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The Best VPNs for Chrome Extensions in 2024

Top10.com Staff
Best VPN Services

Google Chrome is the world's most used browser. Learn how to combine the power of a VPN with this great browser.

Using a VPN simultaneously with Google Chrome, is a great way for internet browsers to protect their online data and privacy. Through Chrome, the best VPN service can also provide users with unrestricted access to loads of geo-restricted content from all around the world. We’ll explain how Chrome VPNs work and how to set one up, but first we'll compare and review the top 10 Chrome VPNs for you. 

Our Top 10 Best VPN for Chrome Extensions in 2024:

Breaking Down our Top10 Choices: Which is Best For Your Needs:

  • Hotspot Shield - Best for fast speeds
  • CyberGhost - Best for reliability
  • NordVPN - Best for online streaming
  • PureVPN - Best for online encryption
  • ExpressVPN - Best for server selection
  • Surfshark - Best for data-retention laws
  • Tunnelbear - Best for low-usage of resources
  • SaferVPN - Best for online support
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The Top 10 VPNs for Chrome

  • 1
    Hotspot Shield

    Hotspot Shield

    • Price$5.99
    • Best forFast, uninterrupted streaming
    • No. of serves/locations3,200 servers in 70+ countries

    Hotspot Shield, while limited in configuration options, offers fast download speeds and 256-bit encryption. Hotspot Shield connects you automatically to the server with the fastest connection speed. A free 7-day trial is available for those interested in learning more about Hotspot Shield's Chrome VPN. There are several paid plans which are a bit more expensive in comparison to the other solutions listed here.

    • Free Chrome extension
    • Free 7-day trial
    • High speeds
    • Relatively
  • 2


    • Price$5.99
    • Best forSecurity and peace of mind
    • No. of serves/locations6,000 servers in 90 countries

    With servers in 90 countries, CyberGhost is ideal for accessing content in regions on the other side of the world. Connections are fast enough to allow streaming in high definition, and the VPN ensures that your data is kept private. It's user-friendly with a 30-day money back guarantee. CyberGhost has a free version also available as a Chrome extension, which has some encryption capabilities, although they are still limited to your browsing activities only. The free version is also not as fast as the paid version.

    • Fast connections
    • Well-priced service
    • 30-day money-back guarantee
    • No email contact
  • 3


    • Price$6.99
    • Best forReliability and consistency
    • No. of serves/locations5,500 servers in 60 countries

    Although it's not easy to find on the website, NordVPN offers a 3-day free trial, with several different paid plans. NordVPN doesn't offer a free Chrome extension, so it's important that you look carefully at the paid subscriptions or use the free trial before committing to a plan.

    Encryption is super secure with NordVPN, with pro features including VPN into the Tor browser and double encryption. Its servers are also pretty fast, so you can also stream in high definition.

    • Access to 3,000 servers worldwide
    • High speed VPN
    • Extension is lightweight and user-friendly
    • Monthly plan is expensive
    • No free Chrome extension
  • 4


    • Price$5.81
    • Best forFamily use and streaming
    • No. of serves/locations2,000 servers in 140 countries

    A Hong-Kong based company, PureVPN's Chrome service offers fast service in more than 750 servers in over 141 countries, which is probably more than most providers. It also allows 5 simultaneous connections.

    In terms of security, this provider supports all levels of encryption, (including OpenVPN), DDoS protection, and anonymous payment methods. It also collects information about when users connect to the service, which will concern hard-core privacy enthusiasts.

    • High security
    • Fast downloading speeds
    • Free extension with 7-day trial
    • Connection logs recorded
    • No free trial
  • 5


    • Price$6.67
    • Best forUse anywhere in the world
    • No. of serves/locations160 servers in 94 countries

    ExpressVPN offers 24/7 live chat support, is easy to use and is great for viewing geo-restricted content as it has fast servers in 94 countries from all over the world.

    Although Express offers good value for your money, it is more expensive than its competitors, but it does offer a free trial. It should be noted that you need the Express VPN desktop app installed in order to run the Express VPN browser extension.

    • Easy-to-use; easy-to-install
    • Super-fast VPN
    • Advanced features
    • 30-day money-back guarantee
    • More expensive than the competitors
    • Can't use extension without the app
  • 6


    • Price$2.21
    • Best forEasy to use interface
    • No. of serves/locations1,700 servers in 64 countries

    Surfshark is still a newcomer to the game but it makes a compelling case for itself. Its VPN includes 1,700 servers across 64 countries, a no-logging policy, and simultaneous use on unlimited devices. Furthermore, Surfshark is based out of the British Virgin Islands, where data-retention laws don’t apply. Surfshark’s Chrome extension is lightweight and easy to use, with speeds that make it great for streaming on Netflix and other platforms.

    • Unlimited devices
    • 1700 servers in 64 countries
    • Strong data protection
    • Newcomer to the field
    • No free trial
  • 7


    • Price$4.99
    • Best forLightweight, easy-to-use interface
    • No. of serves/locationsServers in 20 locations

    Hailing from Ontario, Canada, TunnelBear is a smaller but well-respected VPN that’s developed somewhat of a cult following. Part of this is due to the catchy graphics, but more of it has to do with its extremely transparent privacy policies, its unpretentious, easy-to-use modes, and of course its performance. TunnelBear uses AES 256-bit encryption and offers a helpful vigilant mode to keep you safe while surfing. Though not as loaded with features as the heavyweights, TunnelBear holds its own and may even be preferable for its Chrome extension due to its agile, minimalist interface that won’t bog you down while you’re streaming or surfing the web anonymously.  

