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What Channel Is CBS on In My Area? Find Your Local Station

Sarah Osman-Mikesell - Writer for Top10.com
What Channel Is CBS on In My Area?
Struggling to locate the CBS channel in time for the big game or the season finale of your favorite series? I'm here to help.

CBS has been the most-watched TV network for 15 years straight. One reason for this is its sitcoms. These shows aren't filmed in the single-camera style of "The Office" but instead use a traditional multi-camera setup. Think: "The Big Bang Theory."

If you enjoy CBS's lineup but aren't sure how to tune in locally, you've come to the right place. As a TV critic with over ten years of experience, I've explored various ways to consume television content. Let me share some practical tips for accessing CBS through the best TV streaming services and other effective methods.

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Get CBS in Your Area With Cable

Comcast Xfinity TV's Popular TV package includes CBS and 125 other channels for $50 a month. There's also the more affordable Choice TV package at $20 monthly, which broadcasts CBS and about 20 channels. Note: Xfinity may have additional fees, like a setup charge.

Additionally, you can try Spectrum TV. It has a no-contract option with access to over 120 channels for $60 per month. But its DVR capacity is relatively limited—around 35 hours monthly.

Cox lets you watch CBS for $56 per month. You can broadcast 75+ channels, and for an extra $10 monthly, you get 250 hours of DVR storage. However, Cox is not available everywhere and does have a complicated two-year contract. So, if you're not 100% sure about it, it may not be the ideal service for you.

Access CBS Through an Antenna

With antennas, you can get free over-the-air channels, including major networks like CBS. Here are some popular indoor antenna options:

Mohu Leaf Supreme Pro HDTV Antenna

This indoor antenna costs around $70. It's easy to install using the included velcro stick-ons to attach to a window or wall. The Mohu Leaf pulls in an average of 33 to 42 channels clearly, with CBS coming in strong. Its signal strength indicator is a handy feature that allows you to adjust the antenna for optimal reception.

1byone Amplified HDTV Antenna

At only $22, this budget antenna is small and easy to mount. The directions are straightforward, even if you're not too tech-savvy. It brings in anywhere from 50 to 65 channels, depending on your location, with CBS being one of the clearest.

Broadcast CBS With Live TV Streaming Services

Broadcast CBS With Live TV Streaming Services

While cable TV and antennas can give you access to CBS, choosing a TV streaming service like Sling TV or Philo can offer additional advantages. These outlets bring you live TV, including CBS, and a wide range of on-demand content, such as timeless classics, recent movies, and exclusive series.

You also get a more tailored viewing experience with customizable profiles and suggestions. Plus, you can watch shows on any internet-connected device, wherever you are.

Although you can get CBS in 89 countries, its availability on specific platforms depends on your region, so be sure to check each service. Here are my four favorite sites:


DIRECTV Stream offers unlimited DVR storage, live and on-demand TV, and local channels like CBS across various packages. It has three plans.

The ENTERTAINMENT package starts at $80 per month, while the CHOICE package costs $99.99 monthly and caters to sports enthusiasts with regional sports networks. At $95 per month, the ULTIMATE package adds extra sports and movie channels, including FX Movie Network and NHL Network.

Another fun feature of DIRECTV is the ability to stream on unlimited devices simultaneously in the same home. This makes it ideal for families as everyone can watch what they want whenever they want.

Hulu + Live TV

There are two versions of Hulu + Live TV. The first version is $77 per month and includes ads with Hulu + Live TV, Disney+, and ESPN+. It broadcasts roughly 95 channels and gives you unlimited DVR storage.

The ad-free version costs $90 per month and offers the same package except that you can watch Hulu without ads. Given the small price difference, I recommend you opt for this plan.

Like DIRECTV Stream, Hulu + Live TV provides unlimited DVR storage. For an additional charge, it also allows you to stream on unlimited screens within the same household. Plus, you can quickly flip through channels and switch to Disney+. Just double-check to ensure that it's available in your region.


fuboTV broadcasts CBS across its three subscription plans, and it's one of the few TV streaming services that offer a free trial. The Pro plan starts at $80 per month for 182 channels. The Elite plan, at $90 per month, delivers 249 channels and supports 4K streaming. And for $100 per month, you can get 258 channels, including SHOWTIME.

