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Quick Base Review Staff

In a Nutshell

Quick Base has dubbed itself the best “platform for creating custom solutions to everyday business challenges.” That’s a big claim to make, but Quick Base actually comes through, providing businesses with an easy-to-use platform, comprehensive tools, and deep-dive statistics for great results. Real-time visibility, automated tasks, and built-in collaboration put Quick Base way ahead of the game.


  • Easily create cloud-based customized apps or use wizard
  • Excellent third-party app integrations


  • Learning curve to get full use of all the functionality
  • Pricey project management software

Quick Base Quick Base Visit Site

Features and Functionality

As winner of Gartner’s Peer Insights Customer’s Choice award for Enterprise High-Productivity aPaaS (Application platform as a service), you can expect Quick Base to have some pretty neat features. Here are some of the best tools we enjoyed using while reviewing this company:

  • Customization

You can build your own cloud-based app that’ll do exactly what you need it to do without any developer skills at all. As you go through all of the features, you’ll notice how easy it is to create customized tools that suit your business needs. Everything from dashboards to reports to task lists and more, you’ll get a tailored experience whether you work within the API or go it on your own.

  • Workflow automation

This is certainly an essential addition to any project management software since it takes a ton of the workload off your shoulders. Create rules so that each task that has to happen will be completed exactly when it's supposed to. From approvals to invoices, Quick Base's automation covers the bases. We also liked how intuitive it is. You don't have to know a lot of coding, the Quick Base automation is all click-based (i.e., click a button, create a rule, no coding involved). You can also set up your notifications, so you stay on top of important events and can keep track of how automation is progressing.

  • Integrations

Quick Base has built-in data integration, so you don’t have to waste time inputting information that you’ve already dealt with. You can connect with loads of apps including ZenDesk, Salesforce, Slack, Marketo, Zapier, Workato, and a lot more.

  • Dashboard

Quick Base lets you easily create dashboards for every situation that comes up. If you want to update stakeholders, create a dashboard. If you want to view data on a finished project, create a dashboard. Want to get real-time visibility on a project schedule? That's right; create a dashboard. This is one of the most flexible and useful tools we've seen, and it is incredibly informative. Dashboards can be private or shared, interactive, and dynamic, making them powerful as well.

Quick Base also has out-of-the-box templates that you can use if customization just isn’t your thing. We like that this is an option since not everyone has the time or expertise to craft customized apps for their business purposes.

Collaboration Tools

Quick Base makes teamwork easier for both large and small organizations with streamlining and communication tools that keep tasks organized and progressing smoothly. Here’s how Quick Base helps team members collaborate better:

  • Share data instantly

  • Voice opinions or ideas about a task/project

  • Create online to-do lists

  • Track changes that can be viewed publicly

  • Email reports, timelines, and calendars

  • Receive notifications about specific projects or tasks

  • Manage roles and permissions

Plans and Pricing

Quick Base offers both monthly and annual service plans, so you can pick the one that works best for your budget. There are 3 packages to choose from:

Premier Plan

Platform Plan

Enterprise Plan

Starts at annual pricing



Full customization

Starts at monthly pricing



Full customization

Number of apps

Up to 50

Up to 100


Quick Base automation

Mobile-ready applications

Data and app integration

Custom branding

Developer sandbox


Dynamic form rules



IMS integrations

Custom password policies

Control user access with IP filtering

Advanced data encryption


SLA support

In addition to the features included in your plan, Quick Base offers some extra features as add-ons to your plan. Note that the add-ons are usually included in the more advanced plans. For example, you'll pay for audit logs as an add-on if you have the Premier Plan, but it's included within the Platform Plan.

Plus, Quick Base offers you a true 30-day free trial, which means you won’t be asked to provide your credit card details before you get started.


Quick Base has both mobile and desktop apps. While you can access the regular desktop app from your mobile device, we recommend using the designated app for the appropriate device as it will significantly alter your user experience.

- Desktop App

After signing up for a service plan, you can log into your account. You’ll then be brought to the home page where you can customize your reports, charts, etc., set up your account, and access all of the most commonly used Quick Base tasks, like creating a table, configuring your app, inviting users, and more. The home page is user-friendly and designed to be an easy access point for both users and managers.