    • Up to 5 devices
    • Agile, easy-to-use VPN
    • No-logging policy
    • Limited server count
    • Speed issues in certain locations
  • 8


    • Price$5.49
    • Best for24/7 customer service
    • No. of serves/locations700 servers in 34 locations

    SaferVPN’s free Chrome extension gives you a free 500 MB per month of use. After that you have to subscribe, but this more recent addition to the VPN field offers some good arguments: an impressive server network, unlimited bandwidth, and a transparent no-log privacy policy. SaferVPN also offers 24/7 support by live chat and email.

    • 700 servers worldwide
    • No-logging policy
    • Try the extension for free
    • Newer company

How Does a Chrome VPN Work?

VPNs have servers located all over the world that allow you to appear as though you are browsing the internet in another country. Though many VPNs are known to be slow and heavy, Chrome VPNs are known for their speed. They also have a reputation for being easy to set up and use. Top-notch services, such as those listed above, also have high encryption standards and trustworthy privacy policies, as well as malware protection. It’s important to note the difference between Chrome VPNs and Chrome VPN extensions, which don't necessarily offer these top-notch services. We’ll discuss the differences later on.

Setting up a Chrome VPN

Setting up a VPN is quick and simple. Here's a step-by-step guide for those who need one:

  1. Select a Chrome VPN from any of the top 5 recommendations below.
  2. Subscribe to the service you determine best suits your needs.
  3. Download and install the VPN.
  4. Login using your username and password.
  5. Select a server in the desired location.
  6. Connect to your VPN and start browsing the internet.  

What Can You Do with a Chrome VPN?

VPNs are useful for a wide variety of internet activities. After installing a Chrome VPN, you'll be able to watch foreign TV channels, sports competitions, or other channels restricted by any geographic region. You'll also be able to browse anonymously, and ensure protection from data collection from your ISP while browsing online. That includes hackers looking for unsuspecting victims on public WiFi. If you pay for a VPN solution with strict privacy policies, you can also rest assured that your ISP isn't able to collect data about your login times and activity.

Chrome VPN Extension vs Chrome VPN

There is a significant difference between Chrome VPN and a Chrome VPN extension. A Chrome VPN extension is a proxy or an intermediary, not an actual VPN. Whereas a VPN app works at the operating system level and encrypts all traffic, a VPN extension is more limited. It does not encrypt all traffic that enters and leaves the device you are using, whether it be a PC, laptop, or mobile device. 

For example, this means that a Chrome extension may help you overcome some geo-restricted content through your browser, but it will leave your apps, games, and any other activity on your device unprotected. Contrast this to a VPN, which essentially works from the foundation up and encrypts all the traffic no matter where it moves through.   

The main advantage of extensions is that they are almost always free, while VPNs are paid subscription services.

What You Need to Know About Free VPN Services

Free VPN services, such as Chrome VPN extensions, offer a service that isn't as secure as leading paid VPN services. Chrome VPN extensions are proxies, rather than full service VPNs.

Free services are also slower than paid ones, since they share space with other free users, whereas paid services reinvest that money into more servers and higher bandwidth. Free providers often skimp on service, are filled with ads, and their servers may be down occasionally.

Will Incognito Mode Really Keep Me Invisible? 

Most browsers these days offer an additional privacy mode that goes by different names: Incognito Mode in Chrome, Private Browsing in Firefox, Private Window in Safari. While incognito mode will keep the pages you’ve visited hidden from your search history and cookies, it does very little to secure your activity from larger tracking parties such as your internet provider or governmental agencies. 

According to an interview in The Independent with a developer for Chrome, this is the reason they opted to call it incognito mode rather than the misleading “privacy mode.” Using incognito mode does not make you invisible to your internet provider or other prying eyes. Incognito mode does serve a purpose, albeit a more localized one: it’s helpful in keeping your activity hidden from others who use your computer. But it does little to make you anonymous the way a VPN does. Anyone who wishes to keep their identity hidden across the board should not rely on Chrome’s incognito mode, but instead should invest in a VPN as it’s the best full-proof way to hide yourself from prying eyes both on a small and large scale. 

Get Started With a Google Chrome VPN

There are many Chrome VPNs on the market offering fast connections, iron-clad security and reliable privacy policies. We've reviewed the top VPNs here in order for you to make the best choice depending on your needs. Remember that there are differences in the speed, security and reliability of their privacy policies. If you’re concerned with your privacy, understand the differences in security that different solutions offer, and the price you pay for better protection. Regardless of the VPN provider you ultimately choose, this guide will help you choose the best one for your needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Which is the best free VPN for Chrome?+-

Hotspot Shield boasts a free Chrome extention as well as lightning-fast speeds and a large network of servers, and is generally considered one of the better VPNs to use with Chrome.

Does Chrome have built in VPN?+-

No. To use a VPN with Chrome, you must use a VPN provider such as Hotspot Shield or CyberGhost. However, many VPNs do have a Chrome extension that make it easy to use a VPN on Chrome.

How do I enable VPN on Chrome?+-

To enable a VPN on Chrome, simply open the interface of your VPN provider, sign in, and choose a network location. The VPN should connect you automatically, and then you're free to browse on Chrome.

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