcaller for VOIP

  • Hubspot for CRM data-sharing

  • Quickbooks for accounting and invoice management

Reporting and Dashboards

Freshsales includes a custom reporting module for users that need to extract customized reports from the CRM. 

Reports can be extracted for leads, accounts, and even on deals recorded in the system. Users are able to assign reports into categories and assign report owners who have overall authority to configure changes on that report.

Reports that can be configured include:

  • Deal funnels reports

  • Pipeline size by owner

  • Reports on deals over a certain value

Reports can also be configured to display in the dashboards area of the CRM and configured to be recreated — and sent by email — at recurring intervals.

Mobile Options

Freshsales is available for both Android and iOS. Both mobile versions feature:

  • Integration between CRM appointment calendars and native calendar apps.

  • Push notifications, which can also be configured on an individual basis for key accounts and tasks being followed.

  • Synchronization with the devices’ native call managers to log outgoing and incoming non-VOIP calls from directly within the CRM.

Plans and Pricing

Freshsales offers 4 pricing tiers, from $12/month (Blossom) through to $79/month (Forest, made for enterprises.)

1. Blossom

Price: $12/month


  • Contact management

  • Pipeline management

  • SMS integration

  • Gmail add-on

  • Basic reporting

  • More

2. Garden

Price: $25/month


All Blossom features, plus:

  • Territory-based automatic lead assignment

  • Advanced CRM customization

3. Estate

Price: $49/month

Features: All Garden features plus:

  • Automatic profile enrichment

  • Reports dashboard

  • Smartforms and event tracking

  • Multi currency support

4. Forest

Price: $79/month

Features: All Estate features, plus:

  • A higher daily bulk email limit (2,000/day)

  • More intelligent workflows

  • EUC Data Center

  • IP whitelisting 

  • Audit logs

Ease of Implementation and Use

Freshsales is one of the easiest to use CRMs on the market. The tool is noted for its easy visual layout with plenty of support cues popping up at the bottom of the window (although these can sometimes be distracting).

In fact, for end-users, the tool is so easy to use that many user testimonials say that they did not even require training to begin using the tool. 

From the administrator standpoint, we found it easy to configure custom reporting dashboards and create access policies and custom fields for the sales team. If the core functionality of any of the levels is not enough, then administrators only have to browse through the integrations library to find integrations with both other Freshworks products and popular third-party tools like Mailchimp and Asana. In general, these are also easy to configure. Those that require more advanced integrations can configure tools such as the Freshsales’ Python library, which adds advanced functionalities, including the ability to follow users’ in-app activities.

Customer Service

Freshsales has made plenty of sales resources available through its online helpdesk.

There, users can access a dedicated support helpline, access knowledge base videos and support documentation, and open and track the status of a ticket. All plans provide access to email support on a 24/7 basis, while phone support is provided 25/5 (during weekdays).

Freshsales Freshsales Visit Site

What Users Say

“Freshsales includes all features we expect in an agile sales CRM solution. Our sales team has a quick overview of leads and deals, and is equipped with the necessary information in one screen. “

Dr.Axel Niclas, Celexon Group

“Freshsales allows us to focus on converting our leads. The interface is so intuitive that our new sales staff do not require training on how to use Freshsales, they just hit the ground running.”

Chris Gaulin,

“Matching our sales process with the Freshsales deal pipeline resulted in a greater visibility into the deal status and also reduced our sales cycle by 28%.”

Erica Mannherz, Reply.Ai


Freshworks is a great and versatile CRM which can support the needs of both small businesses and large enterprises. For those that like visual bells and whistles, it’s a great find, with plenty of visual aids to show pipeline status and progress to conversion, as well as an entire marketplace full of integrations, many of which are seamless tie-ins with the company’s other products. There are plenty of support resources and a plan to suit every organization’s needs.'s editorial staff is a professional team of editors, writers and experts with dozens of years of experience covering consumer, financial and business products and services.

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Ease of use

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Service quality

Ease of use

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