- iOS and Android Apps

Quick Base offers a mobile-friendly app for anyone who wants to take their business on the road. There’s a dedicated app for both iOS and Android devices available through the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Just download it from the app store, and log in with your login credentials to access your full Quick Base account.

Using the mobile app for either Android or iOS, users can access all of the features of the desktop app, albeit some of the features may look slightly different to accommodate screen and performance changes. On the mobile app you can:

  • View reports

  • Manage (edit, delete, add records, etc.)

  • View tables

  • Change views (Kanban, table, chart, calendar) and see it in a mobile-friendly format

  • Access contacts and email functionality

Data Privacy

Quick Base uses top quality security measures to keep your data safe, including firewalls and data encryption. It also has its own security procedures (developed in-house).

Additionally, we were impressed by how transparent Quick Base is with all of its policies and information. If a change is ever made that will affect your information or privacy, instead of burying it in the fine print, Quick Base actually displays the policy change prominently on the website or sends you a personalized message.

Quick Base Quick Base Visit Site

Customer Service and Support

Quick Base customer support is available Monday thru Friday from 7am to 8pm. You can use the online contact form to send an email with your specific questions, or you can call them to speak to an agent directly for a more detailed conversation. Quick Base is also on several social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Finally, if you prefer to go the DIY route, Quick Base can still help you out with its huge database of user guides and help center Q&A’s. The Quick Base Help center is incredibly well-organized and wonderfully thorough, covering every topic imaginable. There’s even a user-managed community forum where you can ask or browse questions and get answers from other users with experience.

Phone: 855-725-2293

Email: Online contact form

Online Form: Yes

Bottom Line

Quick Base services some major players including Sprint, Columbia, and Google. With big names in its bullpen, Quick Base has to keep its offerings fresh and competitive. Luckily, that’s just what it does. With fast, efficient, and intuitive desktop and mobile apps, elegant collaboration tools, and scalable pricing plans, Quick Base makes every aspect of running your business better.'s editorial staff is a professional team of editors and writers with dozens of years of experience covering consumer, financial and business products and services.

Quick Base customer reviews

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Ease of use

Brand satisfaction

Value for money

Service quality

Top Reviews

Ease of use

Brand satisfaction

Value for money

Service quality

3 years ago

It helps me organize my numbers and figures all about the company. Quickbase is a wonderful program to use with a large or small business.

3 years ago

Its a quality brand. I liked it a lot. They have a great interface and support system. Which helps tremendously

3 years ago

They are very responsive and proactive. We can always contact them for advice or a problem.

3 years ago

I just like the brand because it is awesome. The product is easy. The material is easy to work with.

3 years ago

It's very easy to use and it's not overly expensive. I don't dislike anything about it. Its a great product.

3 years ago

Reliable service, great NBC is toner service when needed , no system crashes, fast responses

3 years ago

So far the service has been very efficient and easy to use. We have not experienced any problems or concerns and continue to use it to enhance our business.

3 years ago

It has all the functionality and features that we need and the cost of the service is very reasonable.

3 years ago

I like the brand very much. It's features are fantastic. There is nothing to dislike about this product.

3 years ago

They are reliable and efficient and help us run things smoothly throughout the year. It is a strong service.

3 years ago

Its a great brand with a few flaws. It could be faster and easier to use. Its good value for the money and is always accurate

3 years ago

base on past experience and with low costs and no-code base QuickBase can be used for some or all of your information-driven software needs' managing projects, sales contacts, customer reports, inventory and morainal while reducing administrative work and overhead.

3 years ago

QuickBase is a good product and is a good value and is easy to use we use it every day for our business

3 years ago

Quickbase is okay, it is not the answer to all my problems. It functions okay but not too great and I like it but don't love it at all.

3 years ago

I have never had any problems with QuickBase. The software helps me to ensure that all my work and correct and complete

3 years ago

The learning curve to feeling comfortable with the system was a little steeper than I had hoped for. Overall though, it's a great system and is pretty user friendly.

3 years ago

intuitive and easy to use. very effective in tracking tasks and stories and very helpful to project managers

3 years ago

Brand incompetent but does not excel in providing excellent customer service or project management skills

3 years ago

It is an easy to navigate product. I trust the outcomes that are produced. It is a tool that gives me an advantage

3 years ago

It was easy to learn and at a good value. Easy to teach to others using it also at that with almost no curve.

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