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What Is a Background Check?

Top10.com Staff
What is a Background Check?
A background check is an information seeking process people or businesses do when they want to verify another person’s information. A background check compiles a person’s relevant personal, financial and/or job information into one easy-to-read report.

Why Do People Have Background Checks Done?

Individuals may want to have a background check done on other individuals as well. They can be useful for screening potential roommates or in order to determine if a person buying or selling a product should be trusted. Background checks can also be used to find long lost relatives or friends that people have lost touch with over the years.

What Type of Background Checks Are Available?

Not all background checks are looking for the same information. Some background checks look up a person’s criminal record history. Other background checks verify a person’s education history.

Where Does the Information on Background Checks Come From?

The information that is collected on background checks comes from a variety of sources. Information about criminal history is usually public record. Past educational experience can be confirmed by calling the schools people list on their resumes. Some information can also be obtained from social media pages.

What Information is Included on a Background Check?

The information included on a background check can vary based on the type of check that is done and the person who is completing it. Background checks often include identifying personal information, such as the person’s name, age, birthday, address and email address. They may contain court records and criminal records. They may contain property records if the person has purchased a house in the past. They may also contain financial and academic information if requested.

How Can I Get a Background Check on Someone?

First of all, you could look for all the background information you need through public records, internet searches and social media profiles. While this can be time consuming, much of the information you will want is either free or available for a small fee. Otherwise, you can save yourself time and pay to one of the best background check companies to do the digging for you.

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