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Talech review StaffOct. 02, 2019

In a Nutshell

Talech specializes in POS solutions that are easily scalable and incredibly flexible to suit the rapidly changing needs of dynamic small and mid-sized businesses. With regular software updates, an extremely user-friendly interface, and excellent inventory management, talech has plenty of attractive features.


  • Advanced restaurant features including table management
  • Scalable month-by-month pricing structure


  • Hard to keep track of numerous software updates
  • Poor offline functionality
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talech Highlights

  • EMV ready for most major US processors
  • Order ahead and self-serve kiosk mode capabilities
  • Easily customizable interface
  • Excellent inventory and purchase order (PO) management
  • Integrates seamlessly with a huge range (30+) of software and applications


Talech has developed a highly-responsive point of sale system with hospitality, retail, and similar independent businesses in mind. Its POS system is solely cloud-based, meaning that customers can access vital information about their inventories, employees, and cash register amounts without having to stop by. The interface packs a wide range of unique features that streamline payment processing through easy order splitting, hotkey configuration, and automatic grouping and bundling of separate items.

But talech’s most outstanding feature is its inventory management system, with which you can update prices with ease and even generate barcodes and print them out on the spot. In addition, purchase orders, which are usually difficult to create in any POS system, are easily drawn up and updated through talech’s POS. Customers also benefit immensely from talech’s regular software updates, which continually enrich the available range of features while increasing the efficiency of all operational pathways.

Customer Support

Like all well-respected POS systems, talech has incredible customer support, with 24/7 access via telephone or live chat on the website. For lengthier or less urgent queries, you can send an email, or search for troubleshooting articles on the support page. Video explanations, a YouTube channel and a dedicated blog also provide additional resources and are available to customers at all times.

Pricing and Processing Charges

Best for
Cafe, basic retail
QSR, fast casual, medium size retail
Full service restaurants, multi-location businesses
Additional device cost
Device limit
1 device only
Employee limit
5 employees
Product limit
100 products

Talech has ensured its spot among the top POS systems in the market thanks to a highly-competitive pricing scheme. You can choose between the Starter plan for $44/month, the Standard plan for $62/month, or the Premium plan at $89/month—each of which covers a single register. However, scaling up or down is simple, and you can add additional registers with the Standard plan at $35/month (per register), or for $44/month per register on the Premium plan. 

In addition, talech’s doesn’t have any set-up or “per transaction” fees, making it an attractive choice for businesses that run many small ticket items, such as gift shops, corner and thrift stores, and cafés.

talech talech Visit Site

Contract Terms

Small and mid-sized businesses have unique requirements that can change at the drop of a napkin, which is why talech has no contracts and no formal commitments for either of its plans. The only commitment would be if a customer opts to be billed annually-instead of monthly-for talech’s POS services. Although this is available with some other POS systems, it’s great to see it here, and is a huge benefit to smaller ventures.

Bottom Line

Talech is quickly becoming one of the industry’s most popular POS systems, thanks to its highly intuitive and flexible services. Fast-moving small and mid-sized businesses usually require POS systems that are as responsive as they are customizable, and talech certainly fits the bill here. StaffJun. 27, 2019
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