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KOHLER® LuxStone® Review

A luxurious shower enclosure tailored to your preferences
By Nikshep MyleBy Nikshep Myle -
Last Updated: Jul 12, 2023
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Free custom quote good for up to 1 year
Therapy types
Hydrotherapy from optimal water spray/pressure
Main safety features
Sturdy grab bars, textured flooring, low threshold, wall-mounted seats

Is Kohler LuxStone Worth It? 

Kohler LuxStone showers transform a regular shower routine into a luxurious experience. Quick one to two day installation and customizable designs make it a compelling choice for all homeowners. Individuals with mobility issues can also benefit from its advanced safety features, helping to minimizing risk. 

Although LuxStone® is relatively expensive compared to competitors, flexible financing options and a lifetime limited warranty ensure affordability and peace of mind.

Free custom quote good for up to 1 year
Therapy types
Hydrotherapy from optimal water spray/pressure
Main safety features
Sturdy grab bars, textured flooring, low threshold, wall-mounted seats

KOHLER® LuxStone® at a Glance

Editorial Score


Walk-in tub with hand shower

Safety Features

Low step, handrails, textured surfaces, wide door

Therapeutic Features

Heated backrest, whirlpool jets, BubbleMassage, LuxStone® bath wall and surround

Customization Options

Bath is customized during installation according to size of bathroom


Sale: 50% OFF professional installation, free quote via a virtual or in-home appointment

KOHLER® LuxStone® Pros & Cons


Smooth installation process
Equipped with safety features
Personalized design options


Prices by in-home quote only
More expensive than some competitors

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KOHLER® LuxStone® KOHLER® LuxStone® Visit Site

Kohler LuxStone at a Glance

What is Kohler LuxStone?

Kohler LuxStone showers transform a regular shower routine into a luxurious experience. Quick one to two day installation and customizable designs make it a compelling choice for all homeowners. Individuals with mobility issues can also benefit from its advanced safety features, helping to minimizing risk. 

Although Kohler LuxStone is relatively expensive compared to competitors, flexible financing options and a lifetime limited warranty ensure affordability and peace of mind.

Kohler LuxStone Features

Kohler Luxstone checks all the boxes for a premium showering experience. Some of its standout features include: 

  • Walls made of crushed stone for enhanced durability

  • Sophisticated showerheads and hand showers that offer hydrotherapy

  • Digital shower control systems with touch technology

  • Tidy and organized shelving options for toiletries

  • Glass shower doors that open and close smoothly

Is Kohler LuxStone Safe and Reliable?

In addition to providing exceptional comfort, Kohler LuxStone walk-in showers prioritize safety features, making them ideal for older adults and differently-abled people. 

To minimize the risk of slips and falls, the showers have sturdy grab bars strategically placed within reach, as well as textured flooring. There’s a low threshold for safe entry and exit, and the barrier along its length prevents the water from spilling out of the shower space. Plus, the wall-mounted seating accessories let you wash while seated and provide a convenient resting spot. 

Investing in a Kohler LuxStone walk-in shower guarantees long-term durability and hassle-free maintenance. The walls are made of crushed stone, which is easier to clean than fiberglass and acrylic, while the glass doors effectively repel water to prevent spot build-up. A cleaning solution and dampened cloth will keep your shower in pristine condition for years to come. 

How Kohler LuxStone Works

Once you decide to invest in a Kohler LuxStone shower, you can call a Kohler-authorized dealer to schedule your free design consultation. The dealer will measure your bathroom space and help finalize your preferred shower design, after which professional installers will switch out your old shower for a new Kohler LuxStone shower. 

The installation process is straightforward and usually takes only a day or two, so you can immediately start using your fully functional walk-in shower. The experienced installers will ensure to protect your home when removing your old shower and disposing of it safely, and you can bring up any queries or concerns about the installation process with them.

How to Get Started with Kohler LuxStone

On their homepage, you’ll see an option to request a free quote. Fill out your personal details, including your name, zip code, phone number, and email address, before hitting Request Your Quote. You can also dial (800) 245 3554 to contact Kohler directly. A KOHLER Authorized dealer will then schedule a free design consultation before arriving at a final quote for your new shower. 

After providing my details, I received a prompt text message from a Kohler-authorized dealer acknowledging my inquiry. But since I’d sent my details outside their business hours (8 AM to 5 PM CST), I had to await a call until the following morning at 8 am CST.

