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Airtable Alternatives: 5 Similar Project Management Software to Try in 2024

Michael Klobe - Writer for Top10
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I've seen project management tools come and go, but Airtable's versatility has always stood out. That being said, I have found that for some teams, it may not hit the mark. If you're feeling that disconnect, now's the time to explore alternatives tailored to your needs.

When it comes to data and project management, Airtable is famous for being flexible and user-friendly. I especially appreciate how quickly you can set up a visual database tailored to your project needs.

But with the global project management software market on track to reach $7.24 billion by 2027, it's evident that more and more industries are seeking powerful tools to help streamline their workflows. Here are five of my favorite Airtable alternatives that cater to this growing demand and can potentially elevate your work management game.

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Our 5 Best Airtable Alternatives in 2024:

  • monday.com Best Airtable alternative overall
  • Smartsheet - Best for businesses juggling multiple projects
  • ClickUp - Best for teams looking to improve project organization
  • Asana - Best for companies managing complex and diverse projects
  • HubSpot - Best for those looking for a multi-faceted marketing tool

A Closer Look at the Best Airtable Alternatives in 2024

1. monday.com

A cloud-based project management platform suitable for businesses of all sizes

  • Best for - Companies seeking a tailored approach to work management
  • Starting price - From $8/user/month
  • Storage size - 5GB–1,000GB
  • Free trial - 14 days
  • Team collaboration tools - Collaborative docs, updates, Zoom integration, whiteboards
  • Views - Dashboards, Kanban, timeline, Gantt, charts, calendar

monday.com is a highly customizable and collaborative platform, perfect for managers aiming to centralize team tasks. Its intuitive drag-and-drop features and seamless integrations streamline workflow creation by decreasing the time and effort typically required to set up and maintain these processes.

It also contains all communication and updates within the same project space, reducing email clutter. Plus, it caters to customer relationship management (CRM), project management, and human resources (HR), offering pre-made templates and the option to build dashboards from scratch.

What Makes monday.com a Good Alternative to Airtable?

Unlike Airtable's emphasis on structured data, monday.com offers a fully customizable platform that integrates with 200+ tools, including Slack, Outlook, and Zendesk. This makes monday.com my go-to for visually intuitive and team-centric work management. On the other hand, I think Airtable is better suited for organizing and analyzing complex data sets.


  • Links tasks with your calendar
  • Advanced reporting tools
  • Refined notification systems


  • Mobile app can be buggy
  • Customer support could use some improvement

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2. Smartsheet

A highly versatile project management and work collaboration tool

  • Best for - Tracking projects and handling collaborative work
  • Starting price - From $7/user/month
  • Storage size - 20GB–unlimited
  • Free trial - 30 days
  • Team collaboration tools - Real-time chat, forms, surveys, proofing
  • Views - Dashboards, Gantt, cards, grids, sheets, calendar

Smartsheet is a versatile and efficient project management tool that can boost productivity and organization. Its diverse viewing options, such as Gantt, grid, calendar, and card views, allow you to choose the most effective layout for your needs.

The platform also seamlessly integrates with numerous business applications and mobile apps, including Google Workspace. Though it may look like a typical spreadsheet, Smartsheet goes beyond these traditional capabilities. You can use its features for tasks ranging from project management and CRM to online collaboration.

What Makes Smartsheet a Good Alternative to Airtable?

I've noticed Smartsheet offers a comprehensive and adaptable project management solution, while Airtable is more inclined towards data-centric workflows. I'd use Smartsheet for creating and managing customizable databases, but the right fit depends on your project's nature and your team's requirements.


  • Numerous templates to choose from
  • Can connect directly with MS Teams
  • Allows quick and easy column switching and row sorting


  • Challenging to use without proper training
  • Large spreadsheets can cause the page to lag

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3. ClickUp

A flexible project management solution with full customization options

  • Best for - Teams looking for more control over their projects and tasks
  • Starting price - From $7/month/user
  • Storage size - Unlimited
  • Free trial - 14 days
  • Team collaboration tools - Collaborative docs, real-time chat, file sharing, proofing
  • Views - Kanban, timeline, Gantt, sheets, mind maps, calendar

ClickUp is an all-in-one task list and project management tool, ideal for individuals, small teams, and companies looking to streamline their internal workflows and optimize project planning. The platform provides document storage, chat functions, goal tracking, whiteboards, automation, and dashboards.

