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Amanda BradleyByAmanda BradleyJul. 31, 2019

In a Nutshell

Paymo is a web-based project management app that helps companies cultivate a better workflow using advanced tools geared towards the modern business. From task management to resource scheduling, collaboration tools, and time management tools, Paymo offers both teams and freelancers the opportunity to stay on top of their workload, manage tasks with maximum efficiency, and get ahead of the competition through greater competency and results.


  • Free account for freelancers and one-man shops
  • Time, task, team, and project management tools all in one


  • A lot of features, so learning curve is steep
  • Limited customization for invoices

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Features and Functionality

Paymo plans are loaded with functionalities and features (even the free plan). Some of the most valuable assets include:

Task management tools

Task management is probably the biggest benefit for most SMBs because, through the various tools, this software allows you to know exactly what resources, staff members, and time you have available. A big aspect of this feature is the ability to schedule and track tasks. So, if you have 12 tasks to assign among 3 staff members, task scheduling will allow you to maximize the time that each of these employees has to get the most amount of work done. This cuts out wasted time in between assignments since tasks are pre-assigned, ready and waiting to go when your staff is.

Tracking tasks lets you see where things are holding with a project and if there are specific tasks that are holding up completion. It also allows you to see how efficiently a member of the team is working or how long a project is stretching out. The ability to quickly view status and easily reassign tasks when necessary gives you the efficient edge you need. Project templates also make assigning tasks easier, especially if you have similar projects that come up frequently.

Staff time tracking

Time tracking makes payroll a cinch since all the information is aggregated, organized, and put into timesheets for each employee. Paymo even keeps track of vacation days, adding this information to the overall timesheet calculations. One feature managers love is the team scheduler that incorporates all staff members’ schedules including hours and upcoming vacation plans into the task scheduling.

Paymo even has auto time tracking via a desktop widget (so no internet connection necessary). There’s also an Adobe CC extension for tracking tasks specifically done within Adobe tools. And even more efficient, it syncs up to timesheets for automatic daily or per project invoicing.

Advanced task management

Tools such as filters, overall view mode, and portfolio gantt charts so you can choose the projects you want to see simultaneously. You can also create customizable work reports, so you get all the information you need, and none of the data you aren’t interested in right now.

Task visualization

You can organize your tasks into lists that make it easy to see what needs to be done, what’s already been assigned, and which tasks have been accomplished. Paymo lets you easily switch from Kanban and your other lists of tasks, so you can see where things are holding on a global level.

Collaboration Tools

Paymo includes tools like discussion boards where you can post anything you need to notify your fellow workers about, such as an update on a project, an important note about a client, or a change in direction. The app lets you comment on tasks in real time, so people are notified immediately about any important communications. With a live stream showing all recent activities, managers can keep a close eye on workflow without having to constantly be circling the floor.

Finally, the email notifications keep you up to date on any important information. So, whether you are a team member who was just assigned a new task or a manager trying to keep abreast of a specific project, email notifications keep you in the loop constantly. FYI, Paymo notifications include milestone alerts for major events as well.

Plans and Pricing

Paymo offers 3 plans, one for SMBs, one for larger businesses, and, best of all, one for free. This plan is mainly geared towards freelancers who work for themselves and don’t have a staff or team that needs to interact with one another. For this reason, the free plan is limited to one user, but if you are working alone, this is a real gold mine. It gives you access to tons of the tools without having to pay for any of them. The free plan comes with task lists, Kanban boards, time tracking, reporting, file sharing, invoices, and more. 

If you are a small business with more than one team member, Paymo’s for-pay plans are pretty reasonably priced options, too. 

Small Office
Monthly Billing
$11.95 per user per month
$18.95 per user per month 
Annual Billing (20% savings)
$9.56 per user per month
$15.16 per user

What’s more, Paymo has a 15-day free trial, and the best part is you don’t have to give any credit card information to take it for a test drive. So, you can test the software to see how it works, how efficient it makes your workflow, and whether Paymo is the right choice for you without any financial obligation.


Paymo offers both a desktop app and a mobile option, and both applications are wonderfully easy to work with.

Desktop App

Paymo is available for Mac, Windows, and Linux OS and, as a web-based software, works with all browsers. Once installed, you’ll be shown several settings that you can use to customize your experience including time settings and interface language. Then, you’re ready to roll! You just start adding projects, tasks, and users by following the intuitive process or by watching the video tutorials to walk you through the setup. While some have found the initial setup takes a few moments to learn, most users praise Paymo for its ease of use and fast setup.

iOS and Android Apps

Paymo has iOS and Android applications, and if you can download an app, you can use the Paymo app. Just go to the app store, find the app, and download it to your mobile device. Once you log in, all your information will be synced, and you can use, access, and share all the same information as on the desktop app.

Data Privacy

Paymo states clearly in its terms of service that all your records are stored privately and cannot be viewed or used by anyone else other than those you explicitly give permissions to. That means even the Paymo team cannot view your files, access your private data, or use the information in any way.

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Customer Service and Support

Phone: N/A

Email: online contact form

Live chat: Yes

Online Form: Yes

Paymo has a Help Center filled with questions and answers. It’s well organized, and informative, and you can search for relevant articles. What’s more, there are tons of video tutorials to help you troubleshoot or navigate through every aspect of the software. 

Bottom Line

Paymo’s task scheduling and management tools will take your business to a whole new level of organization and efficiency. Whether you're working on your own or together with a team, Paymo project management services will enhance your workflow and overall output, maximizing your ROI substantially. Managers will undoubtedly appreciate how easy it is to assign and track tasks, especially with the multiple view modes and reporting options.

Amanda BradleyByAmanda BradleyJun. 30, 2019
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