In the meantime, I explored the extensive range of design choices presented in the downloadable KOHLER LuxStone Shower Features and Accessories PDF. I even took a brief quiz under the “Design” tab to identify the design elements for the shower that best complemented my unique style. 

Navigating the website is a breeze. You’ll find everything from features to the design process and other installation guidelines on one platform. Its inclusive interface lets you switch between accessibility profiles—seizure-safe, vision-impaired, ADHD-friendly, cognitive disability, etc.—and conveniently change languages.

Kohler LuxStone Customer Service

Kohler’s team of professional representatives will offer assistance every step of the way. You can contact customer service from Monday to Friday between 8 AM and 5 PM CST at (800) 958-7052. Or, if you are inquiring about a new walk-in shower, call (800) 245-3554.

A chat box featuring a bot will periodically appear on your screen, prompting you to provide your name and contact details. Submitting the details will have a Kohler representative call and answer your queries and schedule a free design consultation. 

The website features an informative and comprehensive blog section, regularly updated with detailed articles on design trends, lifestyle, and shower features. Additionally, the FAQ page addresses questions regarding Kohler LuxStone installation, financing, and design. 

Is There a Kohler LuxStone App?

For a smart shower experience, Kohler LuxStone seamlessly integrates with the Kohler Mode and Kohler Konnect apps. 

Depending on whether you choose a digital thermostatic valve (DTV) or an Anthem digital shower system, you can power up to two to three spray outlets and adjust water temperature and flow remotely. 

The apps feature a user-friendly interface to control and personalize your shower settings at the touch of a button. As long as your smart device is connected to your home Wi-Fi network, accessing and managing your shower controls is hassle-free. 

Kohler LuxStone Pricing

How Much Does Kohler LuxStone Cost?

Kohler Co. doesn’t disclose a product price range on its website. Each Kohler LuxStone shower is customized to suit your bathroom's dimensions, so you’ll get pricing by quote only after the design consultation process. 

In terms of affordability, Kohler LuxStone falls at the higher end of the price spectrum when compared to industry standards. However, you can review affordable financing options (in partnership with Greensky) and select a plan that aligns with your budget. 

Kohler guarantees transparency with no hidden costs—the final payment will match the quoted price from your consultation as part of the Kohler Price Promise. Plus, it honors the consultation price for a full year, giving you plenty of time to make an informed decision without feeling rushed.  

Kohler LuxStone Lifetime Limited Warranty

A Kohler LuxStone shower carries a lifetime limited warranty from Kohler Co, meaning it’s valid for the duration of the owner’s lifetime. The warranty covers manufacturing defects on all shower components, including walls, base, fixtures, and accessories. However, it becomes void if the original homeowner sells the house or shifts the shower to another location.

Optional add-ons

Optional add-ons with Kohler LuxStone include shelving options customized for your shower space, grab bars for stability and seating accessories. 

There are two shelf sizes to choose from—Shower Locker and Shower Niche. While the Shower Locker has four adjustable shelves and is available in 9” and 14” widths, the smaller Shower Niche has three moveable shelves. You can also opt to insert floating shelves, corner shelves, teak trays, and shower hooks and bars for extra storage. 

Handy grab bars allow for a sturdy grip that enables easy movement. Due to its sleek design and flat surface, the Shower Barre doubles as extra storage space. For simpler designs, you have the traditional (rounded contours) or straight (modern elliptical) grab bars. Another stability add-on is the foot ledge, which means you don’t need to balance on one foot when washing. 

The seating accessories come in foldable varieties or as moveable seats. The former saves on space and its installation can be customized to your height. Meanwhile, the moveable seat is light, easy to carry around, and perfectly sized for any bathroom.

Kohler LuxStone Alternatives

How Does Kohler LuxStone Compare to Other Walk-in Tubs/Showers?

