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How to Choose the Best Background Check Site

Top10.com Staff
How to Choose the Best Background Check Site
Whether you're trying to find information about a date or you're just curious about a new co-worker, a Background Check company is going to offer you the details that you won't be able to find out just by speaking to your friends. Before choosing a company, however, it's so important that you know what features to look for.

By choosing a good company, you can be assured that you're getting accurate information you can trust. Here are some things to look out for before handing your information over:

Take Some Time to Research

The Internet is your friend when it comes to a background check company. Since the Internet is riddled with thousands of companies, you probably already know that a handful of them are scams. To avoid these, perform a quick reviews search to see what other people are saying. If everyone is telling you to run, it's probably best to listen.

Find Referrals

Referrals are your best friend. Whether they're for choosing a contractor for your house or for choosing a dentist, a Background Check company should be no different. Ask a business owner or even refer to some credible forums online to see which services they use.

Be Wary of Instant Searches

As tempting as signing up for an instant background search is, they don't always work. Keep in mind that there's no national database for criminal records, and the public information that is widely available online isn't always accurate. A good company will take their time to make sure the report is 100% correct before sending it to you. While some instant information can be right, you don't want to gamble.

Look For Real People and Real Support

A good company won't hide behind their website and avoid contact from their customers, but would have different ways of contacting them. Since there's a good chance that you're going to use this company down the road, you want a business partner, not a data generator.

Check if They Belong to Any Associations

In any industry, there are going to be a variety of industries that the company can join. Background Check providers will be no different. Reputable companies will belong to associations, such as the National Association of Professional Background Screeners and the Better Business Bureau.

Make Sure They're FCRA Compliant

If you are looking to use a Background Check site, or any consumer reporting agency, it's necessary to check that the provider is compliant with the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act. If it is not compliant, you may not use the information it provides to make decisions about insurance, or any other purposed that would require FCRA compliance.

Bonus Items to Look for

If the company you're researching meets most of the criteria mentioned above, that's great. However, there are a few more things to look for to make your Background Check as thorough as possible, such as:

  • A range of detailed checks and searches
  • Easy-to-search database
  • A guaranteed service
  • Easy-to-read pricing tiers
  • Packages for long-term customers

Don't be afraid to shop around when getting a Background Check. Trust your gut and find a company that feels right to you. By doing so, you can be assured that every report that lands in your hand is trustworthy.

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