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TransUnion ShareAble For Hires Background Check Review 2024

Fast & Accurate Background Checks

Sarah Pritzker

In a Nutshell

TransUnion ShareAble for Hires is a background check service designed for small business employers to vet their potential hires quickly and efficiently. It offers incredibly detailed reports that cover almost all jurisdictions, FCRA-regulated data, and national criminal records reporting. This pre-employment background check service enables managers and employers to obtain the necessary information quickly and lawfully.


  • Reports completed in minutes
  • Filters designed to comply with FCRA
  • Easy online process


  • Some data is not available for all states
  • No monthly plans, can get pricey at high volume

ShareAble for Hires at a Glance

Editorial Score

ShareAble for Hires ShareAble for Hires Visit Site

Ideal For...

  • Small businesses
  • Employers who want to screen quickly
  • Managers looking to verify applicants fast

Why Go With ShareAble for Hires

It’s easily one of the most convenient background check services we’ve reviewed to date. ShareAble for Hires is about fast and convenient background checks for small businesses. The entire solution is online, making it easy for anyone to use whenever they want. The service is accessible on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. Since it’s all automated, you aren’t waiting for someone to clock in or get back to you with the information. You can generate a report whenever you want, 24/7. 

In addition, ShareAble for Hires is fast. How fast? Minutes. From sign up to transaction, you can actually generate a background check report in a matter of minutes. For anyone who has ever run a background check before, you know how amazing this is. Generally, these services take several days to get back to you. Working on your own timeframe, and at your own pace, you can churn out multiple reports in an hour.

ShareAble for Hires is also compliant. Reports are FCRA orGLBA-compliant, providing accuracy and reassurance in knowing you are keeping up with the laws and regulations. The report information is delivered directly from TransUnion, a reputable credit reporting bureau with over four decades of experience. There is also a match logic algorithm to ensure that you are getting the right information for the right applicant (and not someone else with the same name).


ShareAble for Hires has a per-report pricing structure. This can be a more economical option if you are only planning on running a few background checks. However, if you plan to run multiple reports frequently, then a monthly pricing model would be more financially feasible. Here are the prices for ShareAble for Hires background checks and what they include:

Background Check Basic
Background Check Plus
Background Check Pro


What’s included in the different reports is covered below.

Reports Offered

Criminal background check includes:

Data from local and state jurisdictions

Federal databases

FBI’s most wanted

National sex offender public registry

US Customs and Border Protection

US Office of Foreign Assets Control

Credit check includes:

Social Security number verification

Previous employment records

Credit history

Accounts in poor standing

Level of debt (and types of loans outstanding)

Recent applications for credit

Payment history

ID report includes:

Name check

Address check

SS # check

Date of birth check

Any fraud alerts associated with the entered information

Deceased person alerts associated with the entered information

Is it Legit?

As mentioned previously, ShareAble for Hires is run through TransUnion. The name is golden in the credit industry, lending ShareAble for Hires an automatic reliability other background check services don’t have. Additionally, ShareAble for Hires utilizes over 370 million records across the country and state of the art technology for the most accurate results out there. Legitimate background check services like ShareAble for Hires give employers the peace of mind to hire with confidence, knowing that they have the relevant and accurate information they need to make an informed decision. The solution automatically sends reports to both employer and applicant, which helps the screener abide by the law.

How it Works

ShareAble for Hires is a 3-step process, and as mentioned, it is a process that takes only a few minutes to complete. Here is the general breakdown of how ShareAble for Hires works:

  • Create an account

If this is your first time using ShareAble for Hires, you’ll need to create an account. This is a form that takes less than a minute to complete that asks you basics like your name, email address, and business address. From there on in, you’ll be able to skip this step and go straight to requesting the report of your choice. 

  • Purchase the report you want

Next, you’ll enter the job applicant’s details, their email address, potential salary, and job title, and choose the report option you want. ShareAble for Hires has 3 background check report options (Basic, Plus, and Pro). Each one comes with a graduating level of comprehensive reporting. So you can decide which one is best for you by determining how much information you actually want or need for a potential hire.