Kohler LuxStone
Ella’s Bubbles
Walk-inTub for Seniors


Custom pricing


$2,000-$20,000 (excluding installation costs)

$1,000-$2,000 (Labor only)

Therapy Types

Hydrotherapy with showerheads

Infusion microbubble therapy, chromotherapy, aromatherapy, hydro massage therapy, and more

Hydrotherapy, chromotherapy, air jets

(Depends on the contractor)

Depends on the contractor


Limited lifetime warranty

Limited lifetime warranty

Depends on the contractor

Provided by the manufacturer or installer

Main Safety Features

Grab bars, textured flooring, low threshold, wall-mounted seats, and raised barrier

Grab bars, slip-resistant floors, ADA-compliant seating

Low step-in threshold, handrails, wide door, built-in seat, anti-slip flooring

Handrails, anti-slip, anti-scald

Kohler LuxStone vs Ella’s Bubbles

When comparing Ella’s Bubbes and Kohler for a luxury bathing experience, note that Kohler rings in at higher price points. While both companies prioritize safety and assure a limited lifetime warranty, Ella’s Bubbles stands out with a wider range of therapy options.

This is understandable, considering it primarily manufactures walk-in tubs that can accommodate more therapeutic features over showers. That said, Kohler Luxstone manufactures walk-in baths as well.

Kohler LuxStone vs Walk-in Tub For Seniors

Unlike Kohler LuxStone's high-end and luxurious appeal, Walk-in Tub For Seniors is better suited for those looking to compare quotes from various local vendors. Alongside its commitment to competitive pricing, Walk-in Tubs For Seniors also partners with renowned brands like Kohler and American Standard, offering customers a wide range of quality tubs. The safety features are well in place, and warranty coverage depends on the contractor.

Kohler LuxStone vs Angi

Angi, a contractor-matching platform, offers a convenient solution to finding local professionals who can assist you in purchasing and installing a walk-in tub. Unlike the limited selection of walk-in baths available with Kohler LuxStone, Angi provides a vast array of brands and local vendors to choose from. Note that your walk-in bath's warranty period, therapy types, and safety features will ultimately depend on the contractor you select from Angi's network.

KOHLER® LuxStone® KOHLER® LuxStone® Visit Site

Is Kohler LuxStone Worth It?

Kohler LuxStone is a go-to choice for those seeking to add a luxurious touch to their showering experience, provided they have the budget. Kohler’s free design consultation and speedy installation will meet all your requirements and design preferences. What’s more, obtaining a custom quote requires only that you dial a phone number or provide your contact details for prompt assistance.

Alongside comfort features, Kohler LuxStone houses plenty of safety features too. You can enjoy the peace of mind and security that comes with a lifetime limited warranty and a highly durable shower system designed to serve you for years on end. 

Frequently Asked Questions
How much does the LuxStone shower cost?+-

Kohler only offers custom pricing, but since it prioritizes premium features such as digital integration, durability, and aesthetics, it’s safe to say they don’t come cheap. However, the company offers financing options and a lifetime limited warranty.

What is LuxStone by Kohler made of?+-

LuxStone shower walls boast a combination of crushed stone and natural materials, offering superior durability that outlasts traditional bath and shower surfaces such as tile and acrylic.

Can I self-install Kohler LuxStone?+-

A Kohler LuxStone shower requires expert intervention by a Kohler-certified professional who ensures the best installation results and safeguards the longevity of your shower. Attempting self-installation isn’t recommended, as it may void your warranty.

Nikshep Myle writes for Top10.com. A passionate gadget reviewer, he's penned over 200 articles for esteemed tech platforms. Nikshep founded MyleWay, a blog exploring how health and tech converge, as well as championing the coverage of natural wellness. His expertise ranges from video software to headphones, grounding his knowledge in consumer tech through helpful buying guides. Tech companies like Calendly and Seeking Alpha have recognized his work.

KOHLER® LuxStone® reviews

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3 years ago
Kohler Showers takes advantage of senior citizens
We inquired Kohler Showers about renovating the shower stall in our bathroom. They sent a fast talking salesman that convinced us to go with them. First, he misrepresented the material they would be using, calling it Lux Stone. We thought it would be granite or even quartz. It turned out to be mostly imitation marble made from plastic. For the price we paid, we could have had our entire bathroom renovated in real stone, instead of just our shower. Our daughter says we overpaid for the work and we were taken advantage of by this company. The workmen left our bathroom in a mess. The grout work looked horrible. We called them back to fix it. They sent someone who replaced the grout, but it still looks like it was done by amateurs. We called again to request they redo the grout correctly. Kohler Showers ignored our calls. Then the pandemic hit, and after the lockdowns eased up, we again called Kohler Showers about correcting the horrible grout work. A salesman gave us double talk, and refused to fix the problem. I would advise anyone looking to have a shower stall renovated to stay away from the Kohler Showers company.

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