All fuboTV plans come with 1000 hours of cloud DVR storage and allow streaming on up to 10 screens at once. fuboTV is one of the best places to stream the Super Bowl and enjoy sports coverage, such as soccer leagues and MMA.

fuboTV to enjoy sports coverage


Paramount+ is my best budget option for accessing CBS. For only $12 per month, its Premium plan offers live TV, including CBS, alongside select streams such as SHOWTIME and a dedicated Spongebob channel.

This service is also ad-free, which is a nice bonus. I like Paramount+ Premium because it's a good deal, and I get access to captivating indie films and older TV shows, like old Nicktoons.

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What to Consider When Choosing a Streaming Service

When selecting a live TV streaming service, consider the following:


When considering a streaming service primarily for watching CBS, budget plays a crucial role. Live streaming services come with various costs, and the expenses can quickly accumulate, particularly when additional features like unlimited DVR are considered.

To manage expenses effectively, selecting a budget-friendly option is advisable. Paramount+ is highlighted as a cost-effective choice for CBS viewers. It's important to assess what you're getting for your money and to avoid paying for extras you don't need.

For instance, if CBS content is your main interest, opting for a service tailored to that without extraneous channels or features can keep costs down. This approach ensures you're not overspending on a comprehensive package when your viewing habits are focused on a specific channel or content type.


Quality is paramount when choosing a streaming service, especially regarding playback performance and resolution. A service that frequently buffers or has slow loading times can detract significantly from the viewing experience.

It's essential to ensure that the streaming service can deliver content reliably and at a high quality, ideally without interruptions. This aspect often goes hand-in-hand with the user's internet connection speed.

For a seamless streaming experience, especially in 4K, a minimum of 25 Megabits per second (Mbps) internet speed is recommended. However, it's also crucial to match the service's quality offerings with your hardware capabilities.

If your TV does not support 4K, investing in a service that provides 4K streaming might not offer additional benefits, thus not justifying the potential extra cost.


The choice of streaming service can also be influenced significantly by the specific features that cater to your and your family's needs.

For households where multiple viewers wish to watch different shows simultaneously, a service that allows for several simultaneous streams is beneficial. This feature can prevent conflicts and ensure that everyone can watch what they like when they like.

Additionally, parental controls are an essential consideration for families with children. The internet offers a wide range of content, not all of which is suitable for children.

With the inclusion of Hulu shows on Disney+ , which may contain adult content, the ability to block or restrict access to certain content becomes even more crucial.

Selecting a service that offers these features can enhance the viewing experience for every family member, ensuring it is both enjoyable and appropriate for all ages.

What to Consider When Choosing a Streaming Service

Find Your Local CBS Station

I've put together a list of CBS channels for 10 major US cities. If your location isn't included, check CBS's official stations and affiliates directory.

Atlanta, GA
Boston, MA
Chicago, IL
Dallas, TX
Houston, TX
Los Angeles, CA
New York, NY
Philadelphia, PA
San Francisco, CA
Washington, DC

Unlock CBS in Your Area

Accessing your local CBS station doesn't have to be complicated or expensive. With the rise of streaming TV services and high-quality indoor antennas, you have more options than ever to watch hit CBS shows, news, and sports.

Just be sure to verify what services carry your local live CBS feed before signing up. With this guide's breakdown of the major ways to watch CBS, you can easily compare your options and decide the best method to tune into CBS in your area.

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Sarah Osman-Mikesell - Writer for Top10.com
Sarah Osman-Mikesell has written about film and pop culture for over a decade. She holds a BA in creative writing and is pursuing her master’s degree in the same field. Aside from her work at Top10.com, Sarah’s writing has been featured in SheKnows, The Huffington Post, Success Magazine, and more.