  • Send a request

Once you’ve made your choice and paid for the purchase, ShareAble for Hires will send a request to the job applicant’s email address. This is a screening request to get the applicant's consent to release reports. The employee will then enter their personal information to authenticate their identity. 

  • Reports delivered

Once the job applicant has completed their step in the process, ShareAble for Hires will automatically generate reports to you and the applicant.

Ease of Use 

ShareAble for Hires is incredibly easy to use. As we already mentioned, ShareAble for Hires is a completely online tool. So you never have to wait for opening hours, someone to get back to you, or any other major hold-ups that are generally associated with most business dealings. The report generation is as straightforward as filling out a basic form (name, email address, etc.). So really, anyone can do it. 

Additionally, ShareAble for Hires is easy to use because it requires no lengthy signup or verification process. As we’ve already discussed, ShareAble for Hires is a sign up process that can take less than a minute. From there, you can start generating reports near instantly. Unlike other solutions that require you to submit an application to determine eligibility to use their product. ShareAble grants immediate access to tools for every legitimate business. This means you can screen right away. 

Help & Support 

ShareAble for Hires has a detailed help center with all the basic information employers will need to navigate the software successfully. ShareAble for Hires even has a section for potential hires. Employers and applicants can search the database based on questions or keywords or check out the trending questions that most people ask. If you still have any questions, you can reach a customer representative on the phone or via Twitter using the contact information we’ve listed below.

Bottom Line 

This is a great solution for small businesses. It’s fast to sign up, tool access is immediate, reports are sent from TransUnion and results delivered nearly instantly to help you hire on the spot. 

Since there are no up-front fees, no monthly fees, and no hidden charges for additional services, ShareAble for Hires is a great option if you are running single reports or a report from time to time to check on potential hires. The pricing structure doesn’t lend itself to frequent background checks unless you have the budget to pay for the per-request pricing structure.

That being said, ShareAble for Hires is the fastest background check service we’ve seen out there to date. So, if time is important to you, then paying the slightly higher per-report pricing might be worth it. After all, time is money. Additionally, ShareAble for Hires’ online process is so simple to use; anyone can do it. Between the accurate and comprehensive background checks, online access that is available all hours of the day and night, and built-in compliance filters, ShareAble for Hires has built a reputation for reliability and trust in a fast-expanding industry.

ShareAble for Hires ShareAble for Hires Visit Site

About ShareAble for Hires 

ShareAble for Hires is the background check solution created just for small businesses by TransUnion. One of the top 3 credit union bureaus in the country, TransUnion has an unparalleled reputation for accuracy, reliability, and thorough reporting prowess. With hundreds of millions of data points to comb through, ShareAble for Hires certainly has the clout to make great claims. The tool was created to help employers screen applicants and check important information such as financial stability, relevant criminal history, and confirm the identity of these potential candidates. 

ShareAble for Hires is designed to help small businesses get a better idea of who they are hiring. It empowers small businesses to make informed decisions based on accurate information and thorough background checks. You can run individual pre-screening reports, making it easy for one-off services.

Physical Address

2 Baldwin Place 

P. O. Box 1000 

Chester, PA 19016

Contact Details 

888 710-0272


Frequently Asked Questions
What is the price range for ShareAble for Hires?+-

ShareAble is a comprehensive background checking solution that offers a wide range of pricing options to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes. Prices start at just $25 per month for the Background Check Basic. The Background Check Plus is $40 per month, and the Background Check Pro is $60per month.

How long does a ShareAble background check take?+-

ShareAble background checks take just minutes to complete and are available 24/7. ShareAble for Hires offers background check results in minutes instead of weeks for traditional employment checks. Their sophisticated system examines millions of records from several databases and criminal registries to generate complete reports that you can use to help make hiring decisions.

Is ShareAble legit?+-

Yes, ShareAble is a legitimate background checking service. They are committed to maintaining the privacy and security of your data and go to great lengths to ensure all information is gathered legally on an informed basis.

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ShareAble for Hires

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