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POS Nation review StaffJul. 23, 2019

In a Nutshell

POS Nation is a specialty POS provider for retail stores, restaurants, and specialty store owners. Unlike many POS providers, POS Nation allows users to custom-choose key components of the system, including software, hardware, and peripherals. The US-based team also provides 24/7 support and offers extensive self-help resources through its Teachable-hosted knowledge base, branded as POS University.


  • Extensive self-help center, POS University
  • Offers both hardware and software solutions
  • Built-in employee tracking and inventory control


  • No native smartphone applications
  • System updates sometimes happen automatically

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Ideal For

Businesses that want a POS provider that can provide comprehensive support and training on an ongoing basis.

Clients that want extensive reporting options. More than 70 detailed cash management reports can be generated through the system.

Restaurants, liquor stores, and tobacco shops who can benefit from the specialized versions of the systems made specifically for customers in these industries.

Why Go With

POS Nation’s flagship product, its retail POS system, is designed to provide retail owners with real-time insight into stock levels, cash flow, and sales. 

Its web-based portal allows purchasing and inventory managers to make intelligent decisions based on current inventory volumes and sales levels.

The online system supports multiple retail locations, which makes it a great option for those deploying the system in chain outlets who want to know up-to-the-minute data about stock levels in each location and move inventory between stores in order to better manage cash flow and take advantage of seasonality in individual outlets.

POS Nation also offers a full catalog of hardware supplies to support the needs of retailers with many different requirements. 

Peripherals that the company offers include swipe credit card readers, heat-sensitive receipt printers from Epson, Star, Citizens, POS-X, and HP, cash drawers, barcode scanners (including newer products with the ability to read QR codes), kitchen printers, and specialty label printers. 

The basic retail POS system contains a number of features that go beyond basic point of sale technology. These include:

  • Inventory control
  • Detailed sales reporting
  • Employee hour tracking and productivity reporting
  • Custom barcode generation and printing, including for specialty label sizes
  • Purchase order generation and tracking
  • A/R tracking including the ability to configure custom terms per account and a report of total outstanding receivables from all accounts
  • Sales history tracking and intelligent trend identification (a great asset for marketing teams)
  • Integration with handheld devices to assist with easier inventory tracking

What’s Unique About POS Nation?

In addition to its general retail POS, POS Nation offers a number of specialty solutions which are pre-configurable to best suit the needs of specific industries.

Options available include:

  • Greengrocers and food markets
  • Restaurants
  • Hair salons
  • Cigar stores

Each customized edition comes with a specific POS software that has unique features:

  • Restaurant Edition - Contains the Aldelo restaurant software, which allows users to easily customize table layouts and transfer tabs between customers. It also integrates with hosting and reservation tools to associate customer bills with specific reservations. The tool can also integrate with customers’ websites to directly enter reservations made over the internet. 
  • Restaurant Pro Express -  Optimized for the unique needs of quick-service and fast food restaurants and cafés. The functions are easy to use and large buttons enable staff to quickly input orders from a limited variety of menu options. Additionally, Restaurant Pro Express can integrate with loyalty programs and reward schemes. Like other additions, it features employee time tracking and attendance reporting. Users can also track hourly, monthly and annual sales, and program daily specials to appear on the POS screen only during certain hours of the day.
  • Cash Register Express - The default software edition for general retail businesses, which is used by more than 70,000 merchants worldwide. It features advanced Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) lookup, enabling users to locate an item by category, department, or vendor in mere seconds. The default edition also includes a built-in loyalty program module, dynamic inventory tracking, and offers merchants the ability to personalize their login screens with company branding and logos. 
  • Salon Iris - Designed for customers that operate hair and beauty salons, this user-friendly system features an appointments and bookings engine that can automatically send clients email reminders about upcoming reservations. In addition, images of clients can be stored in a secure database in order to replicate styles during future visits. Users are also able to manage their business on the go thanks to the web-based dashboard which provides full visibility into sales, inventory reports and booking schedules.

Customer Support

POS Nation really shines when it comes to customer support.  The US-based team is available 24/7 to assist users with queries via phone, email, or live chat. 

The team also offers a huge library of self-help resources through its website. This includes a comprehensive video library, with captioned setup guides for everything from setting up hardware and software components, to creating modifiers when programming menus. Each of the company’s specialty products is covered in depth. 

The Standard Care package gives users access to break-fix support, the online training videos, and a hardware warranty package. For $39.99/month, users can upgrade to the higher tier Monthly Support package, which adds inventory import support, remote virus removal, and system restore.

To complement its knowledge center, POS Nation also offers an online remote support area, as well as POS Nation University, which provides a series of dedicated support resources delivered over the Teachable platform.


The basic POS package, which includes the POS software, a touch PC, a receipt printer, a scanner, a cash drawer, and a chip card reader, costs $119/month. Under this tier, users rent the hardware and can cancel at any time by returning the components.

The POS-Hybrid plan costs $1,249 up-front and then $69/month thereafter. Under this plan, users purchase the hardware and make ongoing monthly payments for continued access to the software. The Hybrid package includes a 2-year warranty and a free chip card reader.

For $2,000, users can purchase both the hardware and software up front. This plan, called Upfront Purchase, involves no recurring charges and comes with a 2-year warranty. 

The company also offers 2 Cloud packages that include access to POS Cloud software. The monthly rental package is $119/month, and the up-front hardware and software rental package is $1,249 down, and $69/month thereafter.

Contract Terms

Under the basic POS packages, users rent the hardware and software components for a monthly fee, and never assume ownership of either.

The hybrid package, available on both the local database and cloud options, allow customers to purchase the hardware upfront and then rent the software for a monthly fee.

Upfront purchase is available for local database installations only and costs $1,999.

The basic package can be canceled at any time by returning hardware. For the latter 2 packages, the plans can also be canceled after which customers will lose access to the POS software.  

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About POS Nation

POS Nation is a brand name of Cutting Edge Technologies, Inc. The company was founded in 2001 and has now amassed almost 2 decades of experience working with customers around tthe United States. The company has more than 7,500 businesses on its books, including restaurateurs, specialty store owners, and general retailers. Its systems have processed more than $1B. In payments. The company is currently directed by Cort Ouzts and has a team of product specialists, technical support experts, and staff members with specific industry knowledge.

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