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Private Records Background Check Review

Sarah Pritzker

In a Nutshell

Private Records is a powerful people search engine with access to over 12+ billion public records. What’s even more impressive is that this service can scan these records and return information to you within seconds. So, instead of pouring over endless pages of records and scouring the internet for hours upon hours, Private Records provides you with all the information you are looking for about a person in one neat, compact, and fast report.


  • 12+ billion records on file
  • Quick and easy online process
  • Just $1 for 5 Day Trial including 25 fully detailed reports


  • Not enough information on the website
  • Have to pay immediately

PrivateRecords at a Glance

Editorial Score

PrivateRecords PrivateRecords Visit Site

Users can search for people based on their name and location (if known) . You’ll receive a comprehensive report that includes things like sex offender status, court and arrest records, marriage and divorce status, social and dating profiles, address history, known relatives, and contact information (including phone numbers and email addresses).

Ideal For...

  • Checking out new dates
  • Finding lost friends or relatives
  • Digging into neighbors, coaches, teachers, etc.

Why Go With Private Records

Private Records is a newer kid on the background checks block, but it is already making big waves. It’s successfully helped tens of thousands of people and has run 22+ million searches this year alone. Here are a few things that we found to be refreshing about this background checks service:

  • Tremendous access

Private Records has access to more than 12 billion public records. That is a ridiculously large number of files, and it is all the more impressive when you consider the fact that this company has only been in business for the past 4 years. With access to such an extended network of records, Private Records has the ability to give customers incredibly detailed reports. Speaking of detailed reports...

  • Extensive reporting

Another thing we loved about Private Records is the detail of reporting it provides. You can get information about just about anyone in a tremendous range of areas. Included in the reports is detailed information such as:

  • Public records
  • Sex offender status
  • Court and arrest records
  • Marriage and divorce status
  • Social and dating profiles
  • Address history
  • Relatives
  • Contact information

Finally, the most encouraging piece of information that might clue you into Private Records’ popularity is its pricing structure. While it is a little unclear from the get-go how much subsequent reports will cost you after your 5-day trial ends, the first 25 reports from Private Records are just a dollar. You just can’t beat that, and neither can the competition, which is what makes Private Records so successful.


When you sign up for your first report (actually it’s your first 25 if you want to use all of them in your first 5 days), you’ll see that you’re only charged $1. Thereafter Private Records charges a monthly fee of about $35-$40 per month when your Unlimited Search Trial Ends (after your free trial ends except in the fine print for the trial so make sure to read that closely).

Private Records does offer a satisfaction guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with the service, Private Records will do its best to set things right. 

Reports Offered

  • Public records
  • Arrest records and mugshots
  • Current address/phone
  • Property records
  • Taxes
  • Court records
  • Marriage licenses
  • Death records
  • Social media profiles
  • Sex offender status
  • Police reports
  • Arrest records
  • Record removal 

Customize Search

Private Records lets you perform searches based on a person’s name or location. 

Is it Legit?

Private Records is tested quarterly to maintain the highest level of security standards and reduce any risk of misuse or theft of private information. Additionally, the site uses data security systems and procedures to keep clients’ personal and sensitive information safe and secure. 

How it Works

Private Records is an online service. That’s a nice touch for most 21st-century anti-socialites who would rather do everything digitally and not have to speak to anyone over the phone. 

To get a report, you’ll just fill out some information, pay for the report, and wait for the algorithm to work its magic. 

Private Records reports are very exhaustive. With 12+ billion records, that’s not really surprising. While they’ll vary depending on how much information is actually available on a specific person, a typical Private Records report includes:

  • Personal information including name, date of birth, gender, astrological sign, education and degrees earned, relatives, and employment information
  • Contact information including phone numbers and email addresses
  • Locations where the person resides or resided (not to mention some eerily-detailed comments about locations like how many rooms and how much each property costs)
  • Sex offenders found nearby
  • Social media pages and information
  • Licenses held (including, but not limited to, weapons, fishing, hunting, and professional)

For some reason, Private Records chooses to throw in horoscope information about the person as well. Interesting but not really relevant. 

Ease of Use 

Private Records is incredibly easy to use. Here are the very basic steps of getting a detailed background check report run on anyone you want to check out:

  • Start by going to the Private Records website
  • Enter the name of the person you are trying to get information about along with the state associated with them
  • Click on the green “Free Search” button to get things started

And that is all you need to do. 

If Private Records is unable to find any search results for the inputted name, you will be asked to clarify your search by checking the spelling, using a maiden name, or expanding the search to include the entire country. 

You can sort your search results via relevance, name, or age. You can also narrow down the search results (in case you get too many results, perhaps because the person has a very common name). Do this by adding in a middle name or adding a city you know the person is associated with.

Help & Support 

Private Records has customer support via email or phone. You can fill out the online contact form to get an answer (usually within 24 hours), or you can call the contact line during normal business hours. 

Bottom Line 

Private Records is easy to use, being a completely online process. And with 12+ billion public records, Private Records certainly covers all of the bases, including arrest and criminal records, marriage licenses, and known relatives and contacts. What’s more, the fledgling background check company boasts an impressive 22+ million searches this year alone, making it one of the fastest growing services in the industry to date. It’s not so helpful that Private Records doesn’t publish any actual pricing information on the website. But with the initial dollar pricing, you have to expect the following searches to be reasonable as well.

Private Records is a useful service if you are looking for an old relative or friend you have lost touch with, want to find out more about a potential date you are going on, need to know more about a new neighbor, are unsure about a teacher or coach your child is involved with, or several other possibilities.

PrivateRecords PrivateRecords Visit Site

About Private Records 

Private Records was started in 2018 by a team of data scientists, engineers, and customer care professionals. Providing 100% anonymous searches, Private Records runs tens of millions of searches every single year. And with access to more than 12 billion public records, Private Records reports are exhaustive, including court and arrest records, social profiles, contact details, and more. 

Private Records falls under the larger business umbrella known as MC2 Data LLC and has been accredited by the Better Business Bureau for the past 2 years. In addition to finding information about people, including potential roommates, new neighbors, coworkers, or romantic relationships, Private Records can help you remove your records from certain systems as well. With a simple online process, users can get a wealth of information on just about anyone quickly and efficiently.

Physical Address

Mailing address:


1317 Edgewater Dr #1255

Orlando, FL 32084, United States

Contact Details 

(888) 270-9304

Mon-Fri 9am-10pm ET, Sat-Sun 9am-6pm ET


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