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Paymo Review (2024)

PM Software for Better Workflow Management
By Amanda BradleyBy Amanda Bradley -
Last Updated: Jun 08, 2023
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From $0 to $18.95/user/month
Storage size
50GB - 100G
Gantt, Kanban, Calendar

Our Verdict

Is Paymo Worth Signing Up For?

Paymo is a web-based project management tool that helps teams cultivate a better workflow using advanced tools geared towards the modern business. From task management to resource scheduling, collaboration, and time management tools, Paymo offers teams the opportunity to stay on top of their workload, collaborate in one place, and make smarter decisions that impact business goals.

From $0 to $18.95/user/month
Storage size
50GB - 100G
Gantt, Kanban, Calendar

Paymo at a Glance

Editorial Score

Customizable Dashboards

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Collaboration Tools

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Value for Money

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Paymo Pros & Cons


Free account for freelancers and one-man shops
Time, task, team, and project management tools all in one


A lot of features, so learning curve is steep
Limited customization for invoices

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How Paymo Works

Paymo plans are loaded with functionalities and features (even the free plan). Some of the most valuable assets include:

Task management tools

Task management is probably the biggest benefit for most small teams. The platform allows you to know exactly what resources, staff members, and time you have available.

Paymo lets you know exactly what needs to be done, in what order, and when. You’ll be able to assign tasks to multiple co-workers, along with due dates, priorities, even hourly budgets. Then follow their efforts through burndown graphs to see whether or not they’re on track or need help in hitting their goals.

Need to post on social media every Tuesday? Set up daily, weekly, or monthly recurring tasks that show up whenever you need to act upon them. Project templates also prove useful when you’re working on a similar project like the ones from the past, but don’t want to add it from scratch. Just load a pre-existing project together with its tasks, team budgets, costs, and you’re all set!

Staff time tracking

Time tracking makes payroll a cinch since all the information is aggregated, organized, and put into timesheets for each employee. Paymo even keeps track of vacation days, subtracting this information to the overall timesheet calculations. One feature managers love is the team scheduler that displays all the team's current and remaining workload, as well as leave days on the same timeline. It also comes with automatic bookings based on previous task details, so you can convert them in just a click and focus on the big picture.

What's convenient is that you can track time in various ways: at a task level, through the web timer, or via one of their desktop and mobile apps. There’s also an Adobe CC extension for tracking tasks specifically done within Adobe tools. And even more efficient, it automatically syncs all time records in the timesheets area, which can then be pulled into an invoice in just a few clicks. It's time to get paid accurately for your hard-earned skills and work.

Advanced task management

Tools such as advanced filters, overall view mode, and Portfolio Gantt Charts so you can choose the projects you want to see simultaneously. You can also take adavantage of the project dashboard that acts as an overall health barometer, so you can inform your clients only about the most important KPIs.

Task visualization

Paymo allows you to visualize tasks in different ways. Use the Table View to monitor your team's progress, the Kanban Board to spot bottlenecks early on, or the Gantt Chart to see how tasks relate to each other.

Collaboration Tools

The app lets you share your thoughts and comment on tasks in real time, so people are notified immediately about any important updates. With a live stream showing all recent activities, managers can keep a close eye on workflow without having to constantly be circling the floor.

Finally, the customizable email notifications keep you up to date with project-related information. So, whether you are a team member who was just assigned a new task or a manager trying to keep abreast of a specific project, email notifications have got your back. In-app notifications are much broader and include invoice and team scheduling updates, so nothing slips you by.

Data Privacy

Paymo states clearly in its terms of service that all your records are stored privately and cannot be viewed or used by anyone else other than those you explicitly give permissions to. That means even the Paymo team cannot view your files, access your private data, or use the information in any way.

Paymo Apps

Paymo offers a suite of apps that are geared towards time tracking, two desktop-based ones and one mobile (iOS and Android).

Desktop App

Paymo is available for Mac, Windows, and Linux OS. The Paymo Widget is available for Mac, Windows, and Linux OS. The biggest advantage is that you can clock in your time to add manually from the desktop, as opposed to jumping into the web app. There’s also the possibility to see a burndown graph of how you’ve spent your day and edit time entries in-line. Even toggle idle time detection when you’re away from work. 

PaymoPlus on the other hand, is an automatic time tracker that records everything that you do on your desktop. At the end of the day, all you have to do is to pair up those entries with their corresponding tasks in Paymo or set up rules to do this automatically for you. Linux users, beware, PaymoPlus is available only for Mac and Windows.

iOS and Android Apps

Currently, Paymo’s mobile app is geared towards tracking time and organizing your own tasks, be it after their due date, priority, or status inside a workflow. It will soon incorporate team collaboration features like comments and notifications too. 

Paymo Customer Support

Phone: N/A

Email: online contact form

Live chat: Yes

Online Form: Yes

Paymo has a Help Center filled with questions and answers. It’s well organized, and informative, and you can search for relevant articles.

Paymo Pricing

Pricing & Special Offers

Paymo offers 3 plans, one for SMBs, one for larger businesses, and, best of all, one for free. Our apps main focus is small-and-medium teams, of 3-50 users, NOT freelancers. Please make the focus on teams who can work better, collaborate in one place, and make smarter decisions with Paymo.

If you are a small business with more than one team member, Paymo’s for-pay plans are pretty reasonably priced options, too. 

Small Office
Monthly Billing
$11.95 per user per month
$18.95 per user per month 
Annual Billing (20% savings)
$9.56 per user per month
$15.16 per user

What’s more, Paymo has a 15-day free trial, no credit card required. So, you can test the software to see how it works, how efficient it makes your workflow, and whether Paymo is the right choice for you without any financial obligation.

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Bottom Line

Paymo’s task scheduling and management tools will take your business to a whole new level of organization and efficiency. Whether you're working on your own or together with a team, Paymo will enhance your workflow and overall output, maximizing your ROI substantially. Managers will undoubtedly appreciate how easy it is to assign and track tasks, especially with the multiple view modes and reporting options.

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