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Nutchache Review Staff

In a Nutshell

Nutcache is a project management software with its ear to the ground—this project management platform really has some of the best solutions to common, everyday project management issues every business struggles with. Top it all off, it also helps teams handle their finances with a clever feature to lets your sort out payments for each task and project.


  • All-encompassing payment feature from quote to payment
  • Detailed time tracking tools


  • Weak accountability monitors
  • No QuickBooks integration

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Features and Functionality

It’s not hard to find good things to say about this software. Nutcache really has proven itself to be reliable, user-friendly, and just about the most efficient way of getting things done. It kind of makes you wonder how you managed beforehand. Here are some of the top features Nutcache clients enjoy:

Project Management & View

Obviously, a project management solution had better have its fair share of project management tools, and Nutcache is overflowing with them. With this attractive platform, you can:

  • Build and manage multiple projects simultaneously

  • Assign tasks within a project to individual employees

  • Monitor productivity on an assignment or task level

  • Calculate time and expenses accurately according to project

What’s more, Nutcache helps you create an accurate time estimation for each project (and task within a bigger project) and maintain a clear log of progress on numerous levels. For example, you can track progress according to project, team member, department, or time period. You can even attach invoices to specific projects (more on that below), so you have everything you need in one place for each project.

Additionally, Nutcache lets you choose your view from the popular management styles including kanban, scrum, agile, and more. So, you can set up your project boards the way you like them and the way that will be most conducive to productivity for your team or assignment.

Invoicing and Expense Management

Another area that Nutcache shines in is invoicing and expense management. Like project management, expenses are managed through various customizable tools that give businesses flexible capabilities like being able to:

  • Link expenses to a specific client (not just a specific project)

  • Categorize your expenses (so that different expenses can be tallied for an overall picture of that specific expense)

  • Attach documentation to your expenses

  • Sync timesheets and expense submissions (and expense approvals from both team leaders and managers)

Nutcache even helps you create quotes and estimates and puts them all onto personalized stationery with your logo on it. This gives off an extremely professional impression, and it also provides you with a consistent branding image across platforms.

Another feature we really liked from Nutcache’s invoice tool was the alert and notification feature. You can set up open notifications and overdue alerts so that you can see when a client has opened your invoice and when an invoice has not been paid on time. Nutcache even has statistics about the client, so you can evaluate a customer and see if they’re worth the trouble.

Finally, Nutcache takes the entire expenses management process full circle by integrating with all major credit cards as well as PayPal, Stripe, 2Checkout, and, so you can get paid all in the same platform. From initial quote straight through to payment, you never have to worry or even open another tool. That’s efficiency at its best.

Time Tracking

Nutcache offers helpful time tracking tools, as well. You can make use of different types of timers such as duration or start/stop modalities. You can also use the pause feature if employees need to step out for a few minutes. Nutcache has multiple-task time tracking, a super useful feature if your employees are working on more than one project simultaneously.

All time tracking features are synced with your timesheets to make for easier, faster, and more accurate invoicing at the end of a pay period, and the time tracking calendar ensures that everyone knows who is going to be in and out of the office and when.

Nutcache also has useful reporting that uses graphic indicators, so you can get a visual picture of the progress being made on a specific task, an overall project, or even a team or time period.

Collaboration Tools

In addition to having some awesome project management, invoicing, reporting, and notification features, Nutcache offers real-time collaboration for even more efficiency. With this software, managers can create boards that contain multiple tasks (all the tasks for a given project for a specific team, for example). This way, team members can all get a big picture view of where a project is holding, what tasks still need to be taken care of, and what tasks have been completed.

Project-specific boards are also helpful in that a team member can post a document or file that is relevant to the project for all the other team members (or anyone else collaborating on the project in any capacity) to see and use. You can also send messages to boards, so those working on the project can read and reply instantly, staying informed even when not directly working alongside another team member.

Team members can add comments to a board or task so that others will be notified, and you can add in someone new just by linking them to the board. Nutcache encourages further collaboration efficiency by posting project deadline and time estimates, so everyone is on the same page. Plus, the system is so easy to use. You can simply drag-and-drop cards for easy organization (when a task is finished, for example). You can get card notifications, so you know when something’s been added, changed, or moved.

It’s even got multilingual capabilities, so if you have teams or members spread out across the globe, everyone can still collaborate using the same tool.

Plans and Pricing

Nutcache is one of the most reasonably priced project management software options out there, and that’s even more accurate because of all that it packs into these plans. There are 3 basic options:

Limited Plan
$4 per user per month 
$9.60 per user per month 
Number of Users
 6 or less

The Pro Plan offers unlimited project boards, templates, and invoices along with time and expense tracking, and budget management. The Enterprise Plan offers all that plus Agile planner, custom security profiles, various approvals, team management extras, and more advanced budget management. The Limited Plan is for small businesses of 6 employees or less. This plan lets you get the Pro plan for a flat rate of $10/month or the Enterprise for $25/month.

These are good prices, especially compared to the competition. Plus, Nutcache comes with a free trial, so you have no reason not to give it a try.


Nutcache does not differentiate between the mobile and desktop applications. On both platforms, you’ll find the same well-designed, user-friendly interface that includes all of the features, capabilities, and functionalities that you can benefit from wherever you’re accessing them.

Data Privacy

Nutcache explicitly states that it uses the most advanced technology for internet security available today. These methods include 256-bit encryption, Trust Guard and GoDaddy monitoring, daily backups, and OVH secure servers. In short, your information is safe with Nutcache.

Nutchache Nutchache Visit Site

Customer Service and Support

Nutcache customer service is known to be friendly and easy to get through to. If you have a problem or even just a question, you can reach them via phone or email, or you can reach out via one of the social media channels including Facebook, G+, and LinkedIn. You can also browse through the tremendous Help Center for any and all questions answered.

Bottom Line

To sum things up, Nutcache is a user-friendly, feature-rich, and all-around fantastic project management solution that is great for businesses of every size. We were thrilled with how easily we were able to navigate the app, the amount of features including time, project, and invoice management is astounding, and you just can't beat the price. Check out Nutcache's free trial to see what it's all about.'s editorial staff is a professional team of editors and writers with dozens of years of experience covering consumer, financial and business products and services.

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