It also lets you set task dependencies, which can help you highlight the interconnections between duties, simplify workflow management, and address issues as they arise. This has always been a key feature of ClickUP anytime I've used it in the workplace; it's ideal for providing broader visibility across project teams.

What Makes ClickUp a Good Alternative to Airtable?

I like ClickUp because of the dynamic ways it lets you track a project's progress, catering to various stakeholders. You can also tailor the platform to your specific needs without encountering additional costs. On the other hand, I've found Airtable to excel in crafting custom applications and handling shared data.


  • User-friendly dashboard
  • Offers a high degree of customization
  • Supports over 1,000 integrations via Zapier


  • Limited customer support
  • Some advanced features are limited to paid plans

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4. Asana

A comprehensive project management platform for efficient task management

  • Best for - Maintaining team cohesion and enhancing efficiency
  • Starting price - From $10.99/month/user
  • Storage size - Unlimited
  • Free trial - 30 days; free plan available
  • Team collaboration tools - Real-time chat, status updates, goal tracking, task reporting
  • Views - Dashboards, Kanban, timelines, charts, lists, calendar

Asana provides a comprehensive communication platform that can help your team work together more effectively. It lets you plan projects, coordinate work, align on shared goals, and improve cross-functional collaboration.

You can also toggle between different project views such as list, board, calendar, and timeline, which adds flexibility and ensures you remain organized and on course. Asana is one of my favorite choices for organizations managing product launches, marketing campaigns, and company objectives.

What Makes Asana a Good Alternative to Airtable?

I believe Asana's automation capabilities, especially the Workflow Builder and its seamless integrations with platforms like Slack and Salesforce, make it an indispensable instrument for any team. While Airtable is versatile, I find it prioritizes custom data administration over extensive project management capabilities.


  • You can add detailed information to every assignment
  • Emphasizes clear and fluid communication
  • Automation features can help streamline workflows


  • There may be performance-related problems with large data sets
  • Limited customer support

5. HubSpot

A marketing-focused project management solution

  • Best for - Businesses looking for a cloud-based CRM
  • Starting price - From $20/month/user
  • Storage size - Up to 10,000 engagements (notes, meetings, tasks) and 5,000 files/user
  • Free trial - Free plan available
  • Team collaboration tools - Email integration, shared inbox, real-time chat, file sharing
  • Views - Dashboards, lists, pipelines

HubSpot, known for its automated inbound marketing tools, extends its expertise to project management with HubSpot Projects. Integrated into HubSpot's comprehensive marketing suite, this tool provides a streamlined approach for teams aiming to organize tasks effectively.

It also excels at organizing multiple projects, managing team members, and creating an unlimited number of tasks, all of which can be easily assigned to team members. Additionally, it lets you set up subtasks dependent on other assignments to enhance team organization and workflow management.

What Makes HubSpot a Good Alternative to Airtable?

While Airtable is user-friendly and versatile, it doesn't offer the same level of specialization and integration within the marketing field as HubSpot. This software combines project management, sales, marketing, and customer service to provide a holistic approach that ensures you can deliver the best experience for your customers.

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  • Provides in-depth analytics and customizable reports
  • Supports 18 languages
  • Easy WordPress integration


  • Limited templates
  • Pricey higher-tier plans

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Airtable Alternatives: Explore Your Project Management Potential

While Airtable is ideal for creating customized databases, it doesn't fit every need. My top five Airtable alternatives each offer unique strengths—whether it's the customization and advanced reporting of monday.com, the versatility and seamless integrations of Smartsheet, or the real-time collaboration of Asana.

Research shows that the number of activities in a project and the number of tasks being managed will strongly influence the extent of project management software usage. Thus, the best choice depends on your project's scope and your team's specific needs and preferences.

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Michael Klobe - Writer for Top10
Michael contributes to Top10.com as a tech-savvy expert with degrees in Business Marketing and Industrial Engineering. His writing niches include data science, project and program management, and software and hardware development.