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Poynt POS System Review 2024

Top10.com Staff

In a Nutshell

Poynt is a payment terminal that includes POS functionality. The 3rd party apps upgrade the system to a full-fledged POS that includes things like invoicing, Ecommerce software, virtual terminals, and business activity monitoring. Poynt provides SMBs with some convenient features that you wouldn’t be able to afford normally as a stand-alone service, and the service constantly adds more POS features. Poynt also offers merchant cash advances.


  • Next-day funding
  • Real-time activity monitoring from any device
  • Loads of 3rd party apps and integration with lots of hardware


  • Only comes with basic point of sale functionality
  • Setup can be time-consuming

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Ideal For

  • All types of mobile businesses
  • Specifically geared towards retail and restaurants
  • Ecommerce merchants

Why Go With Poynt

Here are a few of the features that are likely to keep Poynt at the top of the payment processing and point of sale scene for a while:

  • Accepts all payments

For one thing, the Poynt system can accept all forms of payment that are currently on the market. From NFC to EMV, and beyond, Poynt can handle them all. This is a convenient feature for merchants because it means you have "one ring to rule them all," i.e., you don't have to keep switching from one type of payment processor to another. It also means that you aren't limited in the type of payment options you can offer your customers, a big perk. The system is even built to process QR codes, gift cards, and loyalty schemes. Finally, this major perk ensures that businesses don't have to constantly upgrade their hardware every time a new payment option comes onto the scene.

  • Sleek hardware

Poynt hardware is state-of-the-art stuff, with all the frills you could ask for built-in. And if appearances matter (which they do), merchants will appreciate the sleek design of these terminals, as well. The Poynt smart terminal has dual-facing, touchscreen displays so that both customers and merchants can see and manage their end of the transactions effortlessly. Both versions of this hardware come with magstripe and EMV card readers, antenna for NFC payments, QR and barcode scanners, and built-in microphones, speakers, and micro USB port. You can opt for the tablet-sized smart terminal or a more compact, phone-sized version.

While many hardware features such as thermal printers and registers are built into the hardware, you can also use compatible accessories like Epson printers, Star cash drawers, Kercan barcode scanners, and more.

What’s on Offer

  • Suite of business software
  • Smart terminals
  • 3rd party app integrations
  • Integration with multiple hardware options
  • Remote monitoring and control
  • Merchant cash advances
  • Accepts any type of payments
  • Inventory management and register applications

Ease of Use

In terms of usability, Poynt has really made huge strides within this industry. For such a complex device, Poynt has done a good job of simplifying the manipulation of everything, including a user-friendly interface and integrative management dashboard.

Poynt has a single, smart terminal (2 versions), but as the saying goes, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. Poynt does constantly upgrade the hardware and software for more efficiency, so that's good. Besides, the specs on this single, smart terminal are pretty impressive, to begin with. The small, hand-held device has a dual touchscreen camera so that both merchants and customers have a wide, flexible screen to work with. There's also a microphone, NFC antenna, and hybrid EMV/MSR reader slot. The scanner is lightweight and makes it simple for customers to pay for their purchases from anywhere and with any payment method. 

In terms of the software, Poynt has a multi-faceted POS system called Poynt HQ. It's nice because this system allows you to manage your business from anywhere and any device. And what's more, Poynt HQ really covers a wide range of services. The terminal software allows you to run a credit card in less than 10 seconds, while the register can store, scan, and track inventory items or full orders within seconds. All taxes can be calculated along with relevant discounts before totaling the purchase and connecting to the cash drawer. 

We also like that Poynt has a detailed transaction system that lets you find purchases according to variables like customer name, item number, or total amount. Poynt has an inventory management system, as well. Businesses can use the catalog functionality to add products, upload Ecommerce items, and organize your inventory according to various attributes. 

Poynt has a simple online application process in which you’ll enter your business info, connect your bank account, and wait for approval. This takes about a day.

What’s Unique About Poynt?

Poynt has been making a lot of claims about being "future proof." In truth, the dual-facing screen is sleek in design and offers a convenient alternative to the back and forth model that retailers generally have to deal with using today's current alternatives. The Poynt design also ensures a bit more privacy for users, an added perk. But what makes this POS really worthwhile is how multi-faceted the system actually is. Here's what else we like about Poynt:

  • Apps galore

Poynt markets itself as a basic point of sale system. And this is true. The Poynt POS itself is pretty bare, a good solution for very small businesses. But when you look at the additional options available via the integrations, that tells a whole different story. In fact, Poynt has an advanced app library that incorporates a ton of important business management tools that allow you to do things like:

  • Take orders
  • Manage inventory
  • Access daily reports from anywhere
  • Utilize kitchen display apps for faster kitchen to table service
  • Book appointments
  • Print and verify gift cards
  • Employee time management

And this is really just the tip of the iceberg. We were happy to see (and play around with) the various tools made available via the open API.

  • Security

We were also impressed by Poynt's privacy policies. For one thing, merchants own their data. Everything is stored on the cloud, so you can access it with ease. But everything is backed up on secure servers, and developers are not authorized to share this data. Encryption standards and other security measures (including anonymized data) are also in place to keep sensitive data safe, and what's more, no payment data is stored directly on the smart terminal. 

Customer Support

Poynt has good customer support options ranging from phone to email and even live chat. There’s tech support via these channels, or you can utilize the well-organized help center and FAQ sections on the site.

Pricing (Software and Hardware)

Poynt hardware starts at $299, though this may vary depending on the reseller you work with. In terms of plans, Poynt has 2 payment options available:

Payment method
In-person payments
Ecommerce and invoices
2.9% + $.30
3.3% + $.10

Or you can purchase a bundle:

Advanced Bundle
Premium Bundle
$30 per month
$50 per month
Number of device users
Up to 15
Transaction reports
Digital receipts with logo
Remote management
3rd party app access
Virtual terminals
QuickBooks online integration
Advanced register, 575 items
Customer feedback and messaging
Integrated invoicing
Loyalty program

Contract Terms

Another nice thing about working with Poynt is that there are no long contracts. Sign up for a month, renew, or cancel as you’d like. There are no penalties.

Poynt Poynt Visit Site

About Poynt

Poynt was launched in 2013 with big promises to be the last and only future-proofed credit card processor any business will ever need. Today, Poynt has backed up those claims with years of service to that end. The smart terminal app from Poynt gives merchants of every size and many industries the ability to deal with a modern world of commerce easily and sophisticatedly. Providing businesses with the ability to process any type of digital payments within seconds, credit card processors with reasonable rates, and virtual terminals allow even the smallest businesses to maintain an air of professionalism and expand their customer base to any type of payment.

Poynt enhances its credit card processing services by offering convenient business management features and point of sale essentials bundled into one. Things like register apps, CRM tools, and inventory management mean you can take care of all aspects of your business with a single app.

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